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We are simply happy

In 24 years I became a mother. I became pregnant in 23 years, it was on love. We lived in its apartment, then all also happened. I took the test and was checked, and the test showed positive result. I was glad that we will have a child. When I reported about pregnancy to the husband, he was shocked by this news. We did not know how to tell about it to the parents, and I the first told mother about it. He told the mother about it too, mother was shocked too. I descended in consultation, and delivered me term month. My mother told: “It is necessary to submit the application to the REGISTRY OFFICE now.“

Term at me was 3 months. We submitted the application to the REGISTRY OFFICE and in 2 months got married. The first three months I ran in a bathtub, I felt sick from everything in the mornings. When the tummy became more, I attended classes for future mothers, at home did special gymnastics. When we learned that we will have a boy, I called mother and told:“ I congratulate on the next grandson, all wanted the girl“.

to me it was heavy to p to go as if the giant is in me. I ate constantly chocolate and drank a lot of water. The doctor told:“ Do not drink a lot of water - you have a puffiness in a uterus“. I went as a Teletubby, the husband so called me. To me forbade to give birth for health reasons, told that there will be a Cesarean section.

In several days I went to hospital - term was already big, of 35 - 36 weeks. And in three days we with the spouse went to maternity hospital, it was on September 8 in the morning. When we arrived, there were many pregnant women. Me put in maternity hospital at once. I missed the husband, called, learned how are you, and he inquired all at me.

on September 16 in the morning I led

to the operating room, put a prick, I fell asleep, woke up already in postnatal office. I called first of all the husband and told him fine news that I gave rise. He strongly was delighted, then called all the family. All were very glad.

the Kid was born

weighing 3500 gr., rostiky 54 cm. When brought me my kid, I burst into tears, embraced him and told:“ Here you were also born, my small“.

filled up

Ya only at daybreak. We lay with the kid 2 weeks.

Here there came it day which all of us waited for day of an extract. We were met by my mother and the spouse. When it took on hands of the kid, it was happy.

After maternity hospital we went home to mine. All were very glad, the sister, the brother cried. Then we went to ourselves home. I embraced the husband and the kid. And we were simply happy.


Both of us are glad to the birth of the kid. All nine months were not in vain. I gave birth to the beautiful little son who was named Daniil. Now to it 1 year and 9 months. It just lassie!