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Caused many disputes to rock to sleep or not

the Motion sickness as a way to accelerate falling asleep traditionally. One consider that it is the bad habit breaking a habitual rhythm of the baby others claim that it is physiological requirement which satisfaction is necessary for full development of a vestibular mechanism. Is it worth rocking to sleep the kid?

Arguments contra:

the child`s Dream - the physiological requirement, and a motion sickness actually prevents to fill up fully. The dream at such hindrances becomes uneasy, faltering, superficial, and the kid disturbing, dependent.

the Organ of equilibrium - the vestibular mechanism - at the child is still weak and undeveloped, at the same time rough intervention from the outside - a motion sickness - is unnatural. The kid trains to test dizziness, and in the future (it is only a hypothesis, the pessimistic assumption!) this habit will lead to need for stimulators of “dizziness“: alcohol, tobacco etc.


regarding research works on psychology of accustoming and need for extreme sports carry out convincing justifications of interrelation between a level of development of the mentality demanding constant doses of adrenaline and the tradition to active rocking children accepted in the district where examinees grew.

the Kid wakes up because that “knows“: once you fall asleep, to relax, having given to a swing rhythm, it will be left one. A motion sickness - the distracting maneuver of adults.

Pinching of a backbone, nagging pains in hands - here the incomplete list of problems with health which threaten adherents of a motion sickness. And sick mother - trouble for the baby.

Arguments pro:

In traditional national culture smoothly shaken cradle and a lullaby - indispensable attributes of falling asleep of the baby. Doubts arose during an era of the prompt XX century, a century of alienation of the person from a natural and harmonious natural order. Sources of condemnation are concealed in ideology of that time: the woman has to return on production as soon as possible, rise to the machine, etc. Where to pay attention to the kid here, to be physically permanent from it.

the Vestibular mechanism of children begins to develop in time of pregnancy of mother. The rhythm of steps of mother helps the child to lay the foundation of adequate perception of space. Therefore, and after the delivery this undertaking needs to be developed - to carry on hands and to rock to sleep.

the Uniform, quiet, measured motion sickness calms also mother who has to care also for the newborn to the baby, and for the child “in herself“. Only the tranquility and feeling of comfort of that and other party will give a positive effect.

the Regular motion sickness improves a dream of the kid. Mother`s hands, smell, aftertaste from a mother`s milk - a guarantee of development of the quiet balanced personality.

Any of cubs of animals (except primacies) does not take out

and does not seek to rocking. Try to put on a swing of a puppy or kitten! According to the theory of Darwin, our far ancestors jumped from a branch on a branch, easily and freely overcoming the distances located at the different levels of height. Thus, to strengthen these abilities - the business standing and true.

to go “from within outside“

Having compared system of the argument of opposite “camps“ as it is strange, it is possible to see obvious points of mutual understanding. Modern educational systems meet in one: it is reasonable for parents to go “from within outside“, and not vice versa. That is not to take templates and ready schemes as a basis, and to listen to the unique child and to include the parental intuition put by the nature! Still Glenn Doman wrote about it:“ The best part of the program that which it gives pleasure also pleasure as to you, and your child. Each parent has a favourite system of stimulation of sense of equilibrium of the kid“. Doman tells about the similar exercises practiced by parents and in world megalopolises, and in the primitive jungle: fathers accurately throw children up, and then surely catch, and mothers both there, and there rock to sleep children on a lap.

If the parental intuition everything is resolutely prompts to you what to rock to sleep harmfully, trust in it. It is possible to develop a vestibular mechanism not only at the time of falling asleep.

If the kid worries, is afflicted, turns a laying stage into daily torture for parents and himself, maybe, it is worth adopting soft receptions of supporters of other approach?

For example, smoothly and quietly to rock to sleep, sitting on a sports ball, having laid the baby on a dense pillow. Less the mother`s back and hands are tired, muscles of an abdominal tension train. Or during feeding before withdrawal to a dream to put to a breast near the kid a toy. And maybe, to leave a mother`s blouse near the falling asleep child: the soft texture of fabric and a native smell will calm the baby. Someone is helped by the muffled light of a night lamp and, for example, sounding of the vials of air proceeding from an artificial aquarium. Other mothers willingly turn on slightly audible quiet music (and do not advise to listen to it in other time!) .

Ability of the child quickly or hardly to fill up is in many respects caused by his identity, only to it inherent course of life cycles. It is senseless and dangerous to force this speed. Each lived day for the baby - the hardest work. And a dream for the baby in general from area unclear and a priori terrible. Where it plunges? Where everything disappears? For what separation from mother is necessary? The smooth, graceful movements - rocking as if return it to the habitual world of symbiotic unity with mother, to extreme security from troubles and sorrows. Let`s not accuse him of this aspiration. To observe a thin side between support of the child and formation of its independence, independence - a difficult task.

Remember our mothers. Many of them reconciled in due time to the fact that if they carry us on hands, then will do it till an old age that we will never go to school and for work, we will not marry as they will not refuse a motion sickness, we will not want to eat firm food and we will not learn to ask on a pot. But we coped, so, also our kids will cope!