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The narration how the woman Gapa with a stick went to a bear...

Happened it to my great-grandmother, the woman Gapoy, long ago, at the tsar-father. The woman Gapy had Katk`s cow. All such visible of, red, almost brown, only a star in a forehead white and legs in chulochka. And milts well gave and here trouble - restive it is sick, liked to take a walk.


of my great-grandmother sits on a shop with the great-grandfather,
and around their children. Among them - my grandmother,
mother of my mother. It the first among on a floor.
Not once the woman Gapa it on a taiga looked for

. Here and this time Katka from a pasture did not come back home. The woman Gapa got angry, took a stick more thickly yes went to look for the bludnyu. Long looked for, and to get dark the beginning, looks, and her Katka lies in a bush, one back sticks out. Well, the woman Gapa thinks, I to her will set! Creeps quietly not to wake and as give it a stick on ridge to bang from all force moreover scolds her, like a sailor, bludnyu such.“ Katka“ with fear as will jump up!. The woman Gapa and was struck all - looks, and that not Katka at all, and Mikhaylo Potapych had in person a rest in the possession.

they Rushed from fright in different directions. The woman Gapa with shouts yes cries, without remembering itself, the village reached, obskazat everything as was.

On morning, only began to dawn, men gathered, armed who with what could - who with the gun who with rogatiny, took dogs and went to that place where the woman Gapa to “Katk“ brought up. It is impossible to leave a bear near housing, any minute will lift up cattle, and even it is worse than that - zalomat the person.

is Sent in addition to that place where the bear had a rest, the woman Gapa specified where he ran further. Men of dogs on a trace let. Dogs reached a stream - stopped, lost a track, means. Dogs - that lost, and men - that found. A bear - it though big, and heart - that at it weak. Here on weakness warm was it, it also was found on that party of a stream (it everywhere a thin stream reserved a trace). Look - lies in a raspberry brake. From guns aimed, rogatinam bristled up, let dogs forward. Dogs flew on it, bark, bite, and it lies will not stir. Men approached closer, look, and Mikhaylo Potapych - that already also passed away, died, so with fear - that.

Here also left that my woman Gapa of a bear killed with a stick. And Katka on morning itself home came. The woman Gapa milked her and again in herd let out.

Long the village still laughed at the woman Gapoy, and relatives from generation to generation give this history. Her mother told me, and I here decided to write down. The grandma, heroic nevertheless at me, was - with a stick went to a bear!