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Mother`s protection of

you became a mother quite recently, and ahead you have other life. Bright, sometimes absolutely hard, but very happy. You follow natural mission - to be a woman, to be mother!

Pregnancy, childbirth, care of the kid and feeding by a breast - big load of a female organism. The more the help you receive from the family now, the better. Any excess minute of rest, any opportunity to take a nap, leave on the nature, it is simple to stay with the kid alone in silence and tranquility - all this will go to you to the benefit. Perhaps, once you will want to become a mother again. And for this purpose you need to prepare the organism already now, having given it necessary rest.

Doctors consider that the minimum interval between childbirth has to be not less than 2, and 3 years are better. It means that in the next years you need extremely effective and long contraception because to resort to the emergency contraception after the unprotected sexual intercourse or the burst condom in your case is unsafe for health. Especially it is undesirable during breastfeeding.

Means, misses should not be, and the method of protection has to be reliable. Besides at such rhythm of life when in day it is necessary to make, remember so much tablets, to prepare for proximity, using spermitsida, to remember whether there were in the first-aid kit condoms, it is dostachno difficult. These are excess efforts. That is the contraceptive has to have also a convenient mode of reception. Ideally - the solution of a question once and for a long time. By the principle “put and forgot“.

Absolutely logical choice - intrauterine contraception. Intrauterine contraceptives are presented by metal-containing spirals and intrauterine hormonal system today. What does each of them give?

Life on a spiral

the Usual metal-containing spiral is established by

in a uterus for long time - till 5 years. Most often it contains copper which causes active reduction of a uterus that interferes with pregnancy approach, to be exact, to fixing of the impregnated ovum. Sometimes the spiral interferes with fertilization. The established spiral, certainly, is very convenient method of contraception because gives to the woman comfortable contraception with the most convenient mode of application - “put and forgot“. The only thing that can not be pleasant - more plentiful and painful monthly which can arise at many women. It is connected with the principle of action of a spiral - copper irritates mucous a uterus, causes active reductions. What can be shown by pain. Therefore, despite comfortable intimate relations and convenience of a method, some women want to pick up more suitable contraceptive.

Internal protection

we Will think of how there lived our great-grandmothers. How without elementary means of hygiene, in much worst living conditions they followed hygienic rules how they worried critical days? The answer is simple: it is not so heavy because critical days happened very seldom.


the Nature it is put that the female organism smoothly and cyclically passed another from one state: periods in pregnancy, pregnancy in childbirth, the period of feeding and a laktatsionny amenorea, then monthly are again restored, there pass several cycles. In the closest of them the woman becomes pregnant again, and everything revolves. Thus, fell to lot of our great-grandmothers only around 20 - 40 monthly for all life!

us this figure is tens times higher than

U. The modern woman for the century gathers to 7 - 8 years of continuous critical days. In terms of amount of the lost blood nearly 40 liters turn out. For a cycle about 80 ml of blood, and at many are on average lost more. If it is more blood loss, such state is called a menorragiya and demands treatment.

to our organism needs to fill every month with

blood loss. And it is serious loading. Doctors agree in opinion that monthly is not norm, and it is rather a reaction of an organism to cancelled pregnancy. How to reduce the loss caused by periods? Certainly, the most natural way is the subsequent pregnancy and feeding. But hardly the woman is ready to pass through difficulties of pregnancy, childbirth and education more than two now - three times. It turns out that an exit needs to be looked for in another.

to Pay a tribute to the nature and its laws and at the same time the new method of contraception - intrauterine hormonal system will help to exempt the woman from loading. It is not just advanced spiral, this unique means. It is arranged so that daily in strictly identical and minimum doses in a cavity of a uterus the preparation is allocated levonorgestret. It renders contraceptive effect at the local level and does not give system impact on an organism.

the intrauterine system does not irritate with

Unlike a cupriferous spiral a uterus, and relaxes her. Levonorgestrel carefully influences endometry, interfering with its proliferation (excess growth). Monthly become less and less plentiful. And through 4 - 5 months of use many women receive what they always dreamed of - menstrual comfort. Monthly can become poor, short and painless.

I in life is become brighter also by nasyshchenny! Now it is not necessary to be limited in the choice of clothes, activity, to do in time holiday under certain dates. Now the proximity is possible in any day!

And, above all, monthly losses of blood decrease, there passes anemia, the health improves. And all this at the most convenient and reliable protection against undesirable pregnancy.

the Intrauterine hormonal system is allowed by

for use and for the feeding mothers, and for women after abortion, and during the preclimacteric period. It works, protecting endometriya, condensing tservikalny slime, therefore, interfering with penetration of microorganisms into a uterus cavity. Often it is optimum therapeutic cure for many gynecologic diseases.

the Intrauterine hormonal system is applied by

in the world more than 20 years. And many women using it stepped over a five-year boundary and when there was a question of new installation of system instead of old, it was solved positively. There are women who use already the second and even the third system on the account. It is quite explainable. You get used to good quickly. And when within 5 years you are not tormented by critical days and PMS, so there is a wish that it proceeded further. Certainly, if spouses have no desire again to become parents.

should noting

Here that levonorgestret does not influence function of ovaries and does not suppress an ovulation. An opportunity to become pregnant comes already in the first cycle after removal of system. Scientific researches showed that pregnancy at the women using earlier intrauterine system proceeds better, than at those who used an intrauterine spiral (respectively, at these women the menstrual cycle proceeded). It is explained by higher rates of health: normal level of hemoglobin and healthy reproductive system.

So, the modern woman received the offer. It was necessary to accept it and to become free and happy!