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“Secret of pirates“ for Kiryushki of

When the son Kirill was 4 years old, I thought up the holiday “Secret of Pirates“. This scenario will be suitable more for children of years to six.

In advance children were warned that a birthday subject - pirates therefore the majority were already dressed respectively. The purpose of children - to collect all messages (small bottles from - under usual aerated water, rolled up in self-adhesive paper with poetic messages inside) and to find a treasure. For each competition I pasted it on t-shirts the pirate`s badge (unpacked on self-adhesive paper and cut out).

At first children came into the hall where to them the persons “under pirates“ ornamented.

Then. The won team acquires a weapon option. Different “piracy“ features were given at choice that found houses - guns, swords, bandanas etc. The lost team chose from the fact that it remained.

Then they are seen off on kitchen where they were met by the cook (one of adults dressed in an apron). “To get to team of pirates, it is necessary to pass test“.

the Competition “Obzhorka“ - blindly to guess

that you eat (small pieces - cheese, sausage, tangerine, candy, crabstick, cookies, apple etc.).

Cook :“ Well, I accept you in ranks of pirates, but I will not give the message to you until you help me“.

the Competition “Cinderella“ - mixes up on a table peas, haricot, lentil, a dried mountain ash, nuts, macaroni. It is necessary to sort all on uniform small groups in 5 minutes.

Cook: “Good fellows! Here to you the message by means of which you will reveal secret“.

Gives to

a bottle. Children open and get the message.

the dark keeps Secret. This secret us attracts
It lies in night a witness mark
Directly - directly on a path,
of Guards to a witness mark protects,
Curious drives away,
it lets not all.
Only with a key waits for you success.
the Key lies at the bottom sea,
Find it secretly.

Children go to the room on which door the picture “Wood“ was attached.

There they look for a key at the bottom of a basin with the painted water and, having found it, give guards.

Previously I delivered to

to the room tent from IKEA near which there was a guard (we it had a nephew).

of Guards: “I will pass you and I will even prompt where there is a secret. Guess a riddle and learn where it is necessary to look for“.

“It both yellow and loose,
in the yard is filled by a heap. If you want
, you can take
I to play a little bit“.

Children guess a riddle and get in a witness mark (tent from IKEA). There several buckets with sand and coins. In one of them - the message.

“Light to you the right way will specify

Secret where lies, will prompt. But to find
it it is difficult -
Ahead the Draconian island.
That on the island that to get,
without having got the Dragon into a mouth,
you make laugh the Dragon,
Sing something, dance. then he to you in reply
Will present to
I long-awaited light.

Children go to the room on which door the picture “Dragon“ was attached, and sing something or dance.

In the center of the room - a box, on it a toy dragon, and inside a bottle with a candle on it (I shine in advance lit that it lost and left on a wax stripe bottle - it turned out very mysteriously) and the next message.

“At big falls -
Here to look for

where secret it is necessary. In the dark it is covered by
Is buried, forgotten.
Light to you can be useful to
In the dark not to get lost.
you a candle light
I on a meeting to it run rather“.

Children go to a bathroom on which door the picture “falls“ was attached.

Not including light, by means of a candle (I specially inserted a candle into a bottle that children did not burn), find

a prize in a shower cabin. As a prize I made a cardboard trunk which I filled with coins and candies.

the Requisite