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About grandfathers of

Alas, in the grandfather`s life quite often act as “annex“ to grandmothers. Before eyes there are a lot of examples when grandfathers not especially are interested in grandsons (living at the same time with grandmothers in a legal marriage, but not being divorced and with new families). Also there is it not because they do not love children of the children and do not want to see them. No. Grandfathers treat posterity very kindly and even inquire about it to by phone. But no more than that. Just they have the life, the cares and problems. And grandsons poorly fit into this measured track.

One familiar with laughter told

to me that the father-in-law answered a question why you do not come on a visit to the granddaughter:

- So the dog oshchenitsya, it is necessary to look after her and puppies...

the Dog, of course, is more important than

, than the granddaughter. A dog - the friend of the person. And the girl, eventually, has parents. They will also provide it the happy childhood.

Yes, so it developed that from all members of “a big family“ grandfathers, as a rule, give attention to grandsons most less. Carry out time in communication with them most less. But in any rule there are exceptions, the truth? And this exception is the special type of mad grandfathers - those who just idolize grandsons. They meet infrequently (but meet!) on the road, as they say, do not lie, and, above all - are strongly allocated “colleagues on a rank“ against the weight lacking initiative. And I even am close familiar with one bright representative of this rare species.

It is my father. The grandfather of my children - Dasha and Grisha.

I want to write

Ya about it. And not to brag. But because in the book I cannot but just tell about the best grandfather in the Universe.

my father are adored by all. Not only relatives and members of household. A female half of fellow workers, shop assistants in the nearest shop, cashiers in bank and beauticians in beauty shop are crazy about it. Because the father is a man - dream. Tightened, imposing, smiling, with excellent sense of humour, affable and gallant. Well, just nice fellow.

the Father was born

in the deaf village of Khabarovsk Krai. To the Far East the destiny abandoned parents of his mother - my grandmother. In 1932 they ran for hunger in Ukraine. The great-grandmother died in the train on the road. The great-grandfather died in 1938 - ohm in time sovetsko - the Japanese conflict at the lake Hassan. The grandmother was brought up by absolutely foreign woman.

At rural school the grandmother studied only 4 classes, and from 12 years - when her foster mother died - went to work to fishing artel on the bank of the Sea of Okhotsk. For the lonely girl who in all this world had no kindred spirit neighbors looked.

she did not manage to marry the father of my father. He was a seaman and died during a storm. And after a while the grandmother learned that she is pregnant. By it then only - it was only executed nineteen.

Frankly speaking, I cannot even imagine that the grandmother should have given rise and to grow up the father. What incredibly heavy was her life without hope for someone`s help and support when it was necessary to count only on own forces. The father told that the grandmother was forced to leave him - the little boy - one in a barrack where they lived and to run away for work. She looked time in two - three hours to look whether all as it should be and to put to the son in hands a grain crumb. Also ran away again. The father remembered then that bread actually was a big rarity. But in the house behind which threshold the cold sea lapped it was always full of some red caviar. And the father gorged on it for the rest of life forward.

They constantly moved from the village to the village in job searches. The town Arman near Magadan became the last place of their dwelling on the Sea of Okhotsk. The grandmother got a job there on brick-works. And the father went to school. In Armani allocated them the small land plot on which the grandmother to live, planted potato. In severe conditions of the Far East the harvest almost always was poor. Potatoes urozhdatsya small, of the size of quail egg...

In the same place - in Armani - the grandmother got acquainted with the future husband from whom she gave birth to the second son. Soon the father`s stepfather transported all family to Moscow.

about ten Years ago in the warm summer evening at us at the dacha the father told

to me as before the departure to the capital it, the nine-year-old boy, ran on armansky neighbors and suggested them to buy that ground with potato. I cried. I felt very sorry for the father. It is a pity that the most wonderful childhood for it was full of difficulties and deprivations.

the Site was sold to

for five rubles. On this money the grandmother bought the father of a sandal, wide trousers and the Ukrainian shirt. In this a dress magnificent for those times the father also arrived to Moscow. The barefoot childhood flowed in domestic adolescence, and then and in army youth in the hot republic Azerbaijan.

Having returned from army, the father went to work to taxi park. In a year in the dank March afternoon to it the nice tiny brunette sat down in a taxi and asked to bring to other end of Moscow. It was my mother. They got married in four months after the first meeting. And in three years I appeared.

