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Hastl: dance for communication of

in the Warm summer evening you walk on Moskva River Embankment near Andreevsky Bridge. And suddenly you hear music and you see how under the open sky on board pier of couple are turned under incendiary rhythms of the disco. What for people gathered here and what dance they execute?

It hastl. Very beautiful dance, it is rather simple to them to learn.

Hastl is a modern pair dance for a wide range of people of different age, nonprofessionals.

In English “hastl“ is “turmoil, a crush“ that very well transfers the atmosphere in which it is usually executed. The word also matters “vigorous movements“. Namely such they also have to be here! You remember incendiary dancings of heroes of movies “Dirty Dances“ and “Fever of Saturday Evening“ when they danced hastl?

in What hastl differs in

from other dances?

In - the first, it it is very simple to master. On four plain steps (right forward - left forward - right back - left back) the various movements by hands, turns, “strings“, supports which do hastl beautiful and various are imposed. Having mastered basic elements, it is possible to combine them at discretion and to create every time depending on music and mood new unique dance.

to learn more - to move less tolerably, there are enough only two months (about 16 occupations). Perhaps, any other pair dance cannot be trained in so short time.

In - the second, hastl it is possible to execute practically under any modern music from a Latina to turnip.

At last, it is very democratic dance. People of all age are engaged in it: from twelve to ninety years. On hastl - discos you will surprise nobody with the fact that not only the man the woman the man invites the woman, but also.

History of a hastl

Hastl arose in the USA in 1970 - x years. Its basis was formed by a mamba, and also other Latin American dances (for example, salsa, a swing).

“Hastl treats the swing dances having Afro-American roots. This style arose with the advent of disco music that gave the chance to dance under it in couple. And in the hastl dances which were present at America in 70 - 80 - x years mixed up“, - Rukavitsyna Marina, the teacher of a hastl tells.

To Russia hastl it was brought by students - foreigners in the middle of 1980 - x years. Our children quickly mastered it. So in Lomonosov Moscow State University history of this dance in our country began.

- x years after collapse of the USSR popularity of a hastl promptly grew at

In 90. From 1994 to 2000 it won many dance floors of the capital and began the further victorious procession along Russia. From Moscow dance quickly removed to St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other cities. There were associations of professionals: Russian and Moscow federations of a hastl. Local competitions, and time in a year - the Championship of Russia on a hastla began to be held regularly.

Now to competitions there come couples from more than 30 cities of the country. The hastl - schools are in Ufa, Vladivostok, Kursk, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Barnaul and many other cities of the country. In one Moscow there are more than 20 clubs where teach hastl.

our dancers have an opportunity (naturally, in the presence of funds for such trip) to take part in the international competitions in a hastl. By the way, the Russian couples take prizes at the international competitions.

Types of a hastl

In America the huge number of types of a hastl exists. They are danced into three, six, 12 accounts. At us in the country of such big difference between types of dance is not present, however there are some of its modifications. In Russia two main types of a hastl: on three and into four accounts. They differ only with character of the main step, all other movements identical. And the majority of hastler own both technicians.

Besides, to slow music is danced slow (romantic) hastl, to fast vigorous rhythms - fast hastl.

At competitions can see still other interesting types of dance. Show - hastl is a specially put number. The particular emphasis is placed on staginess of dance, the memorable suits, originality of statement.

In a double hastl “couple“ consists of three people. Usually it is the partner who conducts at the same time two partners. Less often trios from two young people and one girl meet. Most often in advance prepared production dances are so executed.

Exists even ledis hastl which is danced by two girls.

Why it is necessary hastl?

In - the first to learn to own the body. For few months of occupations it is possible to gain grace and smoothness of movements, a good bearing, and on condition of long and regular visit of trainings - the harmonous and tightened figure.

Agree: ability will be beautiful to be danced in couple never superfluous neither in a usual disco, nor at a friendly party, nor on vacation in the good company.

In - the second, people who dance hastl is certain “party“ where all know each other. Attending classes and hastl - discos, it is possible to find a great number of new acquaintances.

“I very much wanted to dance

in couple, but skhodiv once on ballroom dances, I understood that it not mine. Then to me suggested to look at occupations hastly - and I lit up. Hastl - mix of different dances. If in ballroom dances there are tough schemes, then here it is possible to improvise. It is more dynamic, more free. It in it was also pleasant to me. What did these occupations give me? A lot of things! I learned to dance beautifully, expanded a circle of contacts, got acquainted with new interesting people“, - Olga Morozova who is engaged hastly the fifth year tells.

B - the third, it is a good way to get rid of complexes and to raise a self-assessment, especially for those who are shy in the relations with an opposite sex.

At last, hastl gives to the woman the excellent chance to get acquainted with the man. Who knows, maybe, your partner in dance will become eventually your partner in life?

Having arisen in 70 - 80 - x years in America, hastl still does not lose the relevance. The USA teaches it at some schools, colleges and even universities (for example, at Yale university). In MSU to them. Lomonosov good tradition began to train in this dance of students during winter and summer holiday in camps.

Hastl became a part of the life of many people for a long time. Every day it has new admirers. And, who knows, maybe, soon someone from your relatives or you will get under charm of this wonderful dance.