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Thanks, the doctor of

It was half a year ago... So long ago also we suck recently.

I Remember

that mother asked not to give birth on November 25... Anniversary from death of the father. Asked in advance though term was put for the beginning of December. I with a smile answered that I will give rise at birthday of the son-in-law - on December 2 (though, of course, there was a wish earlier - it was already heavy).

from the middle of November the waist very much began to ache, to ache a bit a stomach bottom, but as other signs were not, it was necessary - to wait for one! On November 22 or 23 noticed that on slightly - slightly “I leak“... Told nothing to nobody and again began to wait. It “on slightly - slightly“ everything did not increase, nothing changed... Only in the night from 24 on 25 in two nights could not turn over on other side - cramped a waist, minutes through ten released. Tried to fall asleep, but everything repeated. The husband did not want to be awoken - he with pleasure slept... It went to a shower (to be prepared), there noticed small bloody allocations. Decided that it is a little - it is not terrible. In half an hour again a zanyla a waist... Threw into already collected package a mineral water bottle from the refrigerator and a battery charger for phone.

B seven woke the husband (decided that sleepy doctors will be angry, and it is better to wait for new change) and called “ambulance“. Minutes through fifteen we already went to hospital.

There all according to the plan: data recording, measurement of pressure, an enema and on the floor patrimonial. There thought - thought and lowered on the floor of “pathology“. He came is a Doctor Vova (the guy of years 35 - ti)! Looked on a chair, told that disclosure of only 1 cm, the gap occurred highly therefore “I leak“ slowly, punctured a bubble and sent to the floor “patrimonial“ again. Went...

the most interesting here began

I... Do not trust those who say what to give birth not painfully. They just forget then it. And I almost forgot and is ready to repeat process.

of Fight were wild! Intolerable pain! I remember how the unperturbable midwife Larisa came and it forced to be curved back, but not forward as I wanted. I remember that in chamber on a wall there was some metal lath half curved, probably, by the previous woman in labor. I grabbed it too. I remember that shouted something it seems “People and that you do?!“, “I want Caesarian!“ and “Call the doctor!“. Vova came, said that I not the first and not the last that I will give rise only by the evening! I was horrified.


to mother and the sister of SMS: “Wait!“

Late at night (I do not know how many was time) me was looked by Larisa, told that she reveals badly. A bit later Vova came and on a bed forced me to try to make an effort. And.... Just it was impossible to me. Me banged as at a frost of 30 degrees, I shouted, but just could not make an effort. It became clear to all that will be difficult, and I was sent to a chair.

Exactly there I remembered that I do not want to give birth 25 - go - promised mother! But there is nothing to do - tried to make an effort and not to use foul language. Asked about Caesarian, Vova told that late as a head already very low.

generally, after its pressure upon my stomach, my shouts and lack of attempts, he promised that he will include a video camera or a dictophone that then to show all that I did nothing for the birth of the child. In half an hour of tortures on a chair it by means of vacuum got Antoshka.

4120 gr., 54 cm. The midwife said birth time - 00:40 on November 26. I breathed sigh of relief and began to cry. Antosha lay on me while got a placenta (even I could not push out it!) also sewed up a gap...

For the morning all maternity hospital only also said that Vova made impossible that by means of vacuum such healthy children, at the child of almost any damages usually are not born. Doctors, midwifes and nurses who watched me or the child, said that Vova created a miracle.

Thanks, doctor! While I write, my Miracle peacefully snuffles in a bed. I did not see such beautiful children yet. And mother told that Anton, probably, specially did not want to be born 25 - go...