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Not all nipples are equally useful to small bottles!

Many mothers are afraid to give to the kids water or a feeding up from a small bottle, believing that the baby will refuse after that a breast. However all fears will be groundless if you correctly pick up a pacifier. Depends on it, how easily the child will be able to pass from a small bottle to a breast.

it is conditional all nipples differ in a form, material and speed of a stream of liquid. Latex (rubber) nipples smell of rubber and have a yellowish shade. Young parents are often deceived by softness of latex, and they buy such nipples, soon finding their fragility (usually they last at most for few months). Besides, latex seldom, but all - is capable to cause an allergy in babies. Other material - silicone - is more solid, but is much stronger. It is easy to distinguish it from latex: it is transparent, has no color, taste and a smell. And, certainly, silicone is hypoallergenic. Therefore pediatricians advise to get silicone nipples.

of Forms of pacifiers too, in fact, only two. One of them with us from Soviet period. For certain you remember the simple extended nipples - “cylinders“. (But especially newborn) it is not recommended to give to drink to the child of any age from such pacifier as to take it much more simply, than a mother`s breast, and small children, as we know, do not like “to work“. But even if your kid completely on artificial feeding, a standard pacifier can deform a bite from - behind the not of a physiologic form. It is the best of all to find the pacifier imitating outlines of a female nipple. With it even the choosiest kids will be able to adapt without problems to alternation of a breast and a small bottle, without putting forward mother of ultimatums. Besides, the “physiologic“ pacifier with guarantee will not spoil a bite.

is Not less important

for the kids combining a breast and a small bottle, liquid stream speed. Generally it depends on quantity and the size of openings in a nipple. Ideally, mother has to have a pacifier for the decanted milk or mixes and separate nipples for juice, tea and more dense feedings up (soups, porridges). Philips AVENT nipples possess the most logical and clear system of speeds of a stream and their compliance to children`s age. At this silicone pacifier with one or two openings the slow stream intended for newborns or kids of any age who are on breastfeeding. And here three openings (an average stream) will suit kids on artificial feeding aged from three months. The pacifier with four openings provides a fast stream to more adult children. Last “stage“ - the changing stream. It is a pacifier for dense liquids from everything one, but slot-hole opening, and the speed of a stream can be changed, turning a small bottle before combination of marks I, II, III in a nipple with a nose of the kid.

the Reason for which parents cannot add or increase independently the opening size on a nipple is simple

: both latex, and silicone easily “disperses“, the opening turns out more, than it is necessary, and the child can choke with too quickly arriving liquid.

the Last what it is impossible to forget at the choice of a pacifier about - existence of the mechanism preventing formation of vacuum in a small bottle and adhesion of a pacifier. Such mechanism - unique system of the integral valve - is placed with the same small bottle of Philips AVENT directly on pacifier “skirt“ that seldom meets (usually the valve is placed directly in the capacity). When the kid drinks liquid from a small bottle, the external part of a pacifier of Philips AVENT creates a bend which allows air to get in a small bottle, thereby preventing formation of vacuum in it. It is necessary in order that the baby did the sosatelny movements almost the same as when breastfeeding, without coming off a pacifier and without swallowing air which it becomes frequent the reason of developing of the intestinal gripes tormenting newborns. Antikolikovy action of this small bottle is proved clinically. The conducted researches showed that the two-week kids eating from Philips AVENT small bottles suffered from belly-aches less than children who were fed from usual small bottles. Besides, the silicone pacifier of Philips AVENT as much as possible imitates a shape of a female nipple, helping mother to nurse longer. Such pacifier will be ideally suited for all children who are on the mixed food. The small bottle is made of plastic. There are two options of capacities which materials do not contain diphenol - And that means 100% safety for the kid. It is convenient to use these small bottles as they are completely compatible to milk pumps, noses for feeding and Philips AVENT covers.

If all of you are not quite sure by

that all of you will be able to make a right choice, having appeared at a counter, try to consult with the pediatrician or to exchange personal experience with other mothers. Such opportunity is given everyone on the refreshed Philips AVENT page to the address www. philips. ru/AVENT. Having read full information on the aspects of feeding interesting you from a small bottle, you define easier what small bottles and nipples will suit your kid.