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Products which irritate with

Got used “to jam“ a stress chocolate, cheese and bananas? And they can provoke hysterics and sleeplessness!

It is all about the tiramena

All because cheese, chocolate and bananas contain a lot of tiramin - the highly active toxic substance, on action reminding adrenaline. It can provoke increase of arterial pressure and level of sugar in blood, overexcitation of nervous system, to bring into a hyper tone of a muscle and to become the migraine reason. Besides, you should not eat tiraminsoderzhashchy delicacies for the night: sleeplessness is provided.

Concentration of a tiramin increases in all expired products, in food which lay several days in the refrigerator, in overripe vegetables and fruit. Leaders in the content of toxin - bananas and avocado. Bananas overripe are especially dangerous. This fruit in general you should not be fond of the adult with neurosises, and also to children with a syndrome of deficiency of attention and a hyperactivity.

“In my practice“, - Tatyana Chernysheva, the doctor of medical sciences, nutritsiolog says.

needs to be on the alert and with the fermented cheeses - in them there is also a lot of tiramin. Cheese sandwich - favourite many a breakfast and day having a snack when for full-fledged lunch of time does not remain. However if the fan of cheese is pursued by constant fatigue and problems with a dream, it makes sense to refuse a favourite delicacy for a while: quite perhaps, it will remove a problem.

It is careful: xenobiotics!

Bananas should not be fond of

also because they contain quite high percent of xenobiotics - alien to an organism of chemicals which change a hormonal background of the person. Bananas carry from tropics green, and already on the place (both in Russia, and in other countries) process for ripening by special gas. At women it stimulates excessive production of hormones of estrogen, and at men - androgens.

can be

At serious overdose of a consequence for health the most unpleasant: premature puberty at children, violations of a menstrual cycle at women. And in smaller doses - jumps of mood, neurosises, a bad dream. The person gets up in the morning tired as if all night long unloaded cars, and by the evening literally is ready to drop.

Too much serotonin

you are afraid to grow fat and refused milk chocolate, having passed on bitter dark with the content of 90% of cocoa? It appears, it not always the reasonable decision.

Three facts about cheese and an allergy

  1. the Classical combination “cheese and red wine“ suits not everyone. A glass of a Bordeaux and a slice of gruyere or Edom - provokers of emission of a histamine, mediator of inflammatory, painful and allergic processes. Especially it is dangerous to allergic persons. Characteristic signs of histamine reaction - an itch and rash on skin. Even absolutely healthy person who is too fond of wine with cheese and chocolate can get an allergy as a result.
  2. The more in cheese of large holes, the less it suits allergic persons and people with deficiency of enzymes. Holes are traces of gases which are allocated at fermentation. When the cheese ripens, they become small or at all imperceptible. Big eyes say that process of fermentation was interrupted in the fermentation heat. Even for the healthy person it is quite heavy product. And to the allergic person unambiguously to replace krupnodyrchaty to maazda with cheddar, a gauda and other melkodyrchaty grades of rather dense consistence better.
  3. to Allergic persons nefermetirovanny grades are useful to
  4. . In them milk turns sour for the account bifido - atsido - and lactobacilli.

In - the first to digest such chocolate, needs the whole artillery of enzymes. Cocoa - a product, quite heavy for a stomach, and with milk it is acquired easier.

In - the second, in any chocolate there is a lot of serotonin, and in a tile the content of 90% of cocoa - especially. It would seem, it is healthy: serotonin is also called “happiness hormone“, it gives us good mood. But there is also a back: it is the inflammation neuromediator in high doses causing problems with a stomach and intestines.

When serotonin it is too much

, we are overcome by alarm.

the serotonin Surplus does not bring to

feeling of happiness any more, and works exactly the opposite. Increase of concentration of this hormone in blood is shown by a condition of alarm, concern. Besides, serotonin is responsible for our cheerfulness during the day. If you used it too much, and behind a window night, overexcitation and irritability are almost inevitable.

At last as it is paradoxical, in certain cases chocolate can tighten even more deeply in a depressive whirlpool. The matter is that the oppressed emotional state not always testifies to a lack of serotonin. The heavy so-called serotoninzavisimy depression meets also at its surplus. In that case doctors recommend for some time to exclude the products rich with this substance from food. And it is, first of all, chocolate, bananas, the fermented cheeses, a turkey, nuts.

the Morals are simple

: if to you not just slightly felt depressed, and it is available symptoms of a long depression, you should not self-medicate, “jamming“ a sadness and longing candies. The help of the expert for a start to understand what nature of your problem is necessary.

the Instruction to application

So now - to refuse bananas and chocolates even if it is sad, the third day is not present the sun, quarrel with the loved one dragged on, and the boss deprived of an award? Fortunately, is not present - is them gradually and intelligently enough. An exact safe dose to call difficult: here all individually. One can knead a chocolate bar and three bananas without any consequences, and for another four sweet segments and one fruit will provide the small tortoiseshell and sleepless night. But nevertheless to depict tactics of competent reception of these delicacies quite really.