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Our children and the nature of

the Electric train with lingering beep, having wagged at parting a green tail, disappeared in a forest thicket. Several summer residents hasty run across the railroad and are scattered on footpaths to svoimzakonny hundred parts with a desired harvest. We with the son stand on the platform, inhaling spicy avgustovskiyvozdukh.

At last managed to escape on the nature! In the city there was a tired computer and vsevazhny affairs, and here, for more than two hundred kilometers, we came to have a rest from dusty streets of an iavtomobilny smog.


Yes, friends were lucky, live in the fresh air, lead a healthy lifestyle, as they say, far from noise of big cities. Two and a half hours by an electric train, still a minutsorok by bus, and then on foot three kilometers. And there the house, a bath, a shed with a cow, a pig and to heels of chickens, a garden and a kitchen garden. Anticipating pleasure from a cup of pair milk smaliny, we approach bus station.

the Breeze informs

of a smell of the fused oil, fried nonfirst time of meat and beer from the cafe which was located nearby. Sweaty men sit at a dirty little table the sublop-sided faded umbrella and deafeningly laugh to grease jokes, the whole swarm of flies flies around. We turn away. The small station settlement not oboshlistorony the civilization benefits in the form of point of food of fast service for someone is rest, and we arrived behind another.

the Son throws

to the aunty, is lazy the fanning newspaper behind the cart talked nonsense. The type of the thawing ice cream does not inspire him, and it is limited to a bottle of a sladkoygazirovka of well-known company thank God, transparent, without dyes from which not to wash a cup.

the Bus, zafyrchav and having released a cloudlet of a black soot, approaches a stop. The picturesque little man a vgryazny undershirt and the shining jacket of color wet asphalt with a fringe on sleeves drenches us vposledny time with a cigarette smoke, throws out a stub to himself under legs, tastefully spits and vskarabkivayetsyav the bus. We afterwards. In salon hot, stuffy also smells of gasoline, but we think only of prozrachnoykhrustalny water in the forest lake and with ease we transfer an hour more in this can.

After the refreshing walk on a birch bosk, without paying attention on rolling which - gdeplastikovy bottles and wrappers from candies, we, at last, approach the place of our pilgrimage. In spite of the fact that I am a city dweller, the light smell of cow manure in the yard does not confuse me at all, pair milk does not come within miles of the advertized dairy products vyarky packings which we eat in the city, and fragrant apples are so not similar to those, glossy, from show-windows of shops!

Why departure on the nature becomes such exotic for city dwellers? And itself it becomes more difficult to priroduotyskat. In the city parks urged to refresh air and sluzhitmesty walks old and small it is more no, spiteful plates On lawns not to go, and vsyakiyraz, catching up with the escaped kid, I will come across in the high blossoming greens an even layer of skomkannykhfantik and bottles. And equal brilliant green color of foliage and a grass already to the middle letastanovitsya dirty - brown from a soot of the cars rushing according to prospectuses and even not vsila them to wash a pouring rain.

Sometimes on days off we leave in suburban parks, there is full of vacationers. The Dlyapodavlyayushchy majority the soundtrack in the form of the roaring tape recorder ipepelishche is necessary for frying of shish kebabs. Natykayas on such parking lots of Neanderthal men, we hurry to bypass ikhstorony we came to listen to birdies and murmur of streamlets and small rivers. The last, however, skoreenapominat ditches with the stagnant water covered by muddy foam, all with those zhevezdesushchy bottles from - under soft drinks of firms of different degree of popularity. Etiprodukta of the developed civilization we find even in deaf corners of dark.

you know

I what is offensive? That my son, as well as his peers, the ecology, environmentally friendly, a healthy lifestyle only as advertizing prompt, with addition of bezkonservant and dyes understands words. All charm of the rolling garbage does not touch it, he perceives etokak part of a landscape. Our children do not see a pure grass and transparent springs, but know, chtopod a rain to frolic harmfully because it radioactive or acid and that to mozhetubit the sun from - for ozone gaps in the atmosphere.

Therefore kids are willingly smeared with sunblock creams, drink skim milk and only natural yogurt, jamming them polyvitamins, ubivayutmikrob soap with triklozany, and mosquitoes modern fumigant injectors. Further and further otkhodimma by nature. How ours children will fight against environmental disaster on Earth if they to the onena see her elementary manifestations? And if they have no place to see all beauty of the native earth, except a kakn to giving in several hundred parts?