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Unusual communication of

If you knew exact date of the death that you wanted to manage to make? Sometimes it seems to me that the most terrible - to die, without having told the dear and favourite people all that wants to be told them. But it is possible not just to tell, and to make something unexpected, memorable and shaking! I will tell about several bright ideas which help me to communicate with darlings about the main thing in an unusual format.

1. Letters from the childhood

of the Letter from parents to children for New year or on birthday about last year lives of the kid and that main thing that wanted to be told last year to the beloved child. Read a response of one adult woman who told that heavy minutes of the life she gets a linking of such letters from mother (letters of her mother always began the words “My Little Princess!“ ). Re-reading letters at mature age, this woman cries and the most important laughs at the ups and downs of the childhood, and - knows that she is a darling and the most remarkable mother`s little Princess! In general letters is the easiest way (along with phone calls, cards and telegrams). But believe, the letters sent by mail, written by small handwriting - it very much pleases all - all: from the grandmother to the nephew.

2. Whether the diary and an album of the kid

Were necessary to ask to you parents about what you were already able to do (well, for example) in one and a half years? It is sure that many asked such question, but not many received an irrefragable answer. And now present that your child in 25 years will ask such question to you. You want it to please with bright memoirs? Very much I recommend to fill in the diary and an album of the kid. Options of maintaining the diary (beginning from just records in a notebook, finishing with maintaining a web - the diary) much, the same infinite set of options of an album.

3. Our family chronicle or the chronicle of the childhood

Me very much was pleasant to

idea of letters from the childhood, but I wanted that all family members took part in such creativity, and after long searches mother and the father found already ready book “, tell! Because to me it is important“ (the author Elma of bathtubs Is poured). The book is filled in annually with parents (pregnancy and till 12 years of the child); every year the author suggests to answer parents questions of last year of life of the kid, to describe bright an event, to place a photo, etc. The book is not deprived of shortcomings, but I could not find analogs (except for very expensive). Everything is short and laconically collected in one book, and writing down here year after year answers to questions, I hope to turn this book into the unique chronicle about my little son which he with pleasure will read.

4. Whether you noticed sometime...

As husbands or wives from married couples with an experience (20 - 30 years of joint life) can be told for hours about how the spouse irritates them and how many any mucks they had in life. When you ask about good, there is nothing to tell for some reason, all good is quickly forgotten. The idea of a notebook “Thanks to you“ is that the husband and the wife (everyone separately) write to a wedding anniversary each other 7 most significant events of last year for which there is a wish to tell “thanks“ to the darling. And then together read. I want to note that such notebook can become just the field for correspondence of spouses in difficult, disputable situations. And in general it is capable to bring a variety the relations.

5. The movie or “video letter“ from the past

As a rule, at modern parents is a lot of video record about the baby. To see everything it is almost unreal. The mounted movie in which parents will put idea (message), will not forget about humour and will try to reflect features of the kid, very easily looks and pleases all family members. Once your successor will enough grow up to understand told in such movie, and this video will become a peculiar parental order which will inform of the thoughts put in it much more effectively, than daily morals. Besides it will even be pleasant to adult to revise video - the message made for it by parents far back in the past.

We with the husband prepared such movie for the little son as a gift at its first birthday. Of course, he will be able to understand told there only in several years, but we do not hurry anywhere.


For the movie took scenes which we shot on a usual video camera within the first year of life of our kid, since an exit from maternity hospital. We gave video fragments to the person who is professionally engaged in creation of wedding, corporate and other similar movies. We with the director of the movie prepared the text of the message to the son, this text goes as offscreen comments during all movie.


to us everything, including friends and relatives, very much liked what turned out as a result.