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Ten rules of a healthy children`s sleep

to Grow up the one and only child and to turn cultivation into heavy work, itself into mother - the heroine, and family life in a feat - are simple. For all this is navsy it is necessary not to get enough sleep.

Therefore understand

and remember the main thing: the healthy children`s sleep is such dream when it is sweet and comfortable all - to both adults, and children.

the Organization of a children`s dream is the organization of a healthy sleep of all family members.

the simplest in the above-mentioned organization - to get a qualitative disposable diaper, and this is, in fact, the only friend of a children`s dream which really exists without your parental participation - it for you and for you already thought up and made.

All the rest is exclusive

in your hands.

the dream is closely connected by

with other components of a way of life - with food, walks, air parameters, clothes, hygienic procedures etc.

Healthy nutrition, games in the fresh air, cleaning of rooms, bathing, a soft, pure, dry bed - all this demands time, desire, knowledge, abilities.


, you study, act.

Rule 1. Place priorities

the Family is full, happy and efficient when parents have an opportunity to sleep 8 hours a day.

of Bigger everything on light - have more than food and drink, it is more than dream and fresh air - the child needs the healthy, well rested and loving each other mother and the father.

Rule 2. Decide on the dream mode

from the moment of the birth regime of the child has to be subordinated to the family mode.

Prepare for a night dream in advance and train for it the child. Define time when the night dream begins, and let it will be time convenient for you! With 21. 00 till 5 in the morning? Please! With 23. 00 till 7 in the morning? You`re welcome! Chose? Now try to observe.

Rule 3. Solve where to sleep and with whom

Theoretically and three options are almost possible


Rule 4. Be not afraid to wake the sleepyhead

If you want that the child well slept at night, do not allow an excess dream in the afternoon. It is unclear? Now we will explain.

Average daily need for a dream at children is as follows: to 3 - x months - of 16 - 20 hours; 6 months - 14,5 hours; 12 months - 13,5 hours; 2 years - 13 hours; 4 years - 11,5 hours; 6 years - 9,5 hours; 12 years - 8,5 hours.

So, we know that the child at the age of 6 months sleeps approximately 14,5 hours a day. If we want to oversleep peacefully 8 night hours, then on a day dream there are no more than 6,5 hours. And if you oversleep 9, then 8 hours of a dream at night are improbable in the afternoon. Be not afraid to wake the sleepyhead!

Rule 5. Optimize feedings

In the first three months of life the child during night can eat of 1 - 2 time. aged 3 - 6 months single night feeding is quite possible. After 6 months the child biologically does not need night feeding.

the Child can want

on handles, the child can demand communication, sucking, hissing, swing and to demand more and more actively, longer and more often as requirements are met.

Establish to

rules of the game once and for all. Whether it is possible to use mother not for feeding, and for satisfaction of needs for sucking? Whether it is possible for the father to which, by the way, tomorrow for work, half of the night of the baby to rock to sleep moreover and to sing at the same time? If you consider that it is possible - please, but about a healthy children`s sleep can forget.

Try to underfeed slightly in penultimate feeding and to feed most nourishingly just before a night dream. You remember: hunger - not the only reason of crying, also do not shut a children`s mouth food at the first peep. A reforage - the main reason of belly-aches and the sleep disorders connected with it.

Rule 6. Well spend day

Live actively - walk, you sleep in the afternoon in the fresh air, encourage knowledge of the world and outdoor games.

Physical activities (without extremism) unambiguously promote a healthy children`s sleep.

Restriction of evening emotional loadings favorably influences a dream.

Quiet games, peaceful reading kind fairy tales, viewing of already familiar animated films and, at last, the mother`s bayukatelny song - that can be better for preparation for a dream till the morning...

Rule 7. Think of air in a bedroom

Clean cool damp air in a bedroom - the immutable rule.

Airing. Damp cleaning. Humidifier. Thermometer and hygrometer. Regulators on heating radiators.

Rule 8. Use possibilities of bathing

Evening bathing - in a big bathtub, in cool water - a fine way to be tired, fairly to get hungry physically then with appetite to eat and fall asleep till the morning.

Massage and gymnastics before bathing, hygienic procedures and warm clothes after - all this strengthens advantage of the bathing.

Rule 9. Prepare a bed

the Mattress dense and equal - the body weight of the kid should not lead to his progibaniye. Till two years of any pillows. After two years the pillow is quite possible (the standard sizes of a children`s pillow - 40 × 60 cm, and its thickness has to be approximately equal to width of a children`s shoulder).

the Bed linen from natural fabrics washed with use of special children`s powders with careful rinsing.

Rule 10. Take care of a qualitative diaper

Disposable diapers - the most effective of all inventions of mankind concerning a dream. Disposable diapers are capable to improve a dream of all family members qualitatively.

the good diaper for the night is a law, this most available and easily realized rule from 10 rules of a healthy children`s sleep.

you Want

that the child had a gentle smooth bottom, and you at the same time slept peacefully all night long? Means, you need a good diaper - qualitative, convenient, reliable, checked, effective and safe.