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As I was born, or the Story about the sorts

Narration is led on behalf of the hero of the occasion, actually Zakharki, and the couple of words was added from herself by mother, that is I.

Here pregnant women and others everything consider

in figures. I do not remember on your months when I began to feel mother`s hands over myself or to hear its tender voice. But there came such period, and I began to feel it always. When she laughed, for some reason air was more and when shouted or swore at the father, to me it was very close and uncomfortable. Mother all rushed with me: that puts some droppers... Fie, I will tell you, drugs very bitter! Does exercises, there were moments when her thoughts were occupied completely by me - diapers, baby`s undershirts, a carriage, a bed... Etc., etc. That slightly strained me, it was felt that where mother, all from me wait for something, and she including. And me so was comfortably and cool at it there, in a tummy. However, in the end my water became some dark, not tasty and with some pebbles, they were earlier, but they became more and more. And mother`s voice constantly: “Well, when I will see you? Well, soon you there? Leave, all of us wait for you!“ I think, you guess that only lazy will not hear such appeals.

Doctors told

about June 7, then one told about June 12. Here mother since June 7 also stood waiting, and with her and I. Waiting that only, likely, to one was not clear to me.

I Decided, so all - and began to move... Slowly so, slowly. What mother would sleep and not strongly worried. She when worries, to me as that is close and stuffy... And! I already told it.

I Go to myself, I go... I lay a way. Oh, and hard this business, I will tell you! I changed the mind, but behind there was a same guarding water... And in too time me everything pushed out something and attracted forward. Mother managed to be supported with a chocolate and for some reason drank a lot of water. Breathed so ridiculously, but thanks big - me was only easier for it. Carried me on the nature, on fresh air. On the way back, I remember, again with the father turned on the music, and mother sang. She lately always sang... Very much I loved this business! I remember still arrived home, they took some bags, and we went again somewhere. Mummy slept again, and the father sometimes ironed me through a mother`s tummy. The truth I felt it badly as I for some reason fell below and below.

Arrived to the building with the strange, but familiar word - maternity hospital. Put something round to a mother`s tummy, with a chill. Then appeared a lot of water, it is a lot of - much. And soon it became somehow more spacious. It became easier to move ahead. Again I remember these kruglyashka, and the fact that mother calmed down again and fell asleep. And then something happened to it... She shouted, and to me was close and stuffy. It is one thousand times heavier, than earlier. And so got to some corridor close - close. She all shouted and shouted. However, it is somehow strange. Will shout and will calm down, plaintively so asked someone to make some Caesarian. It will be necessary not to forget to ask then what is it. And soon I began to think badly, tried to keep a situation under control, even wanted to tell people that shouted to mother “tuzhsya stronger“ that they did not shout at it so strongly. I just began to faint and regained consciousness already from bright light... And pains! Began to burn down something inside. Cold, some hands, some people.

Calmed down only when felt mother`s hands on himself and began to smell it. Heard its voice. And then we were separated again. Yes that for people!! Wiped me, washed, poured something. If not a voice of mother nearby, I would arrange to them! At last, put near mother.

precisely knew

Ya that it is my mother, but for some reason did not see it. I saw it later. And so there were some spots - light and dark. But the most important that mother was near. And then she allowed me something to try, and I stretched to small and round because from it poured out (the truth, on slightly - slightly at first) very tasty thingummy. As it appeared, a mother`s milk! And still! I heard knock of her heart! Heard constantly earlier, knocked loudly, and now heard less accurately! But as it is pleasant that here it! Will press to itself, and I hear: “Tuk - tuk... Tuk - tuk...“ Generally, so I was also born. And all for some reason a bogatyrenok called me!

Called us by a bogatyrenok because was born weight 4800 gr., 58 cm in height. And business was so... The doctor to me puts on June 7 term. Here I have an increase in weight big. Sends numbers so 3 or 4 to lay down on preservation. Arrived with packages, underwent all procedures, and me did not put. With the kid supposedly everything is all right. Go, drink kanefron you eat less. Also put to me term till June 12. I slightly was upset. We here - here wait for childbirth, and they are shifted for a week. Then just chucked in all disorders and experiences. Re-read articles and lectures from courses that is necessary and what cannot be done at the time of delivery. On June 11 descended on reception. The doctor to me writes out the direction on preservation again. At me even the stomach did not fall, and weight already 91 400 gr. In as! I thought and decided that I will go after holidays, on Tuesday. On Saturday, I think, I will clean up, I will rearrange a bed and a dresser. Not here - that was. I overslept to 3 o`clock in the afternoon. Slept like a log. It was few times rolled on a flank and sleepy went to a toilet. Then hardly - hardly herself forced to wake up, there arrived the husband, mother called - let`s go to Katka (this is my little sister, we have 19 years of a difference). She in camp hung out.

