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Summer - whether the territory without textbooks

It is worth squeezing out seven sweats of the beloved child, forcing it to pore over notebooks in the summer, - a personal record of each parent. In my opinion, to cut down already short vacation is just a crime. And whatever good intentions directed adult aunts and uncles: desire to bring up the baby on study, not to allow to forget those remains of knowledge which was acquired by it in the course of academic year both other, and other, - the continuous training marathon without the right of “smoke break“ - at least, crime from what party to look at it.

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, all of us, parents, as well as it is necessary, we wish to the offsprings only the best, sometimes without noticing that this “best“ brings to unexpected and often to deplorable results. Good intentions direct us, naturally, but long since it is known that is paved by them. And here that is covered under our good intentions, it is still a question. Being a teacher with a twenty-year experience of teaching at school, I met more than once that “to make parental desire as it is better“ forced children to jump above the head, very much endeavoring to correspond to parental ambitions. And sometimes this level is so high that children literally “broke“, without maintaining the weight lying on their fragile coat hanger a very heavy burden.


A few years ago at me taught the boy. The most ordinary boy what there is not a lot of and much. It is unlikely it was possible to call it ingenious. If it is honest, there were not enough stars it from the sky: everything, than it could boast, got to it big work. But in a class it was one of the best, at school secretly was registered as the candidate for medallists and was general pride because sat over textbooks day and night. And not figuratively, and literally these words. Everything that was set by teachers of all objects, it did “completely“, from a line to a line, regularly using up tens of notebooks abstracts and exercises. The feeling was externally created that the boy is zealous exclusively on own initiative, staying behind a desk daily many hours, but it was not absolutely so. Praying on the son as if on an icon, parents sacredly believed in its exclusiveness, seeing in him an unusual phenomenon and taking his “endowments“ for something unusual, given them in an award for something like that to what they also did not know the name, but what they obviously deserved all the life.

Perceiving exclusiveness of the son as gift from above, they pulled from themselves the last veins, employing dear tutors. Without filling up and undereating, they gave it the last if only “to give a start in life“, without thinking what this race cost to him. Seeing inhuman efforts of the parents who are tearing off from themselves for the sake of it the last and being a person light and grateful, the boy not just was engaged, and bit teeth into sciences, being afraid only of one: that inhuman efforts of his darlings and dear people did not ruin.

It was similar

to a snowball. The words “days off“ or “vacation“ for the child did not exist. In my opinion, there was in general nothing, except one huge it “is necessary“, the poor fellow hammered into the head iron nails. On my attempts to interfere and explain that such approach can turn back trouble for the boy, parents with astonishment opened eyes and steadily answered that this inhuman race - the choice of the child, and not their initiative. What it was possible to object to these words? Externally, besides I repeat, - externally they did not press and did not reap, but the ambitions drove the own child into a corner.

Eleven years of infinite loading made by

the business: with the boy there was a nervous breakdown to terrible consequences. Without having sustained inhuman loading, before the most final examinations, he got sick with a temperature of forty nearly an at month. Neither tablets, nor a grass, nor an injection - nothing could bring him out of this state. What was worried about this month by parents, it is never difficult even to present, but, for one instant, did not come to their mind that an illness of the boy - not unfortunate accident which can prevent all his bright future, and payment for their own unreasonable ambitions. As they managed to force the son to bring up such terrible call of duty which is impossible not that to drag for itself - to get moving forward, it is unknown, but their history - a bright example of the blind parental love which led to deplorable results and, in my opinion, it is necessary to agree with it.

It is good, you will tell, parental ambitions - a case rather exotic, rare on which to equal or not - a personal record of everyone. But how to be with the fact that the child elementary does not get on well at one or several objects, and summer - its only chance to overtake for everything that is passed and not to drown finally?

Let`s say school year was given difficult for some reasons: the child was ill much, passed the mass of new material and for any of several reasons significantly lagged behind a class. I assume that such case is possible not only that such situation meets pretty often. But even this option not an occasion to force to work the little man in the summer. Think, having been ill nearly all academic year weakened, exhausted excessively he will pore over textbooks also summer. And in what state, in your opinion, it will come for study in new year? Blossoming, well rested and full of strength? Here hardly. The taken-off, not recovered the breath, sluggish, next academic year it in general will fill up, it is unambiguous.

Think, you go on leave? Better, if summer holiday, huh? And where - nibud to the sea, with a book, on a chaise lounge. Or on the dacha, to favourite beds. Or still where - nibud. It as to whom is pleasant more. But holiday nevertheless is necessary, the truth? And to it? Or it? Or holiday is not necessary to them? Or you seriously consider as holiday that unfortunate five - six days which are called as autumn or spring vacation and from which exactly a half if it is no more, the “kind“ school forces your child to visit “voluntary“ actions? Then you are deeply mistaken because not only that how many - that days from vacation the child is forced to give for the benefit of collective, so also homeworks to it for this vacation is set much. Rejoicing to a suitable case, everything that for any reasons was not passed in school hours, chips in together for the distressful head of the child on vacation. And what remains to it directly on rest, otherwise, as cat`s tears and you will not call.

I there comes the summer, hated textbooks are given in library. It would seem, all tortures behind, and it is possible to sigh at last freely, and here - that kind parents also show care from which any normal child wants to howl. The first reaction to a similar initiative of the senior generation is bewilderment and a faint hope on the fact that it will be possible to talk some sense into relatives by some miracle, but every other day - two (it at best, and sometimes and instantly), bewilderment is succeeded by indignation. By the way, quite lawful, and, as a result of it, study rejection in general. Depending on the number of summer occupations this rejection turns into just hatred or desperate hatred.

Having become angry and damning everything on light, the little person begins to worry, grieve and to suffer sincerely. Not in forces to resist to parental pressing, it to sit down at lessons, but there is no use from such occupations. Scratching from dictation, it outputs the page by the page, making the same mistakes because the head is stuffed absolutely to others. Thinking that all his friends play something interesting without it, he really endures the misfortune, and no commas can keep in his memory, as if he tried to please the relatives who are taking care of its benefit.

Especially “productively“ there pass such dictations if the parent himself is not especially competent or does not possess skills of a technique of teaching a subject that, however, meets much more often. Knowing the correct writing or a prostanovka of this or that sign, he cannot explain why it becomes so, but not differently, and, having emphasized all mistakes in literary trash, thoughtfully utters:“ Look, the child, and remember that next time not to allow it any more“. Very wisely, I will tell you. From such occupations of sense cannot be any, except harm. Not only that the child will not understand why he was mistaken, so also in vain will spend precious vacation time. And if such “training“ lasts day by day, then in the head in general there will be a porridge which will be to disentangle even to the professional subsequently oh as is difficult.

But what to do, will be told by you if the child actually lagged behind the program? Clear business that health of the beloved child is invaluable, and no school estimates will pay back his loss. But to start study, neglecting everything, - too not the best option. Nobody argues with it. If the child needs your support, it is necessary to help him, but this help has to be reasonable and do well to him, but not to the detriment.

It is desirable for

that boots were stitched by the shoemaker, and pictures were painted nevertheless by the artist, and not vice versa, and therefore will be ideal option if for the aid to the son or the daughter parents invite the expert teaching private lessons is professional.

If does not have

of such opportunity in a family (in connection with material or any other problems), then occupations and at the level the child - the parent are possible. Competently picked up grant which is surely including keys (answers to all necessary questions) and exhaustive explanations to these keys has to be the only condition at such option of the help. Similar collections exist practically in any subject - whether it be mathematics, Russian or something other.

Before beginning occupations, it is expedient to consult with the teacher conducting a subject at school or with any other expert competent of this area. There is more: time allowed for rest to the child has to be used for designated purpose, that is for rest, but not for patching of “holes“. Feel sorry for the children as far as it is possible, do not charge their shoulders more, than they can carry away, and then at them everything will be good. Feel sorry for the children, so, you love because it is more it to do there is nobody.