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Full-fledged life by new rules, or “Groundhog Day“ of

“Day of a groundhog“ - it is frequent day of mother who is staying at home with the child. Same “rubbish“ every day, every day...

the Hero of one movie not to go crazy when there was one on Earth, decided that it needs the mode, and I completely agree with it, but a high security with the child - it is absolutely unreal. But dream or the imagination of ideal day or the approximate action plan (system) - it is real.

Several ideas how to organize your day with the child:

  1. Write down 2 - 3 weeks, as your usual day with the child looks if to live “upon the demand of the kid“. Having analysed written down, you will see that there is a system which the child to himself installed (rise, food, a toilet, a dream, etc. and so forth) and which is convenient to it. The simplest - to adapt under system of the kid and to approximately understand when you are waited by a dream and when active mood.
  2. Each person has to find
  3. time to work on himself. And parents can help the baby to organize its time and space so that every day the kid developed in intellectual, physical (body), spiritual (smothering), social (heart) spheres of life.
    If to assume that every day you can offer the child action for development of each of spheres, then can become every day interesting and useful. At the same time all ideas (interesting occupations) for your child can be united conveniently in these four groups and if such system before eyes (for example, hangs on the refrigerator), then the child can offer versatile occupations quickly enough.
  4. Being put to bed, think what could make tomorrow unforgettable for your kid. Perhaps, fight by pillows? Or drawing on a father`s t-shirt? Strangely enough, your kid will remember such small “moments of happiness“ as the brightest of the childhood. By the way, it is convenient to keep the list of bright ideas separately in “the magic tetradaughter of parents“. And surely carry out planned since having made one, you make room of the imagination for capture of the following height.
    the Element of a disorder has to be always! Believe, I not against improvisations, and even on the contrary. But, as a rule, good improvisation is the carefully prepared improvisation.
  5. With age “guidelines“ of parents order of devilkins of children, the idea about “External means“ can also work.“ The child easier and quicker learns to organize himself and the affairs if at a certain stage to help him some external means. Pictures for a reminder can be them, the list put, notes, schemes or the written instructions. Notice, similar means are not words of the adult any more, it is their replacement. The child can use them independently, and then he appears getting along with case most halfway“ - I read in the book Yu. B. Gippenreyter “To communicate with the child. How?“
    Besides, external means (for example, the instruction about what needs to be made from rise till a breakfast) it is possible to make colourful and interesting. And it is possible to create them together with the child.