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We and our Their complexes

invented psychoanalysts, and use everything. No, it is not couches. It is about complexes - concept common. However, it is not always clear what stands behind this term.

Most often “diffident“ means

excessively shy, clamped, and the person without complexes is perceived as deprived of shyness, quick, rather impudent. Such household understanding of complexes is as close as possible to the one and only complex - an inferiority complex.

his pioneer Alfred Adler believed that everyone has an inferiority complex. It is connected with the fact that in the childhood each of us happened to endure a condition of helplessness and dependence on the adults seeming all-powerful. The state is not palatable, and therefore it is usually forced out in unconscious and demands compensation, that is proofs of own power and a solvency.

as a result the pendulum deviates by

in the opposite direction: the person seeks for various achievements, true or imaginary, for recognition. And with an ulterior motive: it begins to function an overcompensation complex which, in fact, is the inferiority complex back.

Adler claimed that an overcompensation complex - “fuel“ at which the person works all life, seeking to get rid of feeling of weakness, dependence and insolvency.

In other words, people whom we got used to call “not diffident“ actually live and act under the influence of an overcompensation complex.

Freud and... others

it is not so difficult to h2 to Guess an origin of the concept “complex“. The feeling of language prompts to us that it is a certain set. The minimum information on psychoanalysis prompts that an essence, perhaps, in the childhood and in unconscious. There are no mistakes here. Complexes define as the experience which took place in the past, suppressed and forced out in unconscious, but leading our today`s behavior.

the Pioneer of complexes, but the explanation of human behavior by means of complexes so pleased his pupils and third-party psychoanalysts that they thought up to Freudian fifteen more new.

It is valid, the complex can be a universal explanation of everything, it is only necessary to become skilled in its use.

the Example 1


It is given: In the country hunger, take away grain from peasants. Peasants, respectively, hide the own grain. The boy informs the authorities as where the father hid him. In several days the boy was killed, and the father underwent criminal prosecution.

Who: Pavlik Morozov.

Explanation: Oedipus complex - the son`s inclination to mother and the hostile attitude towards the father that is dictated by aspiration to take the place of the father.

the Example 2


It is given: Happy marriage, the husband has a mediocre business, the family is provided. But here one fine day long enough not working wife tells the husband that she sat up at home, wants self-realization and therefore goes to work to not God knows what position.

Who: the name can be substituted independently, having found an example among acquaintances.

Explanation: a castration complex, children`s reaction to sexual distinctions, it is concrete: on a penis. Its absence, according to Freud, causes envy in girls, they begin to dream about presence of the same piece at themselves. As itself cannot get such piece, the woman begins to aspire to the power and to try on on herself male social roles.

... and other complexes

Griselda`s Complex - unconscious aspiration of the father to keep the daughter for itself, expressed in refusal to all applicants for her hand.

Complex Ions. It is called in honor of the bible character considering himself unworthy to be a prophet. It is expressed that the person feels fear of success and reduces the claims.

Polikrat`s Complex. It is called by the name of the governor of the Greek island of Samos, exclusively lucky in all affairs. Being afraid to draw upon itself anger of gods, he threw into the sea a precious ring in the form of a peculiar victim. Next day fish in whose belly found Polikrat`s ring was hooked. The complex is expressed in feeling of alarm as approaching these or those achievements.

Iokasta`s Complex is a specular reflection of the Oedipus complex. If there is a sexual inclination of the son to mother, then why not to exist to a pathological inclination of mother to own son?“ Product“ Iokasta`s complex - mother`s darlings, vigilant parental control of own child.

Cain`s Complex - envy of the elder brother to younger which gets more parental attention and cares. Psychoanalysts consider that it can become the neurosis reason.

In general, looking at the huge list of complexes created by Freudians and post-Freudians it can become feel ill at ease. If you not the orphan, then at you by all means is Oedipus`s complex or Electra`s complex. If you have a child, then either Iokasta`s complex, or Griselda`s complex is provided to you (depending on a floor). And it is very important that you were not covered by the Medea`s complex consisting in aspiration to do harm to own children to revenge the husband.

In a word, the question becomes ripe. At more self-confident it is formulated as: Whether “Not full nonsense - all these complexes?“. At inclined to trust someone else`s concepts it is transformed in “How now to be?“ .

Psychoanalysts consider that complexes are an integral part of sincere human life. They contain not only obstacles, but also can become a push to any fulfillments. And that before whether it is worth relying entirely on psychoanalytic treatment of our internal life, there is a wish to answer: the owner - the barin. Excessive trustfulness can lead to aspiration to interpret any intention as a secret complex, desire of an incestuous relationship and envy to a penis. On the other hand, psychoanalytic approach is good the fact that it can relieve, for example, of sense of guilt for a strange dream or help to look from a different angle at this or that situation.

the Newest complexes of the present

To the middle of the 20th century times and customs strongly became simpler: to invent a complex, it was necessary to take some known situation only. As the antique mythology was known by the few, a complex it did not make sense to call by the name of the antique character any more. It is enough to appropriate it a name of some celebrity - and it`s in the bag. And the essence of the latest complexes was reduced not so much to unconscious motives which direct behavior, and then get permission how many to feature of behavior of this star.

So appeared:

Marilyn Monroe`s Complex

B than consists? At the woman idea of own value is not created. To understand, it represents something or not, it can only on reaction of the sexual partners. Therefore she in every possible way pleases them to increase own value in the eyes.

Actually: it is one of manifestation of an inferiority complex together with the underestimated self-assessment.

the Complex of the unrecognized genius

B than consists? The person is constantly dissatisfied with the life and people around, clashes with the management, long does not linger on one workplace.

Actually: in most cases at such misunderstood genius - all - navsy high self-esteem plus inability to build the relations with people around. The question of genius of such individual remains debatable.

Napoleon`s Complex

B than consists? It is considered that this aspiration to special achievements - both in social, and in love life peculiar to undersized men.

Actually: what do we receive? Overcompensation in pure form. It is curious that the so-called complex of Napoleon long time concerned minds of the researchers assuming that at undersized men aggression is higher. Alas, experiments did not confirm connection of aggression with growth at all. And on each undersized aggressor (usually call Stalin, Lenin, Goebbels) there will be very tall - Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein.