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The kid with express delivery of

of Such children call “gold“. It is not enough of them - about 500 in a year all over the country. The birth is preceded for many years inspections, by treatments, hopes and disappointments.“ Gold children“ are born thanks to the program of surrogacy.

What is it

Around surrogacy goes many rumors. Actually it is only one of the auxiliary reproductive technologies (ART) when the kid is born not by genetic, but substitute mother. Experts call such woman - the gestational courier, from the word a gestation - term on incubation of the child. Pregnancy is caused by fertilization of ova of genetic mother spermatozoa of the genetic father.

makes a reservation In advance that as parents of the mature and born child genetic father and mother - people whose gametes were used for fertilization act. The gestational courier - only a vessel, the “living space“ rented for 9 months for a fruit. Quite so the World Health Organization in 2001 defined surrogacy.

As it occurs

After several years of unsuccessful treatment of infertility the married couple addresses to private or state clinic which is engaged in reproductive technologies and has the database of potential gestational couriers. The choice of substitute mother happens in most cases anonymously - according to dry information in base on age, a state of health. But at desire it is possible to get acquainted with the woman personally. Further both parties sign the contract. it is important to p to understand

that substitute mother does not keep any rights and duties in relation to the kid. All disputes, disagreements which can arise during implementation of terms of the contract are allowed in a judicial proceeding according to the current legislation.

If future parents prefer not to meet the gestational courier, it is better to sign two contracts. One - between substitute mother and medical institution where artificial insemination and further observation over pregnancy course will be made. The second - between this medical institution and spouses - customers.

Who such genetic parents

of Steam can take part in the Surrogacy program only in case other auxiliary reproductive technologies do not work. For example, when the woman has congenital malformations of a uterus or lack of a uterus after surgery. A common cause - unsuccessful carrying out procedure of extracorporal fertilization (EKO) more than three times. There is also infertility of not clear genesis when doctors cannot define why treatment does not give the expected result.

Who substitute mother

Substitute mother can there is any woman from 18 to 35 years who has the healthy child born naturally. She earns the reward stipulated in advance as nearly a year of the life devotes to a good cause - incubation of foreign child. Before being included in the database, the pretender has to have full medical examination, interview with the psychologist and testing - definition of the psychoemotional status. Only the fifth part of all candidates meets strict criteria.

If the woman is married, she has to agree to providing information concerning the used medical technology to the husband. And he is obliged to confirm in writing that he does not object, and it is obligatory in the presence of the doctor of clinic. The spouse should incur some obligations too - for example, to pass full medical examination, to limit or stop sex life with the wife.

for genetic parents specialists of clinic, agency are engaged in

in Selection of the gestational courier. Some couples prefer to be engaged in search independently. It is possible to address with a delicate request for incubation of the child to the relative or the acquaintance - positive examples much. In this case participation in the program happens gratuitously. However not everyone genetically parents is ready to undertake moral and a liability for possible frustration of health of the good acquaintance during pregnancy and after the delivery. Besides, deterioration in the relations in the remote prospect and complexity with preservation of secret of appearance of the child on light is not excluded. It is simpler and more reliable to sign the contract with the stranger, and to resolve the arising issues through intermediaries.

It is not terrible

All details connected with implementation of the program by participants make a reservation legislatively: a compensation for expenses on medical care of substitute mother, the place of her accommodation at the pregnancy period, medical institution where there will be an artificial insemination, supervision, childbirth, duties to observe the doctor`s instructions directed to the birth of the healthy child. Genetic parents can obtain full information on a condition of the woman during pregnancy.

Cost consists of several articles of expenses: selection and inspection of substitute mother; legal registration of the relations with it; actually EKO program. In case of pregnancy approach genetic parents pay food and inspection of the woman bearing the kid, childbirth and at their successful completion - remuneration. Contrary to rumors and conjectures, in Russia there was no case when substitute mother did not give the born child.

Pregnancy for three: step-by-step instruction

Step 1. Consulting and the decision

Now in Russia in the field of EKO work with

several tens known clinics, reproductive centers and laboratories. There are also special agencies rendering assistance in carrying out the VRT programs, including surrogacy. Future parents will be helped council and practical actions. Consultations are usually free.

