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Fashionable women bags. The bag will tell

about your character you sometime paid attention to what bags are carried by a fine half of mankind? Is not present? And you, lovely ladies, thought of what bags you buy and how you carry them? Too not? And in vain! On what handbag is chosen by the woman and as carries it, it is possible to learn about it much.

Bag of the big sizes. It is typical for active women with a broad outlook and the increased working capacity. Such women prefer bags which easily open, have many offices.

Bag of a strict form. it is chosen by women also very active, but able to combine work with entertainments, They put on frostily, elegantly.

Graceful bag. Owners of these bags are distinguished women, it is a lot of time finding for the appearance and toilets. Working, they devote more time to foreign conversations and occupations, than official duties.

the Small handbag without handles. It is a tiny kind of the bag intended for keys, cosmetics, a handkerchief and a tiny notebook with phone numbers. Limited functions of this handbag speak about the identity of the woman to whom it belongs.

About a set of a bag

the Handbag is held for handles on the lowered hand. It speaks about moderation in everything, decency, ability never to be late anywhere!

the Handbag “is strung“ by

on a hand. If the hand is pressed to a waist, it demonstrates love to an order, prudence, ability to be in charge of housekeeping, and also strongly developed self-respect. The owner of a bag is anxious with opinion on herself of others, always is in good shape. If the hand with the bag which is put on it is raised up, to a shoulder, it demonstrates that the hostess of a handbag the courageous, dynamic woman who does not run from problems, it is sociable, but is afraid of loneliness. If the hand to a bag is closer to heart - it is the mistrust sign to people hidden under the guise of ease. Typical gesture of the woman who is not differing in generosity.

the Handbag is held for a corner. Often it is combined with a habit, to leave a handbag anyhow, entering the house. In that case it is about excessively self-confident woman indifferent to opinion of people and very valuing, quite often wrong, opinion.

the Handbag on a shoulder. If the hand is lowered and inactive, it is a sign of shyness and uncertainty. If the hand moves easily and easy, it testifies to gay character. The woman is happy with herself, world around. It wants to be pleasant, tries to attract attention. Loves compliments.

Handbag under the arm. Such habit speaks about isolation behind which independence, gravity and emotional stability is.