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The fantastic nursery of

the Childhood by right is considered magic time when life - a continuous carefree holiday. Kids play, laugh and sincerely trust in miracles which always happen. On wave of a magic wand and by means of the Petite Princesse and Petit Prince collections the nursery turns into the amazing palace of the prince and princess.

Design of society

the Most important in the palace, of course, crowns. They - that also re-embody children in princes and princesses, creating unique feeling of the recovered fairy tale. These amusing peaked headdresses are scattered by designers of the Micuna company everywhere. Backs of beds and chairs, komodik and borders on walls, doors of cases and bed linen are covered with gold crowns. But such details do not look heavy, on the contrary, the harmonious combination of the sizes introduces a cosiness, and their fun-loving images lighten mood. Prince and the princess with whose images walls of the nursery or clothes - at the request of parents can be painted and taking into account tastes of owners of the palace - are executed in animation naughty style.

Of course, to the prince and the princess not to do without thrones. One of the most important details of an interior here too is. Armchair, it throne, soft, easy and convenient for games. Its back repeats crown contours.

the Color scale of fantastic nurseries is executed by

in more - less standard decisions. Princesses grow up in one-time - lilac shades, and princes - in nebesno - blue and saturated blue flowers. These tone dilute pistachio, beige, golden, gray and brown shades which calm a look and give to the palace feeling of serenity and ease.

Individual project

Nursery of Micuna not only fantastically beautiful, but also surprisingly practical. Within the Petite Princesse and Petit Prince collection it is possible to choose different types and forms of beds, dressers, and also the quantity of accessories necessary for you. You will create the individual set of the nursery. For example, cradles for kids are in two options which are various on design, but are identical on depth. Also beds are presented in two sizes - to 3,5 and till 8 years. Bottom level in them is regulated, and sidewalls fall that will allow to use comfortably beds for all years of growth of the kid. Especially for the Russian market Micuna offers the rocking chair mechanism on a bed thanks to which it is quietly possible to lull the prince or the princess. We advise mattresses for beds to choose separately. The producer offers mattresses of the necessary size from latex, polyurethane or spring.

to Replace a small bed with option for children is more senior, without touching a room interior, it is easy by means of a headboard in the form of a crown. It can be put to a bed of any producer and to keep thereby the image of the nursery. In a collection there is a full-fledged curbstone with deep boxes. At will, it can be replaced with a pelenalny little table which easily turns into a dresser. And stools for feeding at Micuna quickly change in a little table and a stool for games and occupations. To make them part of an interior very simply - it is necessary to choose a suitable soft removable cover only. Use a box for toys as an additional seat for guests of the prince and the princess.

Magic of the choice

All desires of parents are considered by the Micuna company, producer of children`s furniture with long-term experience. A box for things under a bed, a pocket for storage of trifles on a side, a pelenalny table already with a tray - all these trifles will make daily care of kids more pleasantly and more quietly. The convenient rack completed with pink or blue baskets for things will approach an interior of the room. Wall shelves, hangers for a kidswear and a set of boxes and baskets will accustom kids to an order.

linen Sets for beds and cradles, the bag, a rug, small baskets for trifles, pillows and sacks form the finished image of the fantastic palace. Also the problem of the choice of a gift to friends becomes simpler - it is always possible to pick up something in style of the room. All textile accessories and elements of furniture act easily and erased. So children can quietly use them in the games. Any piece of furniture is on sale and separately. There is an opportunity “to dilute“ any interior, using a bed back decor, a border on walls, curtains and the lamp shade on a lamp or just figures of the prince and the princess on a bilateral adhesive tape.

All furniture of Micuna is developed by
taking into account safety of your kid. Systems of protection of lockers, beds, accessories that the kid could not drop or turn off something independently are specially created. Legs at beds of rocking chairs are equipped with a stopper, sidewalls of beds - blocking.