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All of us well know what is traditional marriage. The husband and the wife live together, conduct the general economy, ideally - observe a monogamy (t. do not change each other in the sexual plan). Such marriage can be officially registered or not (a so-called civil marriage). And many think that it is the unique form of the matrimonial relations. However it far not so. Marriages, as well as people, happen different.

Free, guest, group, virgin - here main types of the marriage unions, besides traditional. And, they are not so rare as it can seem at first sight. Just two or a little (in case of group marriage) the person choose such form of coexistence which for them is most convenient and comfortable. And if it suits them, all are happy and happy, means - everything normally.

we Will begin

with the last. Virgin marriage externally differs in nothing from traditional, only spouses in it do not lead sex life. As our famous sexologist Serey Agarkov told:“ The sexual relations in marriage are possible, but are not obligatory“. Such union will seem to someone strange, and for others will be quite natural.

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of the Reason of virginity of marriage too - full lack of information of the husband and wife in sexual questions, impossibility to have sex from - for any circumstances, an illness of one or both spouses, old age.

For example, the true-life story of one foreign couple gained wide fame recently. Brought up in big severity, the young man and the girl got married. Having lived eight years, they came to the doctor with a childlessness problem. When the doctor asked a question of a rhythm of their sex life, spouses came to confusion as did not understand about what the speech. After that they had to take a serious course of sexual education at the sexologist and rehabilitation - at the psychotherapist. Thus, eight years` virgin marriage smoothly passed into a traditional form.

But virgin marriages consist and is quite conscious, by agreement of the groom and the bride. Both just refuse for certain reasons sexual life. Let`s say two elderly, not too healthy persons who just do not need it any more met. They spend time with pleasure together, help, support each other. Generally, there live almost like the brother and the sister.

Though the tendency of the conclusion of similar marriages among the young people calling themselves by aseksuala lately grows at

around the world. Unwillingness to have children and from here conscious refusal of sex as from excess wasting of energy - their choice.

Group marriages - a poliginiya (polygamy), a poliandriya (multicourage).


(from weed - Greek gyne - the woman, the wife) or group marriage - polygamy, one of historical forms of marriage peculiar mainly to patriarchy... Sometimes instead of the term “poliginiya“ the inexact term “polygamy“ is used. Polygamy (from weed - Greek g á mos - marriage) - a polygamy.


- a form of group marriage at which the woman has at the same time several husbands who are not consisting in relationship. Greek Polys - numerous + Aner - the husband.

the Tradition of Muslim and some other people means polygamy, group marriage. There are countries where group marriage has the lawful status. There it is accepted that in a family several wives were the share of one husband. Women raise children, are engaged in economy, humour the husband who, in turn, has to provide financially all the with a grief, without depriving anybody. Pretty often in the east group marriage is needless to say.

But also in Europe the “sultans“ and “sultanesses“ (more rare) living in civil group marriage meet. Personally I know the remarkable union of the man and two women, one of whom is his ex-wife, another - present civil. All of them are not young any more, live in one apartment, conduct joint economy. Everyone has duties in a family. It is amicable, peace and rather harmonious union.

Free marriage, as well as described above, means cohabitation of spouses, maintaining the general economy, but excludes a monogamy. In other words, in the private, sexual life the husband and the wife are absolutely free. They openly get parallel novels without need to hide something from the second half. At the same time sex and between spouses - such marriages absolutely not necessarily of a devstvenna is not excluded.

If both parties are satisfied with

, freedom situation in marriage does not strain them - fine! Here it is very important to be able to agree and observe to everyone internal ecology, mental health (as, however, and in any other union). The problem of education of children, problem of asymmetry of access to freedom or desires to have it in marriage at one of spouses, the mass of other nuances can shake or destroy fragile balance.

For example, till a certain moment free marriage of all arranged. Then the child was born, the wife is shipped in household chores, and the husband continues to lead a loose life. It is unlikely she will be delighted. Freedom in sexual life does not cancel marriage bases - mutual respect, the help, support, joint education of children. It is necessary to speak with each other, to explain a situation to come to a mutually advantageous compromise or... to leave and begin new life.

Guest marriage - dream of many inveterate bachelors and (or) trudgolik which felt, at last, requirement to have the loved one but not ready to cardinally change tenor of life. Two met, fell in love, got married. However do not plan to live under the same roof. Officially and emotionally being a husband and the wife, they continue to live everyone in the apartment, meeting when it is convenient to them. So, spouses can be neighbors in the house or the street, the city or the country, and can even be in the different states. What does not prevent them to love and understand each other, to care, celebrate together holidays, to spend holidays, to have common interests and joint activity, gets children - at the same time to be quite happy.

the set of examples of the fine married couples which are living everyone in the apartment and periodically coming on a visit Is. Conditionally speaking, week the husband stays with the wife, then she goes to him, etc.

Here real history. The young girl married for as it became clear later, the despotic person is much more senior than her. Soon they gave birth to the son. In a couple of years she endured heavy divorce, having appeared one with the child on hands. Family life left a deep wound in her soul. The woman was sure that she any more will never be able already to fall in love and trust in the man. Many years her only care were education of the son. In 36 years when 18 - ti the summer son already fluttered out from a nest, she met the foreigner working in Moscow under the contract. Between them the feeling flashed. The contract ended, and it had to return home. She did not want to follow darling and to lose good work here especially as her new friend a rich man was not. And to leave the homeland at adult age, being already developed person and the professional... Generally, both decided to remain financially independent persons. They began to come to each other - one month it lives with it in Moscow, then leaves for a month back. They spend holidays together - at his place or in the European resorts. Eventually, for convenience of registration of visas, they got married, 20 years as being in a civil marriage. Now both are the earning additionally pensioners. And for them guest marriage was the most suitable. Their feelings underwent testing time and in distance, only became stronger and warmer. They know what is each other - it is the main thing.

Summing up the result of our small research, I can only repeat: any marriage union has the right for existence. If he suits both spouses, all family members are happy and happy, so it suits these specific people, quite so for them to live normally and well.

it is better for p to agree about the form of joint coexistence satisfying all parties than to lie and conduct a double life. It will be more honest. So what do you do not injure either yourself, or people close to you.