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As Ilyushka was born of

We with my husband went together to live on April 30. And on March 5 at me long-awaited “days“ did not begin. I did tests behind tests, bought up a half of a drugstore. Then the test showed long-awaited 2 stripes. I was happy, and my husband too. At once registered in an appointment. The doctor examined me and told that there is no pregnancy. I awfully was upset, but was all the same sure that I am not one. Soon I descended on ultrasonography, and my heart correctly felt. Well, here and since this happiest moment the beginning all to change.

the First months everything was just tremendous

: I was the happiest. Soon I had a fear. As the doctor put threat, I worried about the kid - I already loved him. Then everything was adjusted.

was Sent by weeks, months, and I could not wait for a meeting with the kid in any way. Well, here all wanted the girl, and I initially felt that I will have a boy, and said to all that the boy at me. Here I went for ultrasonography, and is valid - I have a boy. Proved to be at once. I was so happy! And already initially I ironed puzik and named him Ilyushenka. I so liked this name! And to our father too. And at this time Ilyushenka sat at mother in a tummy and every time tried to have an effect. And I not for a minute did not forget about it. At me very bright it: to a stomach somebody brings a hand, and it already begins to push. I never in life will forget these pikhaniye. I so miss them awfully.

Well, here... Time went, and term too. There was the 40th week, and my sonny all did not want to meet relatives. Also it turned out so: I should have run on the bus... There now also ran... In principle, I as the girl with a paunch ran all 9 months. And here in the morning of the next day after jog there went Natasha to maternity hospital...

These moments I definitely will never forget

. Garny nochnukha and slippers, as flippers. Fights began more and stronger. And I could not even go. I in prenatal with fights lay under a dropper and with the cardiogram all the time. And at last enjoin to give birth to me. I gave rise quickly. Also brought me my handsome man at once.

It is valid, it was rozovenkiya and smuglenkiya at the same time. I named him Alyonushka. I could not wait until to me it is brought. Itself was on the last legs, but went to children`s office and asked that brought me my sonny - a shustrik. I was abused that rose, but at once brought. And from this point we were never separated. Already the son is 6 months old, and I always nearby also love him madly strongly.