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Bad advice from the Child conference about a year of



Here, you gave birth to the child
(Was to you problems a little?!) .
Something should be done with it... I will tell
Ya to you further!

you are for the present goofs,
Innocent absolutely... Collect by
all councils,
listen to people More!

you were going to bathe it? So in a diaper wrap
As can be Immersed without
diaper to the child in water?!

Dip a baby`s dummy in honey -
is means from milkwomen;
I then, the Child will better take a baby`s dummy with
honey! Nothing that your child
All is sprinkled with diathesis -
This lovely sore
All the same will pass then


If suddenly squelched a nose -
Will stick the doctor an antibiotic.
you thank the doctor,
And it is necessary to arrive!

is necessary to the Kid water. you water drink
sisya will not suit you,
If wants to be drunk?.

lived Few months?
Here, and is nice - we congratulate!
needs Urgently to enter juice,
of the Milk to the child is not enough! Wait for

two weeks, then rub
A apples,
Sweeten them with a few
(Couple of spoons of jam), give
I to the kid!

of Polzheltk add
For the grown-up child to mashed potatoes -
eggs are Extremely necessary!

If suddenly the kid does not want to suck your breast of
Mother should be decanted -
Will be more milk! Milk to merge

in a bottle, then to give
A to the child.
to it is much easier to Receive
food from a pacifier!

Milk will disappear then -
It`s all right, mix is more tasty!
All the same once is necessary for
Chad to separate from a sisa...

If the doctor to you delivered to
to the Descent the most evil diagnosis -
you to it, of course, trust, Bravely to perebdet
! All its mixtures drink

, crush
I of a tablet,
I feed them to the child,
That it did not ache!

A about pampers - forget!
is much more interesting to Wash

diapers Children`s soap and manually... If the grandmother told

That the child is badly developed,
Kohl in half a year is not able to collect
the Pyramid - you it carry
On analyses, to “stars“!
Unless are necessary to you morons?!
Is important to spare no expense. do not dare to drag

On hands! let`s prooratsya by
I -
Let it gets used to Calm down
at once. If your child Too often asks to eat

with night
It is necessary to stand firm, not to give
to it food!

Let it couple of days will cry,
Let do not sleep for week -
But then he
will sleep at Night, without having stirred... you feed it with

On hours.
Let maintains operation schedule. Let him know
: the discipline
to Kids is the most important! what you eat -
you to the child do not feel sorry for

! Let him in accuracy learn
What herring with onions! If somewhere a rain and wind -
you it dress

more warmly, cover
I with a blanket,
That he did not catch a cold,
I do not take in head to walk!!!
of Inann


If your child - the boy,
it is not necessary to Dress pampers,
A not that this
From bourgeois from plague
the small egg,
A perhaps, even both Will decay at you, then precisely grandsons
you will not see
I for ever!
of Lenka
( council from my friend, too the boy`s mothers:) )


If suddenly the kid described
All diapers in your house
That them in a crowd
I do not take in head to load everything into the machine!
You grate
I soap erase you them hands,
A not that will trap you
Severe artful Diathesis
of Lenka
( one more council from our beloved grandmother - the district doctor )


If your kid about a year
Suddenly did not taste some sausage,
Or a doctor`s sausage,
Urgently should be corrected.
is the most important for the baby,
As well as for his granny,
Very tasty, “meat“, than
Pink sausage.

do not put the baby
In an import kengurukha -
That were thought up by bourgeoises
For a skrivlenye of backs and legs.
Children need to be in a carriage
Or houses and in an arena,
Under granny`s supervision.
of Nefig, poor, to the public to drag.

do not drag children in
church In church - the infection
from a participle one spoon
it is possible to ache with flu.
is full of harmful grandmas,
There That is dreamed to be maleficiated the child. Kohl neymt
- go,
But dithat with yourself-.
Tamara ( it turns out if to listen to our granny )


If your child quickly of
very much began to recover
and gathered
as a result of excess
grams about 25,
put it urgently
into the most strict diet,
on dry starvation!
should respect the rules!
of Odia


of Times it in a year at you does not go
Means, its mentally retarded
I we will place a hospital in special
you, of course, do not worry,
and what you wanted?
it was necessary to think Earlier.
at you the father - the Black.
of IMA (at work)


And if went early -
tie him to a bed!
let lies will not stir!
it should be obedient!
where vidanno that children
suddenly showed activity!
of Odia


How to be treated for cold?
we Will pound the child vodka,
Even it is better
moonshine With vinegar or without it.

If your kid did not crap
it is Urgently necessary to do something. Soap, a tubule and an enema
We dobjtsya by
minutes of delay!
the Chair has to be as it should be.
A for our lovely baby
does not grudge for us anything.

That leg were better than
I, not really curves -
not to allow to rise to the child.
I about one year to swaddle.

If he sucks the finger,
Is an addiction!
Can smear a finger with pepper.
Can bind hands. .
of Kuzya