Step 2. The contract

Only the contract guarantees to

the solution of all financial and legal issues, allows to minimize risk. Russia is among the few happy countries in which surrogacy is legislatively authorized and regulated. Legal aspects are defined by the current legislation of the Russian Federation: paragraph 4 of article 51, paragraph 3 of article 52 of the Family code of the Russian Federation; paragraph 5 of article 16 of the Federal law “About acts of civil status“ of November 15, 1997 № 143 - Federal Law.

Step 3. Synchronization of cycles of two mothers

by means of special hormonal preparations doctors bring cycles of genetic and substitute mother into accord. Such preparation borrows from one to three cycles. All this time substitute mother is carefully protected from the “personal“ pregnancy, and only barrier methods, watches over health and leads the correct life. Doctors continue supervision over its reproductive system: carry out control of level of hormones to blood, ultrasonography - monitoring an endometriya and ovaries.

Step 4. EKO for genetic mother

At genetic mother take several ova. If it is impossible, the ovum of the anonymous donor is used. Fertilization happens sperm of the genetic father. Substitute mother is trained for implantation and transfer to her uterus one or two embryos. Other embryos are subject to cryostorage.

Step 5. Incubation of the child

Approximately in two weeks after replanting of an embryo substitute mother does the first test for pregnancy (HGCh). In case of success in two weeks ultrasonography is carried out. Performance of duties by the gestational agent is fixedly watched by specialists of clinic of VRT.

Substitute mother has to


  1. to rise on the medical account on the early term of pregnancy (about twelve weeks);
  2. it is regular to li to be followed up by a doctor and to strictly implement its recommendations;
  3. it is constant to li to watch a condition of the health;
  4. to inform the persons who signed the contract with it on the course of pregnancy.

Step 6. Childbirth

Childbirth happens usually, Cesarean section becomes only on medical indications. Genetic mother has the right to lay down in maternity hospital together with substitute, to be present at childbirth and during care of the newborn at maternity hospital. It can be even prepared for breastfeeding of the child by reception of special hormonal preparations.

substitute mother writes

Within several days refusal of the child and earns the reward for work stipulated in the contract. From this point according to part 2 of paragraph 4 of article 51 of the Family code of the Russian Federation “the persons who are married among themselves and gave the consent in writing to implantation of an embryo to other woman for its incubation can be written down by the child`s parents“.

the Future of the kid depends on his genetic parents who at last found the happiness. Now they can care for the child, give him all best, develop, entertain, kiss. To find “a father`s nose“ and “mother`s eyes“ in a children`s face. It is necessary only to make the decision - to tell the child about his unusual history the births or to keep secret even from relatives.

the First child according to the program of gestational motherhood was born

From the historical background in Michigan in the USA in April, 1986. At 37 - summer biological mother removed a uterus, and she asked 22 - summer the girlfriend who already safely gave birth two times, to take out her kid. Conception happened in a test tube to use of sperm and an ovum of biological parents.

such program was realized by

In Russia in 1995. The young woman became the patient - her child died next day after birth, and the woman in labor had to remove a uterus. The role of substitute mother was played by the girlfriend: she took out and gave birth to two girls whose conception happened to the help of VRT. Each woman it is provided by

to p...

Today substitute mother can take out the child not only for a married couple, but also for the woman who is not married. In article 35 of Bases of the legislation of the Russian Federation about protection of public health it is told:“ Each full age woman of childbearing age has the right for artificial insemination and implantation of an embryo“. There are no bans and restrictions. In the presence of the established medical indications it is possible to use services of the donor of ova. In this case substitute mother will give birth to the child who will not have related communications with genetic.

It is important


the Contract of surrogacy has to contain


  1. data of the persons wishing to have the child, and the woman who showed willingness to become substitute mother;
  2. order and terms of payment of material maintenance costs of substitute mother;
  3. of the right, duty and responsibility of the parties;
  4. of a condition and a measure concerning substitute mother in case of refusal from transfer of the child born by it to the persons who signed the contract with it and also to these persons to a case of their refusal of acceptance of the child;
  5. other conditions defined by agreement of the parties.
the Contract of surrogacy is signed by

in writing and is subject to the notarial certificate, cancellation of the contract on surrogacy is possible in case of intended violation by substitute mother of the mode of incubation of pregnancy.

of the Person, decided to apply a surrogacy method, incur the material expenses connected with its application, and also improvement of substitute mother during pregnancy, childbirth and a current of fifty six days (in case of the complicated families or the birth of two and more children - seventy calendar days) after the delivery, substitute mother has no right to refuse transfer of the child born by it to the persons who signed the contract with it, and equally and to transfer the child to other persons.