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Relaxation by means of a progressive muscular relaxation of

the Purpose of various relaxation techniques consists in becoming rasslablenny more quietly, and also to resolve critical stressful situations and to react quietly, not a stress. The relaxation requires time. Besides, it is necessary to nestle and be fenced off from external influences (phone, the TV, business meetings and talk). The choice of technology of relaxation is usually caused by own representations and expectations.

Autogenic training

Autogenic training can be characterized by

as “the independent exercise for relaxation which became the program“. Let`s add to it that relaxation, on the one hand, comes on own team, and on the other hand, needs regular repetition. It is the simplest to master technology of autogenic training under the leadership of skilled trainers, and then to independently practice the program of exercises. Let`s note that autogenic training joins in programs of the supporting treatment at various diseases. This method can be also applied to relaxation of separate systems of bodies.

the Progressive muscular relaxation (according to Jacobson)

Sense of equipment of the progressive (progressing) muscular relaxation (relaxation of muscular clips) consists in alternation of tension and relaxation. The equipment consists in consciously and consistently to strain and relax groups of muscles of a body, since the head finishing with toes. It becomes in a uniform rhythm, in a comfortable sitting position blindly. The equipment rather easily accustoms.

Read exercise several times, test it, like it. After that accept a comfortable sitting position and close eyes. Strain and relax the muscles in the sequence described below now. You can also attract to it your partner or the friend.


Tension: clench a fist (approximately on of 5 - 8 seconds) and pay attention to feeling of tension in muscles of a forearm and a brush.

Relaxation: completely release them (approximately for 30 seconds). Track feeling in the relaxed forearms and brushes (perhaps, it will be goosebumps, feeling of heat pleasant easing). Repeat exercise on both fists.

Shoulder: biceps

Tension: strain a biceps (biceps) bending of a hand. At the same time muscles of a forearm have to remain whenever possible weakened.

Relaxation: if feel full relaxation again, then leave a hand in convenient and quiet state. Pay attention to various feelings when comparing tension in forearm muscles - to process of easing and result.

Forearm: triceps

Tension: strain a triceps now, having extended a hand. If you do exercise lying, try to lean completely a forearm against a floor and press down on this support. At the same time hands are located an internal surface up.

Relaxation: release tension and allow shoulders to fall. Pay attention to feeling of slackness in shoulders.


Tension: raise shoulders up and strain muscles of shoulders.

Relaxation: release tension and allow shoulders to fall. Pay attention to feeling of slackness in shoulders.

the Nape

Incline the head back and strain muscles of occipital part of the head. Then again completely weaken.

the Person

Grit teeth, narrow eyes, strain those muscles of the person by means of which you do various grimaces. After that again completely relax the person.

of the Muscle of a back

Strain back muscles, so that shovels stretched down. Then completely release tension of back muscles.

of the Muscle of a stomach

Strain stomach muscles so that the stomach became firm, either pull in a stomach, or stick out it. Again relax stomach muscles.

of the Hip and a buttock

Squeeze buttocks together, strain hips. After that remove stress again.

of the Shin: gastrocnemius muscles

Extend toes and a foot down (in the direction from the head), so to feel tension in gastrocnemius muscles. After that again absolutely relax gastrocnemius muscles and leave legs in a convenient pose and rest.

of the Shin: tibial muscles

Extend toes and a foot in the direction of the head to feel tension of tibial muscles. After that relax muscles again, feel convenience and rest in legs.


If to you does not want to sleep after that, finish exercise, several times having strongly bent and having unbent hands. If there is a wish, it is also possible to reduce them and to part. Then deeply exhale and again open eyes.

Value of breath

the Elementary relaxation arises thanks to control over breath. Pay attention to the breath during the day more often. Whether I hold the breath in dangerous or unpleasant situations? I breathe deeply or superficially? Respiratory process is carried out automatically, but you can influence it intentionally. To breathe deeply and consciously, it is not necessary to interrupt the activity which is carried out at present, any special place and position of a body for this purpose is not necessary. The purpose of conscious breath is the regular stream of a breath and an exhalation, for example, in beat with intervals of 5 - 7 seconds both for a breath, and for an exhalation.