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Anyuta, opening and leopardik of

- Anyuta, look, leopardik woke up!

We with two-year-old Ania like to watch

at leopards in the Estonian zoo. A web - the chamber removed them from the birth - the little touching kittens who are pressing close to warm mother. Ania looks with interest, sitting at me on a lap and sipping my milk. She was born by Cesarean section - so there were circumstances. In the operating room to me it was only shown, without applying. Acquainted with the father and mother - and sent in PITAS, and me - to reanimation.

When I recovered and got permission to movement, went to look at the daughter. In PITAS I went on a stenochka, looked at the warm sleeping baby, back flew - from where only forces undertook. In one of such trips I was found by the nurse. Rejoicing that fuss at least with one kid was lowered, it handed to me my daughter: “Give - itself feed what to good to vanish!“

the First feeding took place

is a little crumpled: I badly represented what should be done, Ania tried to understand, than the breast differs from the syringe with mix... But next time at us everything turned out. The nurse told to develop the child and to put “puziko to a puzik“ - ridiculously, but is true. Then I moved a nipple on a small mouth - and the sleepy girl in a trice turned into the peanut, efficient and greedy to food. Zachmokala, than caused in me an affection wave. She sucked not for long, but I was warned that I was not frightened - colostrum nourishing, she will have enough even a small amount.

in the Evening we at last lodged together. That I did not relax, Anyuta decided to frighten me - and refused to eat. She slept. Slept sluggishly and immoderately as a leopard! Sometimes crapped - and again slept. I tried to feed her in the sleep - she screwed up the face and did not take a breast. I looked for the reason even in lotion with which I smeared a breast. The nurse to whom I complained of aunty`s “hunger strike“, told lotion to cancel, and from leaving to leave only daily rubdowns by cool water.

- And if she cracks me? - I asked.

the Nurse told

that I gave a breast correctly, monitored capture, did not allow Ania of to chew - then it will be necessary to smear with nothing. Well, if already itching to there is also a wish to do something - to smear a last straw of milk up to a breast and to leave to dry up. And in general - the child is healthy also with him everything is all right, just she was tired and restores forces. I was glad adequacy and goodwill of personnel - could pump mix in the child and not spend time for the silly mummy, just imagine...

our first “nest“ differed in

from a den of leopards. Among other conveniences in chamber there were children`s scales. I used them and was frightened - the weight of the child decreased. Well, of course, she almost did not eat anything! It is good what to me was explained - it is the normal postnatal phenomenon too, mix will not be given - let gains weight on my milk. By that moment Ania everything is woke up and got hungry, and milk at me already appeared. Painful feelings the first minute of feeding were the only inconvenience. And besides explained to me that it is normal and it is worth suffering - during feeding oxytocin which will help me to be restored quicker after the delivery is developed.

the Spirit on feeding was resolute in spite of the fact that even during pregnancy I was frightened that I will not cope - say, painfully lean. But all this went from uninvited advisers, I hoped for heredity. Both of my grandmothers said that they “dairy breed“, one fed the son one and a half years, another shared milk with women who could not feed - and all her children had foster brothers and sisters.

colostrum began to be emitted me to

U from twentieth week. At first I was frightened, but it appeared, it is normal and you should not do nothing with it - simply to care for a breast as earlier: a cool shower, a light massage with oil, house air bathtubs on pleasure to the husband. After the delivery it was necessary to wear undershirts with support - the breast increased, and “stones“ painfully pressed. Byustik for feeding was inconvenient and as milk constantly leaked, I did from an old bed-sheet of soft rags and enclosed them. Inserts on flypapers caused irritation, cups for collecting milk slipped and looked so as if I am the schoolgirl who enclosed two apples in a brassiere, and here unpretentious fabric linings very much helped out me.

Leopardikov two, to them it is good - it is possible to choose any nipple and still will remain. My neigbour had twins, she very much dexterously “filled“ their armpits and fed at the same time. It made great impression on me. If you are a mother and you want to feed the cub, surely will think up something.

Already at home I began to use a baby sling on rings. Brutally convenient piece! The daughter always nearby, feels me, can be put, can fall asleep... And I have a relative freedom of movement and hands are not borrowed from me! When I “earned“ laktostaz, having gone to a wedding of the best friend and having disregarded the breast for the whole night, I escaped first of all a baby sling. Constantly carried in it the daughter that she rassasyvat consolidations. Coped, overcame...

quickly grow at Leopardiki`s

: yesterday at them pads parted, and today they already creep to an exit from a nest. Mother drags them meat - so far only to play. Ania nods - cats are busy with clear business. I began to enter feedings up after half a year - before the daughter perfectly managed my milk. The doctor insisted on apple juice since three months, I nodded, but the daughter only with milk fed at home. After half a year began to offer it vegetable purees, then there were porridges, fruit, is closer by a year - meat. And here we did not taste dairy products about one year, and after Ania ate only cottage cheese - she preferred the rest breast milk. Even now, when in the past there was short time of food from cans and pedprikorm, Ania likes to be put to a mother`s breast and to wash down the lunch with my milk. As it is good that I am not a leopardikha and I can feed the cub longer, than three months!

I Kiss the kitten on the top. Ania stops being fed and smiles. To leopards. Tit. And me.