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Birthday of Kirill

Celebration of birthday of Kirill (he was 5 years old) was cast by the Fort Bayard broadcast, and also hobby of the son for the Spiderman.


distributed invitations with the image of the Spiderman.

game Purpose: to collect 5 keys and 5 hints.

At first we collect by

keys. We break into teams. For each competition to the won team the clue is furnished.

  1. of Team rise the friend opposite to the friend and throw each other balls one minute. On whose party there are less balls, that also won.
  2. In a bowl the plastic cover floats. In it players from each team put in turn coins. That team whose player will put a coin which will sink a cover will lose.
  3. “Creation of a tower“. Each participant from a komnd in turn puts at each other detalek Lego or a cube (anything). On whose element the tower will fall, that also lost.
  4. to Collect by
  5. puzzles on speed.
  6. “Web“. Two sheets of paper with previously drawn web are distributed. What team will draw more spiders, that also won.

When collected all five keys, players open a trunk which only one of five keys approaches. The trunk is at the aged man who will give it only after children solve his riddles:

“You look at my lodge!“
the Fly sighed at first: “It is weaved by
out of thin threads.
Ah, what laces!.“
the Poor thing as if in ooze,
Got stuck century. (web).


I am not a friend,
Because I... (spider).

He networks as the fisherman, prepares,
A of fish never catches. (Spider)

As I buzz in the hot afternoon,
Heard any ear.
Ya I fly to each house,
Know everything me! I-... (fly).

If you drank tea about a medical lump,
C you is well familiar to it.
to Many honey collected
Hard-working... (bee).

in the Warm afternoon, in the spring, in May, Everyone about me learns
Ya not a fly, not a spider.
Ya I buzz! I am May... (bug).

In a trunk - letters. It is necessary to make the word. For this purpose it is necessary to collect hints.

of the Hint are collected already by all participants without breakdown on teams.

  1. the Ball to get to a bucket five times (the hint “wood“ is given).
  2. by
  3. to Choose a spider from three glasses. Three plastic glasses turn over upside down. Under one of them the toy spider is put (it is possible to put anything). Glasses mix up. It is necessary to guess in what glass a spider (the hint “tail“ is given).
  4. the 5th detail of Lego (or something another) - is allowed to Find
  5. in one of them the hint among toys (blindly) (the hint “fluffy“).
  6. the Hint is attached by a tape to the battery. It is necessary to unwind a tape and to reach it (the hint “red“ is given).
  7. the Oral account within 10: 1+1, 4 - 1, 3+1, 2+2, 5 - 1, 3 - 2. On cards wrote examples, it is necessary to give the correct answers (the hint “songs is given sings and everything gnaws nutlets“).

Children guess that it is a squirrel (though up to the fifth competition thought that it is a fox), and collect from letters in a trunk the word “protein“. The aged man checks, says that they are good fellows, and gives prizes. Prizes - any trifle - notebooks, erasers, handles, stickers, brelka. We tried to buy everything on what the Spiderman was drawn. Kirill liked the fact that everywhere there was his favourite hero - the Spiderman.

What needs to be prepared? Keys, badges for t-shirts, badges for keys, a bowl, a cover, coins, identical details of Lego, puzzles, “web“ of 2 pieces, a ball, a grid from IKEA, plates with examples, the 5th kinder - surprises, a tape, hints (“wood“, “tail“, “fluffy“, “red“, “sings songs and gnaws nutlets“).