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How to work well together with the developed team

Nineteen councils which will help - to the manager to prove a top on the new place and not to push away collective.

Present to

, you came to work to the new company and got to the culture which developed to you - with the traditions, informal rules and leaders. You professional manager and besides ambitious person in good sense of the word. You want to be successful in the environment which only should be studied and understood.

Certainly, at first on you will pay special attention. You have only about three months that either to meet expectations, or to disappoint your subordinates and the chief. Only three months to be fixed in the company. What should be done first of all? And what never to do? There is a step-by-step instruction.

  1. Bypass all key people in the organization, personally get acquainted and talk to them, take an interest in their position on an occasion of affairs of the company, a situation in their sphere of competences.
  2. Create the territory: it is necessary to issue at once an office that it looked not as a temporary haven, and as a workplace of the person who came to the company seriously and for a long time.
  3. Communicate with people in their territory, be not limited to the invitation of colleagues in the office, readily visit their offices.
  4. Study the territory of all company, visit the dining room together with all - make everything to feel spirit and the atmosphere of the company.
  5. Ask opinion of people and correctly perceive it. Temporarily refuse the concepts and representations which are taken out from experience of the previous work.
  6. Undertake small concrete affairs and projects which are real for carrying out in a short space of time. In parallel it is possible to book audit and to develop strategy.
  7. From the first day of work in the new company learn
  8. (if are not able) to speak “we“ and “at us“.
  9. Allocate the subordinate credibility. Show desire and readiness to work with people, listen to their opinion, show that you wait from them for an initiative and the help in your entry into a position.
  10. Carry out by
  11. diagnostics of subordinates, size up the level of competence of everyone, without advertizing check process.
  12. Avoid
  13. much and to defiantly bring new people and new consultants. At the same time dilute the existing team, having brought one - ““ two people, or begin the small project with involvement of consultants to whom you trust.
  14. do not demand big budgets before you manage to prove what you are really capable of. If necessary you ask the budget on the small specific project which will give profit in the next 3 months.
  15. do not address colleagues and subordinates on “you“, but also you do not keep with them chilly, formally and cold.
  16. do not begin acquaintance to collective with the organization of informal parties, shish kebabs and team buildings.
  17. do not collect
  18. in the first day of big meetings on “As We Will Live Further“, but also you do not keep people in dark too long. In a week it is already time to collect meeting.
  19. do not try to do work of your subordinates, deeply penetrating into all details (all the same it will not turn out). But also be not limited to superficial judgment. Correct style: to make general idea about business - processes, in two - three cases deeply to penetrate into a problem and to initiate improvements.
  20. do not run to the CEO and the more so to the owner behind the solution of important questions - even if you not completely in a subject. Ideal option - to resolve the majority of issues most, but to keep the director informed (for example, to put it in the copy of the letter when sending important e - mail). At adoption of the most important decisions follow to the chief council - sometimes the desire to leave the chief alone leads to the fact that you make the decision, without possessing all completeness of information on a situation in the market and skeletons in the cupboard of the company.
  21. Allocate to
  22. “leaders of opinions“, make the allies, consult on them on key questions.
  23. Physically be present much at work that people at office took your presence for granted and saw that you burn with work. Only in this case also they will light up.
  24. Set to yourself the task - within the first three months of work you should not enter the numerous conflicts. You are able to afford only one conflict in really important occasion - and are obliged to come out from it the winner.