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Whether it is possible to find the apartment through the Network?

Are possible. On the Internet there is a lot of resources devoted to purchase and sale and rent. By the way, the apartment through the Network is looked for not so by few people. According to statistical data Yandex, the search word “real estate“ stands still 26 (it taking into account that on the first places as usual - “porn“, “sex“, “mp3“ “to download“, is “free“ also “freebie“ in all cases and inducement). Therefore in selection of options for purchase or an exchange on the Internet there is nothing dangerous. On the contrary, your chances even increase - due to viewing of bigger quantity of options and convenient means of sorting and a filtration of data.

As websites it is a lot of

, I will not spread thought on a tree and I will tell specifically that deserve your attention. Conditionally I divided them into 4 groups: the websites with the general information, electronic versions of paper mass media, the estimated websites and the websites - representative offices of realtor agencies (with databases).

By the way, concerning the word “realtor“, I though the philologist by training, but still do not know how this word should be written. While in linguistic circles disputes are conducted, I conducted the small statistical research. Perhaps, it will seem nonsense and an empty entertainment, but here what results turned out (the number of the found words by data Yandex):

Other options (for example, reelter or mad a reeltor) yielded zero result.

On the linguistic website gramota. I met by ru writing “reelter“, and in “The explanatory dictionary of Russian of the end of the 20th century“ writing “realtor“ is offered, but I, as they say in one telecast, “will agree with opinion of the hall“ and so far I will write “realtor“ (all - in English - they are “realtor“) and I will tell about it to my mad Word`U.

Everything, will be enough about it. Now about serious. Went to examine the realtor websites.

the General information in the sphere of real estate

Real estate in Russia. Competently organized website including system of registration of users, a number of viable bulletin boards, the database of purchase and rent of all main types of real estate, a good selection of publications on real estate. Thematic materials - planning of the apartment, insurance, the legislation, software, ecology. Thematic forums work. The selection of references to the other websites of the large realtor companies can be useful. The built-in program the express - estimates of apartments yielded quite adequate result, though represents quite rough estimate.

the Web - the RealEsMedia portal. The powerful information project on real estate and construction. Represents new type of the organization of access to a web - to resources. On a portal: journalistic materials (including the digest of the Moscow press), virtual rounds on objects, new buildings and offices from the government of Moscow, the Russian Construction Catalogue and mn. other. At the moment contains 10 projects and a news feed.

of Re:View. Weekly review of the market of real estate. There is a list of articles and mailing on e - mail. Actually, represents the digest of electronic news / the press on the Internet concerning real estate. Pleasant design, convenient navigation. There is a good section of humour.

Administration of St. Petersburg. City bureau of registration of the rights for real estate. Horrible design about the clip - arts. Includes the description of services in registration of real estate objects. The list of necessary documents for this purpose is useful, the cost and the relevant regulations are specified.

Market of real estate of Russia: analysis and G. Sternik`s forecasts (Chief specialist of the Russian Guild of Realtors). The accurate website on analytics of the market of real estate. Reports d - ra Sternika on the market of real estate of Russia are offered your attention. Analytical works are based on extensive information from members of RGR that, undoubtedly, does this resource very and very interesting. There is a collection of references.

of RMLS. The interesting website, contains regulations, the tax law in the sphere of real estate, information on methodical developments and the software, analytical researches on housing market of Moscow, materials of “the Bulletin of the Russian Guild of Realtors“, the list of editions on real estate (including addresses the Internet) and many other things. On the website the big database of apartments on the cities of Russia is submitted. One of the most informative websites.

of the Edition concerning real estate

the Newspaper the Moscow Prospect. Website of the Moscow construction newspaper. Contains archive since January, 1999. It is a lot of information concerning the Moscow real estate.

R - way. The website of the famous Moscow professional magazine R - Way. Very good project. Contains the sections Analytics, the Legislation, Reference information, etc. Here it is possible to learn about interesting undertaking - it is information - analytical system of the market of real estate (IAS RN).

City property. The page of Moscow it is information - the analytical magazine on RINKTsE website. Contents of the magazine for several years, many archival articles are available on the Internet. The system of selection of rooms in Moscow from property DGIMI is presented.

real estate Assessment

Russian Society of Appraisers. ROO website. Conservatively, informatively, it is almost professional (will not earn ROO rating in any way). Here you will find publications, standards, databases, references. The website corresponds to brand.

Virtual club of appraisers. The list of the licensed appraisers on the cities of Russia. Are available: news of estimated business, theses on application of options in an assessment, standards, polls, a set of references on estimated business (in particular - at conference). I liked this website.

Architect. Information system of a construction complex. One of the most interesting materials is electronic issue of the Stroy-info newspaper which contains information on standard settlement techniques, price indexes, costs of construction, etc. that can be useful for appraisers. And in general, the resource is focused on professionals.

Websites of the realtor companies and database

of Trigon. The website reklamno - TRIGON news agency, the containing number of information blocks from which it is possible to distinguish information on the current average cost of 1 sq.m of apartments on Moscow depending on type of the house and location, the list of the last articles in the paper press concerning real estate, the offer on a subscription for bulletins of agency (we will note a possibility of free receiving 1 set).

Industrial and commercial real estate. The website with mad registration - a heap of the animated floccuses: spiders, kitties, the maiden walks. Besides, at the website each 15 sec. the background changes. You represent how it is pleasant? It so excites, so inspires … Not the website, but fir-tree. On the website there are offers on commercial and industrial real estate, materials, the equipment, consultation on bankruptcy and responsibility.

real estate Spider line. The simple website which is allocated with nothing from tens of others, the database on offers, base quite big. There is a list of real estate agencies, but only - the name and phone.

Miel - Real estate. The corporate website of the Moscow realtor agency executed in the form of the opened book - the text and the right panel of navigation. There is a lot of sections on the website - the database on real estate, analytics, consultations, search, references. I will separately tell about the section of Consultation. Here you can get free advice at realtors. The answer to your question will be given within 2 - 3 days. Here it is possible to look at answers to questions of other visitors of the website. In a word, very good and qualitative resource. I recommend.

New city. Corporate website, usual information on the company, offers (database). Rather interesting news in the sphere of real estate, in particular - poll of Muscovites about merits and demerits of their houses, the card of an ecological condition of areas, etc.


. Well organized website. Big database on purchase and sale and rent. It is a lot of thematic forums, on one of them it is possible to ask a question to the lawyer and to really receive the answer. Besides - news of registration, the rule of registration of transactions, reference information on the Moscow establishments, forms of documents, references to the websites of agencies. One of the best resources on a subject.

of Dialit. The Internet - the center for real estate and investments. It is a lot of information and analytical materials:

  • “Legal Regulation of the Market of Real Estate“ Magazine (full text of articles)
  • Moskovsky Domovoy Newspaper (full text of articles)
  • Materials of the Commission of the State Duma of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on development of mortgage lending.
  • with
  • the Hot line - the lawyer answers questions of visitors
  • Public institutions of the Russian Federation and Moscow. Reference catalog
  • Realtor firms of Russia and CIS

Moscow Association of Realtors. On the website - registration, the database on offers of apartments in Moscow, is a little statistics on the market of apartments in the capital, check of phones.

Successful to you transactions!