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To find and help to overcome

there Attacked the summer - a time of holidays, departures the dacha, campaigns. All this gives fine opportunities for children`s physical activity. Respectively also children`s traumatism increases. It is much written how to cure physical damages, and here that there is a post-traumatic stress, mention infrequently.

As to me every summer to have to face various injuries at children, I began to look for information on how to help the child with this situation. A quantity of materials, generally on English-speaking resources was found. Here I hurry to share with you, dear parents. Use and good luck.

Here some signs that the stress did not pass. It is worth paying attention to them:


Also it is necessary to pay attention to how other family members endure the incident. First of all, children as it is noticed that within 3 months after incident brothers and sisters are more subject to risk to be traumatized. It is hard for parents to understand how to talk to the child about the incident. And the best that can be made, is to be available, open for conversation: choose the best time for conversation with the child (during laying, reading, walk or something else).


directly what the kid feels in connection with an event? Attention: be ready to listen attentively and carefully to the child.

Wait for

until the child completely finishes the story, only then begin to react.

Repeat what you heard, by the own words, to make sure of what all of you correctly understood.

Hold your councils until until completely you understand what there passed the child through that he feels now.

What you have to tell? Just listen to the child - you can help him to realize the thoughts and feelings, just in conversation with you.

Answer with

questions of the child honestly. Help the child to call the strong feelings, it will be the first step to their acceptance.


about the experience, only do not load it with own alarms if you need to share with someone it. Talk to the adult.

What to do if the child does not want to speak?

you do not press

on it, perhaps, it needs time.

Give it an opportunity to express the feelings in other ways: drawing, the composition of history to lose a situation with toys or something else.

Take care of that the child to continue to communicate with friends and close adults - if something happens at it the shoulder will be near.