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Decoration of cakes: fruit and fruit jelly

you baked tasty fragrant cake, but (as the most real hostess!) aimed to make attractive not only taste, but also appearance of pastries. Naturally there is a question how to achieve a goal in house conditions, especially if oil, proteinaceous cream, chocolate, mastic and other tasty jewelry bothered?


to Make the cake not only tasty, but also bright, colourful and surely natural - dream of any hostess. So why and for ornament not to use natural ingredients? For example, fruit and berries not only will help to create beautiful design, but also will introduce new taste, aroma and color to your cake.


For creation, not similar to anything, original ornament to you need the imagination, fruit of the most different flowers, the sizes, forms and contents, a thin sharp knife, metal baking pans and a small round ice cream spoon.

One of the most beautiful ways of registration can consider by

the fruit and berries which are filled in with jelly. The dessert decorated in the similar way it will be obligatory bright, drawing attention, beautiful and just very tasty. And it is not so difficult to make it that. For a start it is necessary to know a way of preparation of the jelly.

of Jelly with fruit



Preparation of fruit jelly:

In the capacity in which we will prepare jelly we pour out packing of gelatin and we fill in it with a small amount of apple juice, we leave for some time that gelatin inflated. At this time we wash and we clean fruit and berries. We divide tangerines into segments and we clear of membranes, then it will look more brightly, and jelly will become more juicy. We cut a kiwi circles or semicircles, banana cubes, and strawberry plates about 3 mm wide.

we Put capacity on small fire and we cook, constantly stirring slowly, before full dissolution of gelatin then it is added the remained juice and icing sugar. After jelly it is ready, we filter it in any ware suitable for this purpose. Now you need the capacity in a form coinciding with cake. Lay out in it fruit and berries, fill in jelly and put in the refrigerator, it is desirable for days.

Ready jelly can be decorated with

only the cooled-down cake, otherwise it will begin to thaw. Not to damage jelly and to transfer it to cake an even layer, it is necessary accurately, but quickly to turn it from capacity on cake. If you do not like jelly edges of cake or, despite all efforts, they turned out not absolutely equal, then they can be decorated with flakes of almonds or proteinaceous cream.

However jelly is pleasant to not everyone and if you not from fans, and the idea to make cake multi-colored without foreign additives and dyes was to the taste to you, then use the next way. Decorate the ready cake covered with cream from whipped cream or protein around with the fruit cut by segments. It is not obligatory to use fresh fruit at all, quite will approach also tinned, they are softer, is more juicy and are more sweet. And here berries it is better to take fresh.

of Options of registration of cakes in such a way the set - from cutting of fruit segments and their arrangements around from edges of cake to the center to a vykladyvaniye of various patterns and drawings exists. It is good to use for these purposes tinned and fresh peaches, strawberry, raspberry, a kiwi, tangerines, red both blackcurrant and cherry.


in such a way jewelry, it is possible to make of cake a basket with fruit. Ready cake is for this purpose well greased with proteinaceous cream. berries of strawberry we cut 40 - 50 in half and we decorate with these halves cake on edge, having receded of 1 - 2 cm the Kiwi it is cleared of a peel, we cut semicircles and we spread the cake rest, except the center. In the center we stack the tangerine segments cleared of a membrane. Now you need sweet cookies in the form of flat sticks, it can be baked or to buy in shop. We put cookies and practically without effort we press to cake on all perimeter. Your Fruit basket is ready!

to Gourmets and judges of art can suggest to decorate cake with the majestic swan who is cut out from apple. Surprise and interest of guests in such cake are provided to you. If to tell that such work of art becomes rather simply hardly anyone - that will believe therefore it will tell in more detail. For preparation of this masterpiece you need very thin sharp knife, green apple, it is very important that it was not resung, and 2 peas of black pepper.

Turn apple sideways, cut off part of 1,5 - 2 cm thickness and postpone it. Now put apple the cut-off party down, carefully draw a knife of the basis of wings and each section of a wing, watching that between them identical width remained. Then, also carefully cut out wings on the planned lines, it is carried out quite simply: at first the cut strictly vertically becomes, and then it is horizontal. You watch to making a cut more, than it is necessary, otherwise it is necessary to take new apple and to begin all over again. When both wings are cut, accurately fingers put forward each section, do not receive wings, as in the photo yet.

From cut off at the very beginning of part of apple cut out the head and a neck of a swan, insert pepper small peas into place a peephole and attach the received design to apple. From the rest just as wings, cut out a tail and attach to apple. That the swan did not zavetrivatsya and did not darken, water him with lemon juice. So, at the minimum expense of means, wonderful ornament which will not remain unnoticed on a holiday table will turn out. And it is possible, looking at this swan, you will have new ideas and plots for decoration of your culinary masterpieces.

Besides cakes can decorate fruit and berries which are used for registration of desserts. For example, they can be “dressed“ in chocolate. For this purpose you need berry or fruit, chocolate glaze of different flowers and the confectionery syringe or a paper bag from parchment paper. We dip berry, for example, strawberry, in chocolate of the necessary color and we finish drawing missing details of “clothes“ by means of the syringe or a paper bag and chocolate of other color. So you can not only think out various “objects of clothes“ for fruit or berries, but also to create their mood, drawing these or those masks and expressions of persons, having their most different ways and creating different images and situations.

We got used to see on cakes flowers from proteinaceous or oil cream, but very few people met or did itself flowers of fruit, meanwhile they originally look and become quickly enough and simply. For you baking pans of the different sizes and forms, a small ice cream spoon, toothpicks and the most various berries and fruit, for example, pineapple, strawberry, a melon, a gooseberry, grapes can be necessary for creation of a flower bouquet.

Fruit and berries needs to be washed up and dried up, to cut pineapple and a melon rings and by means of a baking dish to cut out the necessary form of a flower. It is also possible to use a melon or a water-melon for creation of balls - a serdtsevinok of flowers. Decorate cakes and many-tier with flowers, using every time a form of the smaller size. If you have no spoon for creation of balls, it is possible to manage any round berry, for example grapes. It is better to use fruit and berries of different flowers, then cake will look more brightly and more cheerfully.

can Fix by

flowers on cake in several ways. One of them is to use proteinaceous cream or whipped cream. On such basis fruit can just be put from above, and they will float. If you decorate chocolate cake, then use chocolate glaze, it firmly will paste fruit. And at last, the most beautiful and most radical way is toothpicks. String on them in turn all necessary fruit and berries and attach to cake, the bouquet will not turn out yet. However we do not advise to use the last way if it is supposed that cake will be eaten by children.

Fruit, berries and jelly is a rich material for your culinary experiences, they open the new horizons and provide broad lands for search of new, original decisions in decoration of desserts.

Of course, first of all, cake has to be tasty, and only in the second - beautiful therefore choosing a way and materials for ornament, consider their taste and a combination with cake. But at the same time in registration of cakes there is nothing rather difficult, neither ingredients, nor tools, nor difficult manipulations with hands, you are limited only to flight of the imagination and desire to create, create and surprise.