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Valdorfsky kindergarten. What is it?

the valdorfsky pedagogics Widely known worldwide gains the increasing popularity and in Russia, having become one of alternatives to traditional preschool education.

For the average inhabitant in this technique it is a lot of unusual. For example, uneven-age groups in which children from three to six - are taken seven years or - whether it is possible? - full refusal of the so-called “developing“ occupations: training in the account, reading, the letter in the first 7 years of life of the child.

the Early childhood is a special period when kids study life, playing it. Whether it is worth stuffing the child now with that knowledge which he much easier also will quicker acquire at school?

In valdorfsky kindergartens children play

much. As a rule, it is games well familiar to us in “shop“, “hospital“, “daughters are mothers“. Only toys not absolutely traditional: in valdorfsky group you will not meet plastic dolls or iron engines. All toys here, as a rule, wooden or rag.

of the Doll are sewed by teachers or children independently, and faces at them are not painted that leaves space for a flight of fancy. Pebbles, cones, acorns and other natural materials which with success replace also “money“ in “shop“, and “drugs“ in “hospital“, and “cars“ in “garage“ are also very popular for games.

Children are close to

to the nature. Also everything has to be same what they touch therefore the preference is given to all natural.

Instead of pencils and felt-tip pens is drawn wax crayons here, and for a molding use not plasticine, but the warmed-up wax or clay.

the Interior in kindergarten is made out by

in soft warm colors. The wooden furniture is covered with a transparent varnish. The wooden platform on the street, devices for a lasagna and balance keeping, a swing and surely big sandbox - children need to frolic, and they adore digging in sand.

tutors surely involve

of the wards in physical work: everything together they rake up leaves or snow in the yard, embroider, sew and even bake rolls. Children lead the “real“ adulthood already now that gives them incredible pleasure.

As well as many other things, songs at valdorfets “live“, as a rule, without tool maintenance, without persuasive rassazhivaniye of children on stools. They are sung for all day and often serve as a signal to activity change.

the Tutor begins to sing a certain song when he comes it is time to finish game, to sit down to a table or to gather for walk. Fine pedagogical reception! To allow to finish quietly begun and to start new occupations.

Quite often third-party people accuse valdorfsky pedagogics of excessive “religiousness“ and even “sektanstvo“. Obviously, it is connected with the fact that in these kindergartens religious holidays are celebrated: Christmas, Easter, candles are quite often lit.

As “valdorfsky“ mother I can tell

with confidence that neither children, nor parents are under any psychological pressure and the kindergarten is attended by children of different faiths or in general non-believers.

These beautiful and kind holidays which so are pleasant to kids only acquaint them with traditions and culture of the country, are a certain link with history from which many now, unfortunately, are torn off.

If you ask mothers of “valdorfsky“ children that is pleasant to them in kindergarten, most likely, they will tell you about the comfortable and benevolent atmosphere, about tranquility for the children. That parents are in every possible way involved groups actively participate in kindergarten life and know what tutors do with children during the working day. About a table d`hote, behind which on a holiday by the light of candles as if a big close-knit family, all children and their parents gather.

I at last that in valdorfsky pedagogics there are no casual people and tutors are the people loving and betrayed to the business who are not indifferent to everything, as for their wards and are ready to solve any children`s problems together with parents.