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At your child teeth began to change? Here only one was cut through not absolutely on the place, another is slightly developed... Well to show the kid to the orthodontist, but before school there are so much cares! However in elementary grades at the child such addictions as a pokusyvaniye of lips, sucking of a pencil which lead to deformation of tooth alignments “wake up“: the top cutters bend forward, and lower grow unevenly. Besides, many children, having been admitted to school, begin to be ill more often. But not all parents know that the oral breath fixed as a result of frequent colds at the child as an addiction is fraught serious to violations: not only growth of maxillary bones, but also the general development of the child is considerably slowed down, blood is worse saturated with oxygen. At breath by a mouth bosom gaymorova poorly develop, the face form is extended, the nose bridge extends. At the same time the top jaw is narrowed, lower - usually lags behind in growth, so, not all second teeth will have enough place among as they are always much larger than dairy.

the Wrong bite is not only esthetic problem. It can be the cause of serious diseases. Pathology of a bite provokes development of caries. 80 percent of adult patients of 30 years are also more senior have diseases of a parodont that leads to early loss of teeth. We recommend to show the kid to the children`s stomatologist in a year when the first teeth are cut through. Only the stomatologist can notice the pathology hidden from eyes of parents and in time to appoint treatment.

In children`s stomatology the leading place is taken by prevention which, as we know, costs cheaper. The competent expert will teach the child to use correctly a toothbrush, to look after a mouth. He will take measures for enamel strengthening. And regular preventive visits of clinic will accustom the little patient not to be afraid of the person in a white dressing gown. Color seals are now used, and the child can actively take part in treatment, itself to choose a seal of any color. So visit to the stomatologist can be pleasant and interesting.

In of 5 - 7 years, when changing milk teeth with constants, it is necessary to visit at the orthodontist. In early orthodontic correction such devices as treyner are used today. They promote alignment of a tooth alignment, stimulate development of various maxillary departments and “learn“ to work correctly a face muscle and language. At children 6 - 12 years with a replaceable bite after carrying treyner usually do not arise need for other types of orthodontic treatment as these devices remove the cause of the wrong growth of teeth - the wrong function of the muscles surrounding tooth alignments.

In six years at the child the active growth of maxillary bones which happens at the same time to change of teeth begins

, and continues till 12 years. In an early replaceable bite (6 - 9 years) cut through the first big molars and lobbies change. During this period of anomaly of a bite and development of tooth alignments become already noticeable even to parents. Today more than 78% of young Muscovites of school age need correction of a bite. It is known that anomalies of a bite provoke caries and diseases of a parodont. But treatment at the orthodontist - the long and difficult process occupying 2 - 3 years, demanding patience and discipline both from the child, and from his parents. To help the child to prevent formation of serious anomaly of a bite now it is possible by means of the standard orthodontic devices of the Miobreys series developed especially for early correction in a replaceable bite. This system became fine alternative to traditional briquettes and orthodontic arches as will not wound gentle tooth enamel - at children till 16 years it is still very vulnerable.


of “Miobreys“ is reminded by the form two-maxillary boxing a kappa. They are made of elastic silicone and have the built-in expanding arch which levels tooth alignments, at the same time without adjoining to them anywhere - the flexible cover from silicone of the device provides the maximum comfort. The Miobreys system for school students is more senior has the special elastic cells setting the correct situation to each cutting-through tooth and if it costs unevenly, then elastic klinyshka of cells develop it in the correct situation. The orthodontist selects the Miobreys size individually, and even molds at the same time do not need to be done - the doctor just measures width of forward cutters by a special ruler. The child carries such positioner of all 1 - 2 hour during a dream day and night, i.e. correction happens imperceptibly for people around that for the child is important and it is easy for parents to control such mode.

to Children with oral breath use of “Miobreys“ helps to restore nasal breath even if the child has adenoides. In parallel the school student gives up and many addictions - special “uvula“ of the device develops the correct provision of language which promotes natural expansion of the arch of the top jaw, improvement of a form of the sky, fonation and correction of speech problems at the child. A design of “Miobreys“, combining a method of functional correction with mechanical alignment, provides stability of results of treatment and considerably reduces its terms. Besides treyner of “Miobreys“ will not wound mucous tissues of a mouth and solid tissues of tooth and keep enamel of teeth strong and healthy.

All means of miofunktsionalny correction - both vestibular plates, and treyner, and “Miobreys“ is recommended to carry

near 1 - go hour to put on plus on all night long in the afternoon . Thus, training happens mainly at home, under supervision of parents and process of correction proceeds imperceptibly for people around - already in few months the profile and even the child`s bearing as all systems in an organism develop in mutual influence considerably improves and landing of the head often depends from chelyustno - front development.

B Moscow Center of Miofunktsionalny correction of Valleks of M (License № - 77 - 01 - 002510) skilled experts carry out by LO diagnostics and earlier detection of prerequisites to emergence of violations of a bite. You should not wait until addictions and dysfunctions lead to serious violations of a bite - show the child to the doctor aged of of 3 - 5 years. the Center of Miofunktsionalny Correction practices a unique integrated approach to treatment of children with violations of a bite. Reception of children together with skilled orthodontists is conducted the ENT SPECIALIST here - doctors and logopedists, neurologists and osteostalemates as anomalies of a bite are only external manifestation of problems of the general development of a children`s organism which reasons are caused by miofunktsionalny violations - oral breath, infantile swallowing, sucking addictions, and also the wrong articulation. Only the integrated approach and close interdisciplinary cooperation of the listed experts allows to reach the maximum effect at treatment of similar violations.

Treatment with use of treyner and other means of miofunktsionalny correction assumes

not only regular control by the doctor of their correct use, but also performance by the child under control of the consultant of the center of various game exercises considerably increasing efficiency of correction which in general occupies no more than 6 − 8 months, and cost several times below traditional briquettes. At the same time you keep the child`s teeth healthy, and a smile of beautiful.

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