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Italy. Travel with children of

Time: 23. 05. 2010 on 18. 06. 2010. Travelers: 2 adults and 3 children (14 years, 9 years, 2,5 years). Flight: air tickets of the Ayrberlin company (56000 rub) Moscow - Frankfurt - Venice and Venice - Berlin - Moscow.

We for the first time flew connection flights. Everything passed smoothly. The delay 30 minutes can be not considered. The airport of Frankfurt impressed with the size, seemed to me as 2 - 3 Domodedovo. So time between joinings was spent with advantage: passing various kontroly and wandering in search of the necessary terminal.

Venice met

by mosquitoes which work without sound. We ordered the car for all term of stay (autoeurope. it). Having taken advice from the website, specified that we the country of accommodation Italy, and at the indication of the address wrote Russia (the price did not change) the Total cost of 582 euros + 42 for a children`s chair. New me fascinated “Clio`s Renault“.

our first point is the city of Peschiera del Garda on Lake Garda. The choice of apartments was dictated first of all by the price. Giada - 300 euros for week. Everything is very worthy, to the lake of 10 minutes, the parking at the house free of charge. The hostess is from Poland, in response to a souvenir in the form of small - a small jar of caviar brought towels (were not included in the price), pastries to children and very good domestic wine. In general expressed care: specified places of free parkings in the city, cheap markets and provided a map of the city and districts. The city is very pleasant, green. There are children`s municipal platforms.

1 day - Gardalend. Went by free bus. To the people, despite Monday, there was much. As a result, visited 3 - 4 attractions, having waited in line of minutes on 40 everyone. Leaving, got not on that free bus and got to Gardalend hotel. After wanderings reached some motel where the good person Alessandro for minutes 10 goat tracks brought us to the house absolutely free of charge.

2 day - the Safari - park. Drove the car. The parking is free. The ticket one both on a safari, and in a zoo. A car - did not impress a safari in comparison with Kalmorden (Sweden). But very much pleased a pedestrian safari. Rhinoceroses and hippopotamuses at arm`s length. The lioness hunted us. Fortunately behind glass. All animals very live and active. And goats at a playground attacked us in attempt to feed them. Also there is a platform with hills. And in all places which we visited places for picnics with the food are equipped.


3 - the Botanical garden of Sigurt. Place very beautiful and pleasant in every respect. Bicycles and golf - machines on hire. The last it is more preferable as there are a lot of rises. The parking is free.


4. It was cloudy, and decided to float by steamship in Sirmiona. Did not manage to come, heavy rain began. Therefore fortress was watched in the rain. The city seemed some suvenirno - postcard. But examined part of the lake from the steamship. Do not send to Katull`s grottoes, but the district was very picturesque around. Grottoes look better from water - it is ruins of the Roman country house, and full ruins. Too did not go to terms as it was not interesting to children.


5. Again Gardalend. Friday, but to the people there was very little. Rode everything many times. Children were delighted. Even the eldest son rode long enough to wadded legs on “Mammoths“ and other extremes. Descended in the Aquarium, very chamber and pleasantly. Were by car. Parking of 5 euros. A baby carriage on hire of 5 euros. Free water in fountainlets, especially around the Wild West.

Further we made moving to 800 km. on the Sorrentiysky peninsula. Paid road of 42 euros. Gasoline of 1,3 - 1,41 euros for liter. Apartments are ordered on www. bbplanet. com. In Meta. Everything corresponded to the description, but ants, huge humidity and absolutely mad road situation were not considered. Lack of the parking (free, paid 0,6 euros for an hour). The beach with black sand in an environment of black rocks and houses of very shabby appearance. All this cast despondency. The elevator did not work for the beach, and upward rose by bus. Clean sea and entrance small. Near apartments there was the only playground very good, grown with lemons which could be torn. It was the only place where children should not be held by a hand in order to avoid collision with the vehicle.

was Visited: Gerkulanim, Pompeii (New Pompeii and New Gerkulanium - the same building very much reminded and as it appeared, our feelings were not wrong chronologia. org/volume6/pompei4. html). Vesuvius and Naples.

In Naples the archaeological museum with very poor collection, and not all halls are available. The new lock is good only externally. Types are very beautiful. But the city and all building of the district make the depressing impression. But from height of the excursion two-storeyed bus it is exciting to look at Naples.

We were in 2 calling. The first time by car. There was a feeling of horror from streets of old Naples. Almost level with with walls, at the same time, motorcyclists strive to slip mirrors by, and the street has the bilateral movement. Parking of 2,5 euros/hour. As a result only the archaeological museum was visited. In several days returned by an electric train. The ticket of the day off of 4,5 euros there and back for 2 days, and Friday for 24 hours works. Much more conveniently.

Tasted the Neapolitan pizza and rum - the woman (tasty). 2 times rose by Vesuvius. For the first time got at top to fog and did not go to a crater as nothing was visible. In general expected much more. Steam comes out, but is somehow weak. Views from top open very beautiful.


about traffic in this area Much, but very self-confidently considered that after Moscow nothing is already terrible. Was mistaken. Traffic lights it for tourists if work. Passa hands and sound signals at each alley to warn leaving. By a weekend I learned to make maneuvers by means of hands too, and we cleaned up without loss. Though we did not see any not peeled car.

Week ended with

, and we, having done a way back, made the last stop in Bibione Pineda. www. bibione. com. Place very silent and resort. On feelings reminds Anapa. Sandy beaches.

I pine wood. Ordered in the Italian MS agency. We had Clizia apartments. (608 in 2 weeks). The town in general is divided between agencies. Minus is that in apartments there is nothing (linen, towels, toilet paper etc.) Italians try to understand any language except for one case - when they have to return you money. Here they forget even native. Therefore it is necessary to be on the alert at departure with return of the deposit.

From Bibione to Venice 99 km. We in 2 weeks went 1 time. The city was pleasant. We went to Mestre and there left the car (0,60 for an hour). The bus to Venice - 1 euro. Across Venice walked with the guide of “Poster“. It was pleasant to us, the prices and descriptions corresponded to what was seen. But it is not enough once.

From other entertainments were in Guliverlandiya. The amusement park for children till 9 years. But any restrictions on growth, and our younger rode everything. Fruit were expensive. Sweet cherry of 6,5 euros against 2 euros for Garde. But frozen 1 euro cheaper than grades 20. Pizza, a lasagna, a cappuccino - everything worthy all praises. Macaroni (paste Zara) 20 rub. Everything works from 8 in the morning to 12 - 30 and with 16 to 20.

Return to Moscow was with change in Berlin. From Venice to Berlin 40 minutes. In Berlin we had 7 hours, and we went to a zoo. The first that struck, is that just from a runway walked upward upstairs and appeared in Berlin. The X9 bus stopped directly near the terminal. And in 15 minutes we at a zoo. At them children till 15 years so the campaign cost 20 euros are considered as children. The zoo very much was pleasant. There is no oppressive impression that animals behind bars, are feeling that you accidentally glanced in a window and spotted a piece of foreign life. Practically all animals with cubs. We saw elephant calves, a nosorozhik of 4 months, wolf cubs, kabanit, a begemotika. The white wolf gnawed a stick, and then felt shy and left. Two begemotik jumped in water up - down. The polar bear danced something similar to a waltz. The panther slept and when I proshurshat an umbrella in bushes, looked on me with it at expression of a muzzle: “Well that is necessary!?“ . A playground it is made remarkable. Huge and with the imagination. Younger fir-trees took away.