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All truth about rooms...

Experts of Guild of realtors of Moscow gave a number of advice to those who are going to get the room.

As in our country to acquire housing, without having any financial support behind shoulders, for many - a question from capital letter. Especially in Moscow. The mortgage only in words, it seems as, exists, payment by installments from builders also does not encourage on successful outcome of the case, and there is no place to live still. Whether purchase of the room a transitional stage in achievement of the treasured purpose can become, or this attempt will only worsen already difficult situation?

Experts of Guild of realtors agreed in opinion that purchase of the room - quite touchy business. However today it remains to one of ways of the solution of family questions. The visitors seeking “to be hooked“ in Moscow, parents of students, the run-up spouses, the grown-up children who wanted independence - as a rule, here that contingent of the people who decided to get the room. Also big percent of the population buys rooms for the purpose of receiving profit further by repayment of all apartment or just for an investment of money.

we Will note

that in the market rooms in communal flats and shares in usual apartments which for the sake of sale at any cost give out for the full-fledged room are offered.

we Will consider the first option - rooms in communal flats. According to the member of GRM, the CEO of LLC TsNP TVOY GOROD Anna Ryzhova, at sale of the room in a communal flat all neighbors - owners have a privilege of purchase of this room and before selling, the owner of the room has to suggest to buy it to the neighbors.

However as the member of council of GRM, the CEO of AURORA Nedvizhimost agency Roman Vikhlyantsev speaks, often such neighbor is not really interested in sale as it is unknown who will be the new owner, and sabotages process of refusal of the privilege of purchase.

If rooms are in city property, then refusal should be taken from the city.

“Procedure includes receiving a consent or refusal of acquisition at the price and on the terms of the seller, or refusal of acquisition. On terms it approximately takes 1 month, but not earlier than 2 - x weeks“, - Anna Ryzhova reports.

In - the second, it is necessary to show consideration for a question of acquaintance to neighbors.

“One business when you have to get used characters with residents and to assert the right to put a table in kitchen, and absolutely another when your child is disturbed by night chants of the drunk neighbor“, - the member of Advisory Council of GRM, the CEO of PENATY real estate agency Veronika Pankova says.

“If more detailed information on neighbors is provided reluctantly, then it is already negative signal. And if you are not even wanted to be acquainted, then it is better to leave this apartment and to refuse purchase“, - Anna Ryzhova agrees with the colleague.

Veronika Pankova warns, attentively read documents, check the plan of BTI. You have to be sure that you buy the room, but not a share, and that room about which there is a speech at negotiations.

“In my practice, and show another. Just when settling residents mixed rooms and lived so many years. Other situation, issued to my client and his neighbors warrants for the same room, and one room in the apartment remained not orderovanny!!! So the court is necessary“, - Veronika Pankova gives examples.

However if, in general, you everything suits

, Anna Ryzhova advises to pay attention to small cunnings which will help to make the correct decision:“ Look where there are refrigerators. If in kitchen, it means that residents trust each other, and the atmosphere in a communal flat normal. If residents carried a telephone point on the rooms, it is, very, positive sign of the healthy relations too“.

the Essential moment - during what time the room is in property at the seller? Depends on it whether he is obliged to pay 13% income tax, and whether he respectively will specify an overall cost in the contract of purchase and sale.

It is much more difficult than

with shares. As a rule, under the guise of rooms sell a share in common ownership, i.e. rather abstract object. In advertizing the underestimated cost can see it on much. According to the AURORA Nedvizhimost company normal rooms begin from 1 800 000 rubles and disperse in the price slightly depending on housing type.

“2 million, or there some difficulties with neighbors, or with documents are difficult to buy

in Moscow the room cheaper, or suggest to issue donation. That is, in case of cancellation of the transaction you will not be able to assert the rights and the spent money“, - Veronika Pankova adds.

At sale of a share the first that has to occur at once - owners did not agree among themselves mutually. Sale of the apartment is entirely much more favorable to all owners, than parts. There is a question, and you will be able to solve this problem? Therefore shares usually buy those who feel for themselves “the fight force for the territory“, or for the purpose of receiving registration. Only registration will not be simple to be received, Veronika Pankova warns. For this purpose the consent of other owners, except children till 18 years is necessary.

“Often the cheapest options are not sale actually rooms, and sale of a share in the apartment which “is equated“ to this or that room. Even if there is a judgment, allocating this or that room, the similar decision can be revised in favor of other sodolshchik, for example, at the birth of the child or increase in structure of a family“, - Roman Vikhlyantsev says.

“Should not forget

that judgments extend to those who in it are specified and as soon as the owner changes, it is necessary to go to court again! It is connected also with the fact that in most cases the share in the right, as a rule, does not coincide with a room share in the total area of the apartment!“, - Veronika Pankova summarizes.