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MChP: 10 facts about a small black dress

the Black dress - the most functional thing which can be thought up. It slims, looks elegantly, in itself the finished dress also considerably reduces time expenditure on selection to it additional clothes. Only accessories are necessary. Except the listed characteristics, MChP is fanned by an assembly of the most unknown stories connected with cinema, cars and Jett - settersky places - Audrey Hepburn, Edith Piaf, Anita Ekberg especially liked to put on them. And also, perhaps, it is the most running thing on important romantic appointments.

before female fashion can be spoken to

About merits of a small black dress long and much therefore we decided to systematize all this and to list ten most important and amusing facts about MChP which once again will convince you of correctness of your choice.

  1. of Coco Chanel once:“ If the woman has no small black dress, so she has no future“.
  2. the Diet “A small black dress“ is developed by doctor Michael Van Straten and is designed for those who in a short time need to grow thin to MChP of the “model“ size. The essence is that it is impossible to mix proteins with carbohydrate and starch. Generally, quite to logical recommendations, but how many admirers worldwide?! It seems that the program of efficiency is put not in the list of necessary food, and in the name of a diet. Psychologists claim that the image of a small black dress reduces appetite.
  3. the Actress Sara Jessica Parker is so betrayed by MChP that married Matthew Broderick in a black wedding dress. And contrary to superstition - “the bride in black - to be to trouble“, it is happy already twelve years. At them the six-year-old son James, and grows until recently, having used services of substitute mother, they became parents of girls - twins.
  4. the Small Black Dress in 1926 was thought up by Gabrielle Coco Chanel. Vogue then stated:“ The silhouette of Chanel dresses emphasizes a female figure, doing Lanvin skirts too old-fashioned, and Poire`s dresses - too theatrical“. The success on time coincided with popularity of Ford cars of model “T“ therefore in America MChP nicknamed in the French style - “La Ford“. Dresses, as well as cars, were simple and available to all social classes. Vogue also declared that the small black dress will become “some kind of uniform for all women with taste“.
  5. the Rebirth of MChP received
  6. thanks to the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany“ of 1961. A Givenchy dress in which appears Care for Golaytli (Audrey Hepburn), it was also the most expensive in the history of MChP. In 2006 it was sold for one million dollars at the Christie auction “to s.
  7. Recently in London at St Pancras International station MChP flashmob took place. The girls dressed in black dresses or characteristic “shanelevsky“ dresses expressed thus the support to the movie “Coco to Chanel“.
  8. American Sheena Mateyken carries MChP every day during the whole year. Also it does it for very noble reasons - money from the project goes for development of schools in the Indian slums. Within a year Sheena composes various images from the same dress and is photographed for the blog. The designer Elisa Starbak specially created this MChP in seven copies, - that Sheena could erase and repair it, without interrupting experiment.
  9. of MChP - the become most famous thing in clothes: in honor of it the movie of the director Taliya Lugasi, the song of West End Girls group is called, and also in the world there is a set of the women`s collectives of the same name. Some companies take his idea as a basis for creation of thematic production. For example, legendary spirits of “La Petite Robe Noire“ from de Guerlain or Little Black Dress toilet water from Avon.
  10. of Little Black Dress Workout - fitness gymnastics by means of which you in two weeks will be able well to look in any black dress. Before trainings the girl shows to the instructor the dress, and further as to wave of a magic wand, becomes the owner of a tremendous sports figure. You do not trust? Order the cartridge on Ozon or watch several videos in Youtube.
  11. the Song of Pet Shop Boys “A Little Black Dress“ group was written to
  12. in 2001 for the musical “Closer to Heaven“ (Closer to the Sky). In it extensive information on where and in what cases it is necessary to put on MChP and also with what footwear to combine it is stated. However, despite the value of recommendations, the song was not included neither into the musical, nor into an album of group. And so would remain in oblivion if not the Swedish collective West End Girls which wrote down a cover - the version of this composition. So now girls even on a dance floor can learn about MChP secrets.