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Pairs of bones

the Winter us does not ache, Russians, especially does not indulge: frosts under 30, zero temperature with the penetrating wind. Immunity falls, and already all FAMILY young and old snuffles a nose, sneezes and coughs. There is a wish to get under a warm blanket, where - nibud near batteries of a central heating, with a glass of hot tea with raspberry, to close all doors and not to poke out the chilled nose anywhere.

However, the option of more useful pastime is: follow an example of Andrey Myagkov in the well-known movie of Eldar Ryazanov, take birch venichek - forward, to Sanduny that as a bird the Phoenix to rise from... foams. Also do not forget the family - small kids it is necessary to temper too.

Now everything I will throw

the Reasonable question why, actually, to go to a bath? Believe, there are, at least, three occasions to visit the place where the hottest men and women are found.

In - the first, heat of bones does not ache. Advantage for more or less healthy organism (cold is not considered) of contrast procedures, hot steam, damp or dry not to count. The bath (or the Finnish sauna) is similar to a vivifying tub with milk into which tsars in the Russian national fairy tales dived behind youth.

In - the second, a bath with the pool - the unique place for relaxation. And to the parents tortured by the city stresses, children`s problems suffering from chronic sleep debts, relaxation is vital. After good processing by a venichok and water procedures you will dump decade, but the main thing - the hot steam room will lift... mood.

All alarms and grieves, a grief, fatigue and psychological discomfort disappear with soapsuds. After a bath of people it is pure as the baby, and by all means it is optimistic. And that else is necessary for the good parent!

, at last, can take

I children in a bath. It is not forbidden by either the law, or the Ministry of Health. Only to children special approach is necessary: here it is important to begin gradually and not to go too far.

of Tradition

Welcoming each other, Romans did not speak “hi!“, they asked “as you sweat?“ . According to East Slavic mythology even gods used a bath. Here women gave birth to children, in a steam room of newborns washed, here they were cleared before a wedding. In the X-XIII centuries a bath called “mov“, “movnya“, “movniyets“, mylnya and “vlaznya“. After a bath our ancestors especially liked steamed out to jump during soft snow or to dive into an ice-hole. The Russian bath is famous for the wet vapor, unlike dry steam in the Finnish sauna. In the Russian villages it is still possible to meet the izba which is cut down from logs and shipped in the earth. It is the most ancient design of a bath. A floor in such fragrant bath was covered with the crushed pine needles, herbs and flowers. Water heated up in a pig-iron copper or a wooden barrel.

also Turkish baths where stones - plank beds are warmed Exist, and at this time do to the warmed visitors massage. Feature of the Turkish baths (Fyurdo as they are called in Budapest where I was lucky to get acquainted with them) that the entrance to women is ordered here. This exclusively man`s pleasure.

the Japanese bath ofuro represents a barrel with the water which is warmed up by the radiating stones. Temperature in this barrel is warmed up to 45 degrees. Procedure of warming up in semi-lying situation takes only 5 minutes and more organism will hardly sustain. By the way, for the Japanese newly made mummies is a unique means for weight loss, in a bath there is water, slags and toxins. To strengthen steam influence, to increase sweating apply honey with which cover all body. I tried a honey mask on myself. The effect is tremendous!

Thirst to take a steam bath guided one inventor even at creation pass - saunas for usual five-storey apartment blocks. Usually it settles down on mezzanines or in the storeroom. However, it is more convenient to be chosen a family in the most real bath with the pool, a shower and... an ice-hole or though substitute - the ice pool.

Fire and a flame

the Main objective of a campaign in a bath - a sauna, of course, care about health. Regular campaigns in a steam room will relieve you of catarrhal and many other diseases.

it is Helped by a so-called “physiological stress“ which is reached by sharp change of heat and cold: traditional of a sweating room in a snowdrift. But such pleasure is possible only when snow soft and the sauna or a bath are located outside the city in the quiet cozy deserted place. In the city the snowdrift and an ice-hole are easily replaced with a tub of cold water or the ice pool.

the first 5 - 7 minutes after an entrance to a bath body temperature slightly decreases, and then begins to increase - approximately by one and a half degrees in 40 minutes. Moreover, this temperature remains till 10 minutes after an exit from a bath. After a bath it is easier breathed, thanks to the amplified blood circulation - not a secret that we breathe not only lungs, but also skin. Therefore a usual state after a sweating room - freedom and ease in a body, courage.

Heat of a bath is a strong irritant, he starts many physiological reactions, including accelerates a substance exchange, trains breath, positively influences mucous membranes of a nose. To get rid of cold and cough, add to a tub of eucalyptus leaves or two drops of essential fir oil. And in the winter the bath warms better than any warmest plaid.

