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The summer care of children`s skin of

- is time Summer the seas, the sun, rest at the dacha, walks of outdoors, fragrant berries and fruit handfuls... For children continuous expanse and pleasure! It seems that nothing can sadden this remarkable time.

Nothing, except the skin which reddened from too long stay on the sun. Or a burn from the nettle which hid under a bush which the young pioneer faced. Or the itching stings of the mosquitoes which are not allowing to the child to fall asleep. Or so inopportunely the pouring-out allergy to the strawberry loved by all children.


It is clear that the best way to avoid such situations - to be very cautious and to be careful of everything. But summer on that and summer that to children to enjoy it on “the full coil“: new fruit - to it is full, from morning to evening to walk on the street and on the sun to sunbathe too. Therefore is not present and not to avoid one of seasonal problems.

Or to take

, for example, the same intertrigo. Many think that they are only at kids of inattentive parents. However, unfortunately, in the summer the most careful mothers can even face this problem. In hot weather skin under a diaper (and where now without it?) especially overheats. Add the high humidity natural to this area here, - and here result: the reddened, swelled up a little and angry skin giving to the kid trouble.

generally, it is obvious that in the summer the problem of the choice of means for care of skin of the child becomes especially actual. It is important that these means, on the one hand, successfully coped with an objective, and with another - did not contain components, undesirable and dangerous to children`s skin.

Using a pharmaceutical series of La - Kri - anti-inflammatory and antiallergic means for skin on the basis of natural components, it is possible to solve successfully the majority of seasonal problems with skin. Thanks to natural non-hormonal structure La`s series - Kri is safe for application even at the most small children.

Each of means of La - Kri is focused by

on the purposeful solution of this or that dermatological problem. In a complex they provide a comprehensive protection and care of gentle skin of the kid, in result and children will have a carefree and joyful summer, and parents will have less efforts.


For what intended each means of a series of La - Kri and in what distinctions between them? Let`s begin one after another.

La`s Cream - Kri is optimum for removal of unexpectedly arisen irritation, an itch and reddening of skin and is used for dot drawing on a concrete problem zone. For example, the baby was bitten by a mosquito to whom it does not happen? La`s cream - Kri will quickly remove an itch in the place of a sting, and together with it and concern of the kid. Cream is effective also for elimination of consequences of solar and slight thermal burns, burns of plants, an intertrigo. In fact, cream is optimum “SOS“ means for the children`s first-aid kit. Efficiency to cream is provided by the thought-over combination of natural components in structure. Each mother knows that infusion from a train perfectly removes an itch and a peeling of skin. Its action is strengthened by extract of a glycyrrhiza which is well-known the anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action. A violet and bisabolol (active ingredient of a camomile), calm the angry skin. And extract of a walnut and pantenol help the fastest restoration of children`s skin.

Relay of care of skin La`s emulsion - Kri picks up . It is specially intended for daily leaving at skin, sensitive, inclined to dryness and irritation, and also will help to support the result achieved with cream use. To extracts of a train, a glycyrrhiza, a walnut and a pantenol are added to structure of an emulsion oil jojoba and gialuronat sodium. The first component is famous not only the ability to return to skin elasticity, but also the fine conditioning properties thanks to which its appearance almost instantly improves. The second - sodium salt of hyaluronic acid - is one of the most powerful humidifiers applied in modern medicine and cosmetology.

Careful clarification of children`s skin is an integral part of the correct leaving. The matter is that regular use of “usual“ detergents negatively influences a condition of skin as its protective layer collapses, and it becomes more vulnerable. Therefore it is so important to choose the soft clearing means which will not nullify all efforts on leaving. For this purpose in La`s series - Kri is specially provided by the clearing gel . Thanks to the modern hypoallergenic washing components it carefully clears sensitive skin of the child, without irritating it. And derivative oils of an olive and avocado restore barrier function of epidermis, in addition humidify and nourish skin. balm for La`s lips - Kri became p>

Good addition in a series. In the summer it will serve as fine protection of lips of kids against an obvetrivaniye and sunshine. It is enriched a set of natural oils: shi, castor, almond - they will provide to gentle skin of lips due food. Vitamins A and E, being a part, are responsible for moistening and interfere with emergence of dryness and a peeling.


natural structure of means of a series of La - Kri, it is possible to recommend them and the adult - to those who prefer for care about health of the skin to use means with safe non-hormonal structure. Thus, La - Kri will become the great assistant not only at care of skin of kids, but also perfectly will be suitable for the family first-aid kit.

- Kri the forecast for summer for children and parents is obvious

With La - a set of bright impressions and any irritations!