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All bad behind

U me was three childbirth. First labor occurred on May 9, I was 18 years old. They lasted 12 hours by means of stimulation. I remember how during fights asked the late mother to help me. Danilka was born 2900 gr. And when to me it was shown on a maternity table, at once there was the first thought:“ “My God and for the sake of such miracle it is possible to bear also not such pains“. Now he is 11 years old.

the Second childbirth was 2,5 years later and 5 hours lasted, but these were far longer and more painful 5 hours than the first twelve. On a maternity table I was led during a shift change, and all had no time for me. And at me fights stopped at this time. After doctors exchanged, to me squeezed out the child. It appears, was hard obvity an umbilical cord around a neck. Mischa was carried away at once in reanimation where he lay four days. Four painful days when I was told nothing about my baby. Thoughts were that he died. The husband did not bear and rose to them in children`s office. Also it turned out that our Mischa is living. To happiness there was no side-altar. Now Mischa is 7 years old, he on disability. We still go with it on hospitals and the rehabilitation centers.

we with the husband long did not decide to give rise to

After this childbirth. And there was a strong wish the girl. And here 7 years later this miracle occurred. I remember, told the husband that she is pregnant... And it is shocked: “No, cannot be! How so? From the first time?“ Then our first ultrasonography on which had to tell who will be - the boy or the girl. I went on it and was afraid - and suddenly again the boy. And to live to me among one men... Well, no. God heard my prayers, and it was the girl.

the Husband was near to

me. When heard that the girl, so changed countenance. Eyes full pleasures, with happiness the tear flew.

Before childbirth in a month me was put in hospital with a low placenta. Told that the girl weighs a little. Term was to give birth on December 15. Began preparation with the 9th. Put laminarias from which I was tormented two days. Then tablets. And on December 13 childbirth began. After the second childbirth the husband told that he this time will be near me. We and references collected everything on partner childbirth. But it was not let. In hospital quarantine was declared. Well, but my aunt which in the next hospital works as the nurse (in the past the midwife) managed to me to get on childbirth. And allowed to be it with me.

Childbirth took place

cheerfully. The aunt told cheerful stories all the time. But here survey time came. The doctor looked - opening of 6 cm. 10 min. later I told that again it is necessary to look at me. What I am answered: “You were just watched!“ Also leave. Does not pass also minutes as the daughter decided to seem on light. As I thank God for the fact that the aunt Zhenya was with me! If not she to give birth to me on a floor. She picked up me and called to the aid. If I called, then nobody would approach me. And so the aunt Zhenya and the midwife led me on a maternity table. And in 5 seconds our beauty was born. However, with a sinyachok around a forehead. The doctor told that so far conducted, clamped a head. The husband right there learned, came tearing along in hospital with cake, flowers and champagne. Now our Taisiya is 6 months old. And we are fine. There were some problems with neurology. But now, I think, all behind. And our happiness does not have a limit!