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Children`s grants in 2010 of

Due to the cancellation of the unified social tax (UST) in 2010 the extreme size of maternity allowances and on care of the child will increase. Earlier the size of maternity allowances was established by the federal law on the budget of Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation for the next financial year. Now the maximum size of a grant is cancelled, and will depend on the extreme size of base at which insurance premiums are assessed, i.e. is limited to the insured sum. In 2010 this base will make 415 000 rubles for calendar year.

C of 2010 in connection with changes and additions in the law № 255 - Federal Law of December 29, 2006 (in edition of the Federal law from 24. 07. 2009 № 213 - Federal Law), maternity allowance is paid to the insured woman of 100% of average earnings (p.1. Art. 11 of the Law № 255 - Federal Law), but provided that average day earnings do not exceed the extreme amount of average day earnings (the p. 3. 1 Art. 14 № 255 - Federal Law). This limit is calculated by division of extreme size of base for charge of insurance premiums (for 2010 it is 415000 rubles) on 365, and is equal to 1 136,99 rub

In other words, in 2010 the grant added for each day of a maternity leave cannot exceed 1 136,99 rubles. The maximum sum of a grant in a month from - for different the number of days in different months, will be different, in comparison with 2009 in which the maximum sum of a grant remained invariable - 25 390 rub for full calendar month. In 2010 for 31 - day month - 35 246,69 rubles, for 30 - day month - 34 109,70 rubles, 28 - day - 31 835,72 rubles, the sum of a grant averages 34 583 rubles.

Also since 2010 maternity allowance became simpler to count

, it is enough to you to define of the daily average earnings and to increase for 140 days if it less than 1 136,99 rubles. If yours daily average earnings are more than specified limit, then it is multiplied 1 136,99 on 140. The received sum will also be the grant which is due to you.

If the part of a maternity leave passes

since 2009 on 2010, then to you have to count a grant and make surcharge if in your case restriction in 25 390 rub affected the sum of a monthly grant. Will help to determine the sum of a grant or the amount of surcharge to you the calculator of maternity allowance on our website.

the Maximum sum of maternity allowance in 140 calendar days will make 159 178,60 rub

the Lump sum to the women who were registered in the medical organizations in early terms of pregnancy will make 412,08 rubles (in 2009 - 374,62 rub) .

the Lump sum at the child`s birth, and also by transfer of the child on education in a family will make 10 988,85 rubles - (in 2009 - 9 989,86 rub) .

the Monthly allowance on care of the child since 2010 is estimated in

from average earnings which cannot exceed the extreme value determined by division of extreme size of base for charge of insurance premiums (for 2010 it is 415000 rubles) on 12, and equal 34 583,33 rub. Average earnings are defined by multiplication of average day earnings on 30,4 (the p. 5. 1 Art. 14 № 255 - Federal Law).

In other words if your average day earnings increased 30,4 more than 34 583,33 rub, then the grant is estimated proceeding from 34 583,33 rub and will be made by 40% of this sum - 13 833,33 rub. If your average day earnings increased on 30,4 (average earnings turn out) do not exceed the specified extreme value, then the sum of a grant will make 40% of average earnings, but not less established by the law of sizes:

the Regional coefficient is applied by

only to the minimum sizes of child care allowances. As for a maximum in 13 833,33, it is identical to all territory of the Russian Federation and is not subject to increase at the size of regional coefficient.


the calculator of a child care allowance to 1,5 and our website will help to Determine the sum of a grant or the amount of surcharge to you.

the Maternity (family) capital

the Size of the maternity (family) capital since January 1, 2010 according to the Federal law of December 2, 2009 № 308 - Federal Law “About the Federal Budget for 2010 and on Planning Period of 2011 and 2012“ will make 343 378 rubles 80 kopeks.