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As I restored breastfeeding of

I Describe all I passed, today, 4 years later through. It seems to me and most improbable. It is sure that you never heard about anything similar. And all this honest truth.

Ya was restored by GV from full “zero“. I after the delivery had 2 cleanings of a uterus. My child was month in hospital on WILLOWS, and to me allowed to put it to a breast only in a month after the delivery. And, nevertheless, I nursed it till 3 years, at the same time about one year - only GV, almost without feeding up.

U me “zero“ size of a breast, that is visually it few. I hope that my story will give hope to all who want to nurse, but despaired. At the same time I will add that through some time I understood that, perhaps, it was not necessary to try to obtain GV such blood. Then it seemed to me very important, and now, give birth I to the second child (unfortunately, I got divorced from husband), I it is possible, - ti months quietly would transfer it from 6 on WILLOWS and would come to work. I at all not the fan of GV also consider that if at you nevertheless it did not turn out to nurse - do not worry, depends on GV not so much, and ahead you and your child have still the whole life.

So, after visit of the Magic Child center we with the husband decided to give birth houses. All our tortures began with it. Childbirth lasted 25 hours, from them an attempt 3 hours, the child was born blue and did not shout, only groaned, a breast did not take, in an hour after leaving “a miracle - midwifes“ (Shilova`s Ladas) who told that they everything is OK, and “call in the morning“ (and there were 2 o`clock in the morning) to our neonatolog, the husband guessed to call “ambulance“. We were taken away in the 36th maternity hospital at once. For luck, and are in this maternity hospital where give birth without passports after house childbirth, there was a good reanimation for newborns. Four days my kid lay with pneumonia there. I was told there that there were pieces of a placenta and as manual cleaning was not made in time, it is necessary to do a scraping. After operation of 10 more days to me pricked antibiotics.

Now about GV. What there GV! Joke, perhaps! To 5 - y day of the child was brought to Izmaylovsky hospital, to office to Rudnitskaya Sofya Yakovlevna, thank her for the child! A week more there my kid lay almost without movement, was fed through a probe. I came to it in the afternoon every day only to stroke it and to pour mix in the device for supply of mix through a probe. I was on antibiotics therefore I though strained off 50 ml of milk, it was impossible to give it.

In 2 days after cancellation of antibiotics I came into ZhK, and I was told there that it is necessary to do one more cleaning. All this time I was decanted 6 times a day, for time I strained off from each breast on 1 teaspoon. I so wanted to feed the unfortunate child with the milk! But there was almost no hope left. Every day, coming from hospital, I fell on a floor and sobbed to exhaustion. My life seemed to me hell, and I wanted that it was all a bad dream.


Ya made one more cleaning at A. Tsoi. These are 10 more days of antibiotics. Milk was gone almost absolutely. In the room for decantation in hospital all were filtered in special small bottles, and the gave them then to kids. As also I wanted it! But as a result I only soiled a bottle with several drops of milk. Did not allow to put to a breast to me the child because he was weak to suck a breast.

In a month after the delivery I took away the son home. By the same time I got down from antibiotics. My kid was month completely on WILLOWS. I decided to restore GV.

For a start I invited the consultant for GV Sandra from “Rozhana“. She to me painted the schedule. To put to a breast when you want. At the same time to feed on hours with mix of 6 times a day, but it is obligatory from a spoon or from the syringe. And before each feeding to give a breast. At the same time the amount of mix gradually decreased - at first on 90 gr., then on 80, then on 70, in 2 weeks - on 30 gr. mixes, i.e. 180 gr. in day. And it is obligatory to consider popisa - them there had to be not less than 10 times a day. Respectively, the child was without pampers. For the period of restoration of GV I had to invite the mother-in-law as it was very heavy to spoon-feed or from the syringe. I remember a puzzled look of the sonny when he was spoon-fed.

But, it is necessary to pay tribute to my child, it well took a breast. Yes, there was absolutely nothing to suck there at first, but he though slightly - slightly, but sucked. And so this business was pleasant to it that when in 3 weeks of such life we completely passed to GV, he demanded a breast each 40 minutes at night. Nights turned into a nightmare. Yes, it was the joint dream, but I could not feed in a dream, i.e. I did not sleep any more when I fed lying. In the afternoon he shouted too day and night. Frankly speaking, it was the horror. Without sisa we did not fall asleep till 3 years. It were consequences of difficult childbirth.

Well, that`s all. I do not regret that I nursed the child. I wish all good luck!