All age are obedient to


Finns are so convinced by

of usefulness of the sauna that they speak: everyone who is capable to reach it can use a sauna.

to Women bathing procedure replaces with

a set of expensive cosmetic procedures: peeling, masks and deep cleaning. Will relieve of premature wrinkles and excess weight.

doctors do not recommend to take

of Small children with themselves in a bath, however the Russian tradition prompts that this unique method of a hardening is not dangerous at all. Just it is necessary to treat children much more carefully. In - the first, take care of a hat on the head, on sale there are special bathing sets for all family. That the baby had no heatstroke, limit its stay in a steam room for 2 - 3 minutes. Believe, the kid will begin to cry and will let know if to him it is not comfortable.

However, in big complexes, as a rule, the pool is. Let the kid lap in a splash pool or swims with you if is able. Our family prefers to have a rest without the 9th monthly son. However many families arrange the real children`s holiday from bathing day, kids adore water.

Here I you venichok!

At swimming baths usually the massage therapist is, and for it it is always full of work - the steamed-out body is pliable, a time is open, so and efficiency of massage strongly increases. But the combination of intensive massage and strong thermal loadings is admissible only for healthy people. In general, the steam room is contraindicated to the people having heart failure. It is better to refrain from a sweating room at the time of an exacerbation of any disease, at very high temperature and open wounds, the increased or lowered pressure.

Be guided by the state and if you as it should be - do not refuse birch venichok. And honey Tibetan massage after a bath will remove the remains of slags, and next day at you wings will grow.

Image - anything, thirst - all!

the Advertising slogan of “Sprite“ in a bath is especially pertinent

. It is connected with plentiful sweating. In a steam room the organism loses a large amount of moisture which should be restored. Best of all for this purpose hot teas approach fragrant grassy and by all means. For the steamed-out organism it is the most acceptable temperature. Taste of tea in many respects depends on how you make it. But it is easy for it to learn. One of the best tonics - tea with fragrant additives. “After a bath“

It is required by

to p: 3 tablespoons of tea, 1 lemon, 1 l of water. Clear a lemon of a peel, having cut it on four parts and having accurately removed. Dry a lemon thin skin in a hot oven. After that carefully crush and mix a dried peel with tea. Then prepare a scalded teapot: wash out it water and scald boiled water. Fill up mix of tea and a dried peel of a lemon in a scalded teapot, fill it with the begun to boil water.

Tea will be fragrant and fragrant in 5 minutes when it is drawn in the warm place. Prepare the cleared lemon for giving on a table. For this purpose cut it with a sharp knife on thin circles. Further it is necessary to spread out lemon slices to a dish and to sugar. Give hot tea with a lemon and sugar.

“The source in the desert“

Is required to


: 20 g of tea of black large-leaved, 1 g of chicory, 1 l of water, sugar.

you Will boil water. Prepare a teapot. For this purpose wash out it boiled water and heat on a plate that it was pure and hot. Previously mix tea with the crushed chicory. Fill in a teapot with water in the ratio 3 parts of water on 1 part of tea. Tea has to be drawn for some time - from three to five minutes in the warm place.

Smells forest

If the bath settles down in the wood, but not in the noisy city, then it is the more convenient and most useful to use gifts of the wood - fir-tree branches, oak and birch brooms for aromatization of the room. As substitutes - broth from birch leaves and essential oils (a fir, an eucalyptus, a pine). In a sauna mix of essential oils splash on walls or just put in a bucket in a corner. But oil it is impossible to splash on stones at all and on heating elements - they are flammable!

Not only houses...

One my Hungarian friend Andras considers by

Russians abnormal, slightly - slightly... They clink glasses with beer, leave empty bottles on a table and adore a bath. Sometimes it assumed even thought that I am an alien. We stayed in Budapest about two weeks and every evening on the question “What Vi Was Seen in Butapeshta?“, O. answered “. today we were in a bath!“ Its reaction is unsurprising: I was six months gone (my experience should not serve at all as the guide to action because it is better for future mummies not to risk), and in the huge Secheni complex with thermal waters we spent not less than 3 hours. It was really heavenly spot: at the beginning of February it was under the open sky possible to float in water of 37 degrees.

the Hungarian pensioners begin with

the day with visit of “resorts“ - thermal pools, them in the city there are more than 10 including exclusively man`s Turkish baths. In the afternoon old men play chess (for this purpose there are special natatorial boards and figures), and in the evening of a swimming bath are filled with tourists and youth which there and gets acquainted and hangs out, and brings then the descendants. Also this pleasure costs only 100 rubles for three hours. The Hungarian friend and nicknamed our son “astronaut“ as such “training“ is had only in the U.S. Air Force where the sauna at 60 degrees of dry air is used within the obligatory program of physical training of an aircrew.

Where to move?

U us, unfortunately, not Hungary and not Karlovy Vary. There is a pool with good water on Mironovskaya and Moscow “Seagull“ on the Park of Culture under the open sky. But in Moscow about 1500 private baths. Except known Sandunov, Astrakhan, Petrovsky and so forth. On the website narod. you will find ru/b/you the description of all Moscow sweating rooms situated near Moscow. And having properly got warm, you will meet spring avitaminosis fully equipped!