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Relay of

outdoors This relay can be spent in nature when already warmly. As relay is carried out in the fresh air, competitions will be on the nature. Names of teams, mottoes and emblems can be connected with plants, birds and animals.

It is family relay. All participants it is necessary to divide into two teams so that parents and children in them was equally.


are Guessed by children, parents help with a difficulty case.

“Sleeps in the afternoon, at night flies and frightens passersby“. (Owl)

look for a stern on the way. whether
On the run whether on the run,
to them not to descend from stilts“. (Herons)

“I grow up from the earth, I dress the whole world“. (Flax)

“White peas on a green leg“. (Lily of the valley)

“Amuses in the spring, cools in the summer, feeds in the fall, warms in the winter“. (Wood)

“Is afraid of

an animal of my branches,
of nests will not be constructed by a bird in them.
In branches beauty and my power. Tell
quickly who I am?“ (Deer)

“In the dense wood under fir-trees,
showered with foliage,
lies a ball with needles,
prickly and live“. (Hedgehog)

“In a gold ball hid dubochek“. (Acorn)


“Is cost in the sister`s meadows - a gold peephole, white eyelashes“. (Camomiles)

the team receives a point For each guessed riddle.

we Prepare for a campaign

to Team the backpack (it can be replaced with any bag), a ware set (a cup, a mug, a spoon, a flask) and matches is given. If in team the person is a lot of, then it is possible to take two sets of ware.

the Team stands in the row, before the first participant the backpack lies. In 15 - 20 steps from both teams the ware is. Each player needs to reach ware, to take one subject, to return, put it in a backpack and to touch a hand the following player - “to hand over“ relay. Then the following participant runs.

to Teams are given about three points for speed and for accurate laying of a backpack.


On the earth are drawn by two circles in which in turn there are team players (since the first couple). Before them - plates with parts of the world (the North, the South, the East, the West).

the Leader calls

part of the world, both participants have to turn at the same time to the corresponding plate. As soon as one of couple is mistaken, the point is given to team of the second participant, and in a circle the following players are called.

Marsh hummocks

to Teams about two newspapers (“hummocks“) are issued, participants compete in couples again.

On start players get up on one newspaper, hold the second in hand. The earth carries out a role of “bog“. It is necessary to run on “hummocks“, without having got to “bog“. On command players put before themselves the newspaper, pass to it, take that on which stood, put ahead of themselves, pass etc. The point is received by team which player reached the finish quicker, at the same time without having attacked the earth (without having got to “bog“). If the player steps by “hummock“, the point is automatically received by team of rivals.

the Halt

of the Riddle (children guess, adults help with a difficulty case).

“What animal sleeps all winter headfirst?“ (Bat)

“What baby birds of mother do not know it?“ (Cuckoos)

“Thin or fat to lay down a bear in a den?“ (Fat as fat heats its all hibernation)

“About what animals can tell

that they climb “from skin“? (About snakes)

“Where crayfish winter?“ (In minks at the coast) whether


“The tree grows in the winter?“ (Is not present)

“Where watches a sunflower?“ (On the sun)

“Why cannot touch eggs in a nest of birds?“ (Because then the bird will throw a nest)

“What leaves of trees redden in the fall?“ (Mountain ashes, aspens, a maple)

“What birds have “day nursery“? (At penguins. Baby birds nestle to each other and are warmed. In such day nursery happens to one thousand penguins.)

For each guessed riddle - a point to team.

the Competition of cooks

to Gather in a spoon water from a cup, to carry her to the following cup, without having poured at the same time, then to return and “hand over“ relay to the following participant. Accepting before running, has to think up and call one animal or a bird on the set letter, for example:

M (a bear, a robin, a mouse, a walrus etc.) - the first team.

K (mole, cuckoo marten, goat, etc.) - to the second team.

the Winning team receives five points, lost - three points.


On one leg to gallop

to the finish and to return back. Accepting relay has to think up and call one plant on a certain letter:

K (maple, nettle, hand bell, feather grass, krovokhlebka, clover etc.)

L (lily of the valley, linden, onions, larch, chanterelle, lily etc.)

the Winning team receives five points, lost - three points.

the Cheerful tree

To two trees with trunks, approximately equal on thickness, are tied by ropes of identical length. Participants are called by couples, on one of each team. On command both participants begin to run around trees and to reel up on them ropes. The point is received by team which participant “was reeled up“ by the first.


Relay on speed (it is possible to replace with jumps to the finish with the connected legs).

Participants jump to the finish, come back, give a bag to the following player etc. The victorious team receives three points, lost - one point.

Bring down size

as size can use plastic bottles in which for stability a little water is poured.

Before each team - on of 3 - 5 bottles. can be Forced down a stick or bottles, to throw - once. Each team receives so many points how many it brought down bottles.

the Finishing competition

are Guessed by children, parents help with a difficulty case. To guess from what tree the leaf is taken. (To prepare a leaf in advance). To guess a plant according to the description:

the team receives (Lily of the valley) For each correct answer on one point.

So, we finished the travel, it was necessary to sum up the results and to win prizes.

All were brave and persistent

, and it is the main qualities for any athlete! And what laziness - the mother? Was run, blushed, became kinder! So can, all - we will glance to the gym? Tomorrow, after work?