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Zlatotkanny shoes

of the Shoe are the beginning. They set the tone. They define style. It is possible to leave naked as Bulgakov Margarita, but the footwear is sacred. And the most valuable accessory which was presented by Voland knowing all secret female desires are, of course, shoes. And if they besides from something unusual, like petals of roses - then just delight and other exclusive emotions.

of Shoe affairs of the master always stitched footwear from skin, but from time to time took steps from a practicality aside and soared in imagination clouds. Unearthly beauty silk, a velvet, zlatotkany brocade literally rushed winter crop. From these expensive fabrics sewed shoes in which relied, naturally, a little to go on paths and pavements and to dance at balls much.

This fashion on ball footwear smoothly flowed from textiles in the 20th century. Small models began to sew from the silk and velor, on color which are in harmony with a dress. Gradually were added to the range of materials lame, the silk painted manually, various openwork materials and black as soot, got stronger - sokal.

All this

it is unsurprising, before there were a few opportunities, and to make something especially beautiful, not everyday, masters addressed fabrics. What a difference now! To a variety of materials of which do footwear, just there is no limit. And, despite it, textiles on a demand as showed special researches, on the second place after genuine leather!

A not so long ago. All walked in white canvas shoes. It looked stylishly, but it was the fashion necessarily because the worthy competition was not observed. Post-war dandies and women of fashion nightly polished these extremely impractical sandals and other shoes tooth-powder. Other shoe cosmetics, certainly, too was not.

How to explain that 22% of women and 12% of men (other supporters of genuine leather) buy “rag“ shoes and sandals today when is a lot of things another? The answer arises by itself: the textile footwear is so attractive the invoice and short-term beauty of a butterfly what to resist sometimes is not present forces.

Ya itself also from time to time I give in to wasteful temptation. My brightest purchase, literally this word, steel of an amazing form flats of “pink shock“ color. Then generally I came to shop behind boots, but saw these flats in vintage style and was gone.

Then I never regretted

about purchase, even then, when the whimsical textiles ceased to give in to house cleaning by means of special means. But I found a way out: ornamented shoes paints for fabric and wore them still some time, already in the updated option. And now they are sported by the girlfriend, the lover of a vintage and author`s list.

Practically in each veseena - a summer collection the footwear from textiles is. Here and 2010 - y did not become an exception.

Stunning shoes from the atlas on very high heel, it is gentle - green and is gray - blue color, decorated with small rosettes (Zac Posen).

Airy sandals from satin ribbons which actually leather, on a translucent platform, it is gentle - coffee, black, light-gray flowers (Fendi).

of the Shoe on a very tall platform sole, all details are completely fitted by the atlas, with a bright flower print (Erdem).

of the Barefoot person from the red atlas with a black heel (Marni).

of Steam on a platform with very high and thick heel, it is black - beige scale other option - swallows on a golden textile background (MiuMiu).

Unusual model which forward part as though the high lacy sock, white or beige color (Nina Ricci) is put on.

Against all this footwear from Dolce & Gabbana - just practicality top: graceful boats, in which as if free high socks from a grid or guipure. Very stylishly and as always it is unforgettable, with other collection you will not mix.


It is interesting that the footwear from textiles fits into dynamic modern life. Very tall heels and traumatic platforms are not the only fashionable option. Various flats and boats look not less, and often and more stylishly, it is necessary only to be able to choose them. However, to make it not too simply because all best creative power is for some reason thrown on fantastically kabluchny front.

In assortment of the Russian shops of footwear on dizzy heels it is frequent much more other models while in the European boutiques also the footwear for life is offered. Nobody argues that the high heel is must have, but there is a wish for a variety and boundless opportunities of the choice. It also is the most fashionable now: variety and possibility of the choice.

A still wants light and joyful step of a panther what even those who were born on heels never go. And that there is more textiles!

Footwear from textile materials needs to be protected from moisture and pollution. For this purpose use water - and dirt-resistant means.

of the Spot from a fabric surface are removed special stain removers for footwear from suede and textiles.

Some models can be erased manually in warm water, by means of a nonrigid brush and a laundry soap. Certainly, if there is a badge allowing such cleaning on a label.