In my childhood the father got at work all the time. Mother rendered on it huge, simply space influence, and it, having said goodbye to taxi park, abruptly changed a field of activity. Since then all its professional path was anyway connected with foreigners. From - for this path I practically did not see the father. I do not remember that it played with me, read me books or walked. The father worked. All the rest was on mother. And it is a little on the grandmother.

the Grandmother (that father`s mother) me very much loved

. Called “paw“ and gave nobody in offense. She sat with me until as I was sent to kindergarten, and then met from school, a bit later. Daily went to us by three buses - with a high pressure, with sore heart, leaning on a stick.

the Granny taught me to knit and cook for

fritters with apples. But the main thing - through the attitude towards me it showed that means to care for close people to think of them. On ours with it an example I understood what close and sincere can be relations of the grandmother and the granddaughter. She died when to me there were nearly eleven. And her - fifty five...

the Grandmother quite could see great-grandsons. When Dasha was born, her would be only seventy. And, I know, she very much would rejoice for me, for all of us. Very much - very much. The grandmother was the simple Russian woman who was not graduating from universities and in fact nothing reached in life. But in it there was a soul. In total sharply feeling, not corroded callousness and indifference. The grandmother loved me, the father and mother very much. And demanded nothing in exchange.

the Father adopted at it this devotion to the family. Yes, I saw it only early in the morning, but all the same felt like his beloved daughter. He carefully made for us with mother breakfasts, wrapped to me in school sandwiches. On days off did pancakes with cottage cheese.

A still he awfully indulged me. I was the first girl in a class who had fashionable and scarce “boiled“ jeans. Treated friends with a foreign chewing gum of which other Soviet children could only dream. I danced in choreographic ensemble, and on occupations the father carried me by car while other young talents froze at stops waiting for the bus. Generally, parents tried from all forces that their girl grew in pleasure and prosperity. They wanted to give me all that were deprived in the childhood of.

I do not know

how the father endured emergence in my destiny of future husband. Somehow worried. Gradually at them developed friendly - “man`s“ - the relations. The husband very much respects the father-in-law. The father-in-law answers the son-in-law with the same.

the father understood

And when Dasha was born, that in this life was not enough for it - the beloved granddaughter. From our arrival from maternity hospital it showed willingness to nurse more often the girl. The father learned to change pampers and to feed the baby from a small bottle. And during week-end with pleasure, without fear “went on watch“, doing possible ours with the husband small sorties on a visit and on shops. He as if made up for the fact that he missed in the youth - communication with the small child.

When we waited for the second kid, the father shouted on all corners that he will always love only Dasha. Because in his heart someone else just will not be located. But grandfather`s heart was rubber, and Grisha got all case there.

All life we with mother laugh that the father “works only according to the list“. That is he should put in a pocket a piece of paper with what should be made (to buy bread, to beat out a carpet, to stop by in a dry-cleaner, to bring things to the dacha etc.) . But - here it is surprising - in all that concerns grandsons, “lists“ were not necessary to the father. He (without hint!) found wonderful park with roundabouts and it pass - to walk a zoo where now carries children. Got a car seat which devolved then and Grisha for Dasha. Began to acquaint grandsons with fine - to drive on children`s performances and circus representations from where they come loaded with different gifts. Bought disks with fairy tales and songs from animated cartoons that children listened to them in the car. Generally, the list of good deeds can be remembered and remembered.

B one of the days off the father runs to us to stay with Dasha and Grisha. Grandsons adore spending time with the grandfather. Still! Nobody else with them in “guerrilla“ or “Buratino“ will not play.

the Game “Buratino“ looks as follows. As the wooden little man malovesny Grishka acts. The father (Basilio`s cat) and Dasha (a fox Alice) at first stick to it - “give coins, give coins“. When Grisha goes to a deaf nesoznanka, they grab him hand - legs and drag to a sofa. Shake several times, and then throw on a seat. Exactly - in - exactly as in an animated cartoon. So repeats several times, so far unfortunate “Buratino“ does not begin to feel sick from constant raskachivaniye.

Game in “guerrillas“ is even more severe

. “Guerrilla“ Grishka is usually conducted on execution. In total as at cinema: hands behind the back, head dejected, but look proud, unbeaten. Put to a wall and ask “the last question“: “admit where your group!“ As the real red fighter, Grishka winds the head here and there, then - “attention! aim! pl!“ - it strike on the spot.

Other option of “execution“ began to practice when Grishka started talking.

- Give up! - “fascists“ shout to it.

- Ruskiye are not given! - proud “guerrilla“ answers (the phrase is obtained from the animated film “Ilya Muromets and Nightingale - the Robber“).

All these cruel merrymakings to me not too to liking. But unless the father, in the childhood playing only “war game“ and recognizing only movies about “mutual fund - paf“, you will overpersuade? Generally, for one father`s visit of Grishk it appears seven times Buratino thrown into the lake and time five the shot guerrilla. Horror. But children have so much delight!

... To tell the truth, I did not know, than to finish this passage about our a “dedyu“. And then I set to Dasha not a so “pedagogic“ question:

- Tell and what you love the grandfather for?

the five-year-old child me answered


- For anything. I love it just like that!

If the grandfather heard these words, he would shed a few tears. And in vain say that men do not cry. Cry! When beloved grandsons - sense of all life - answer them with the same disinterested and selfless feeling.