We gather and we go. I feel, some training long, and painfully persistent. Reached to the place, I wildly wanted some chocolate. Bought me, so “Snickers“ and water of 0,5 l. The husband went to bring someone, we go with mother to camp. Through pines, by an ozerka. Fights go, I eat a chocolate... And birdies sing! Grace. There, so mother something let`s shout at Katka, I go these sosenka nearly any more I embrace. Came to them into a lodge while mother packed her things, I let`s a patrimonial pose look for. Both so rose, and so... Something helps, but for a while. The husband arrived, and we back went. Bought me still a chocolate, “Baunti“ this time. Serova included and let`s sing with it: “Or perhaps night not to hurry, and everything at first to repeat... Oh, as to me to be!“ To me husband: “Went to maternity hospital. Then I will bring things.“ I to it: “Not - and! Still early!“ By my calculations I could be an hour more two at home. I come home, I check - krovit. I call the doctor. Irina Georgevna to me: “Go! These are not jokes“. It was necessary to go. In the car already specifically between fights slept. We drive up to a porch. I see, there are a girl and the guy, in white dressing gowns. And such on faces - “only by us pass expressions, well, please!“ The holiday was. I come, they have a silence. As if not maternity hospital, but sanatorium.

At first the doctor went down, looked at me - disclosure of 6 cm. Then KTG, an enema, rise on the 4th floor. By the way, all gave out hospital, from the resolved only napkins, water and phone. Connected to KTG again, I slept again. Doctors so sighed supposedly sleep, so will normally give rise. The heart knocks, I under its sounds also fall asleep. Then to me the bubble was pierced, and began. I suffered, I breathed by voice, I massed a sacrum, I was curved and twisted the eights hips. One reception was acceptable only once, on the second did not help any more... Put a dropper (by this time I began to beg tearfully to put anesthetic), I was delighted. And the midwife to me is a physical solution, anesthetic is impossible - disclosure of 9 cm. Horror! Thoughts were that it not about me, I will not give rise! Let`s go to a toilet. Allowed me, only warn that tuzhsya it is impossible. Naive! Yes mine desire, I in general to you would not go... There is a wish to sleep awfully! Water is not drunk any more. Or simply not to it. The doctor everything with this KTG rushes. And me as will put kruglyashok, so fight. I all from it ran and apologized... It seems there was a pose - got with legs on a table patrimonial, buried a forehead in a mattress, a bottom to top. Endured some fights, the personnel even to come the beginnings supposedly what that became silent. And then fell in some prostration. Specifically I go only to Morpheus`s embraces, fight. Then the pose did not help any more, I let`s bash out circles around a dropper. And already begged to make Caesarian. And lamented everything that I want in a toilet! And somehow unexpectedly the doctor comes. Also let`s everything put in action!“ The plate“ joined over the head, doctors from where - that still appeared...

Oh, attempts - business Bol responsible and difficult. And the stomach to me was pinched, and water on the person was poured. Well, not there I make an effort, and all! Each two minutes the doctor put a kruglyashka, listened to a heart. Probably, attempts was 7 or 8 as suddenly some simplification, and already my kid lies at me on a tummy.

, I for some reason began to speak and apologize at once with it, patted on a back and tried to consider everything. Then it was taken away, and me began to be darned. The doctor - the good girl, tried all to carry on dialogue with me. And at me somewhere the dream disappeared. It was not convenient to look at the son while he lay under lamps. Also guarded that doctors block it. Told that a sinyachok on all face from - for oxygen starvations what soon will pass. Then it was carried away and when with me everything ended, brought already wrapped up kid. He shouted a ringing bass. I applied to a breast, and the kid for a while stopped. Grabbed phone and let`s all write SMS and to call.

we Lay in patrimonial hour two. After me lowered in chamber and in minutes 10 brought the son. I was told to lie on a stomach, but the kid in this cradle all cried and cried. Asked to put to herself. So we with it also met together dawn. Then I already learned that usually the child is brought much later that mummy has a rest, but, probably, time he cried, and we were “night“, me it quicker and brought.

For the second day I already also did not remember that pain from which went into hysterics... On the contrary, it was a shame that so behaved. It is ready now though for the second to go!