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All prophesied the most wonderful to me that I before term will give rise, to the latest, in the first of September.

All prophesied the most wonderful to me that I before term will give rise, to the latest, in the first of September. PDR - on September 11. In ZhK I at the end of August was wanted to be laid that I did not transfer, frightened that it is bad and the baby large was, already on the third ultrasonography it was clear. I went and went, harbingers were not almost any.

there Passed the first of September, and the husband decided that I have to give rise by all means - the ninth, naturally. Well, we also began to wait for this beautiful number. The seventh my midwife called, asked whether I am going to give birth in general or changed mind? Told that it is necessary to be on survey of the ninth in the evening, but I - that hoped to give rise this day therefore I was glad to such successful combination of circumstances. I did not begin to give birth to the ninth though began to pull a stomach at night, hour pulled three and released.

Arrived to survey, the doctor reported that a neck soft, disclosure of 2 cm. Ask whether it is ready to give birth now? Here I got a fright... I think how so - neither fights, nor waters, nor a stopper - and to give birth?. And they speak if now we go to a rodilka, will give rise today. Also is not present to agree, I took and left home, to wait for the natural beginning of fights.

I regretted

of the House about it, thought, weighed all pros and cons, and together with the husband we solved - why to pull if I am already ready? Process goes, just I do not feel fights yet. Also went to give birth.

Arrived, the midwife asks: “Something hurts?“ I speak: “In general anything...“ It: “Well, as a last resort you will lay down on TO“. Here I was indignant, and I speak:“ Is not present, let`s give birth“. Processed documents, changed clothes of me in unearthly beauty a shirt and a dressing gown, moved in a rodilka. About an hour we with the husband hung out there, I hysterically laughed because not so I imagined the beginning of childbirth. In general, I laughed first much. From an enema it was very ridiculous, the chair maternity made laugh me too. But I needed to laugh not for long...


B 23:20 the doctor and the midwife came to puncture a bubble, punctured (did not feel anything at all), breathed sigh of relief - waters pure. Why they thought that waters will be bad? I did not ask. Told that within two hours fights will begin, delivered to KTG. With a heart at the kid was all right, half an hour lay, listened. Fights began at once, but weak. Already then I understood that if it is weak, then then it will be very heavy... Removed KTG, told to consider fights. We with the husband honestly considered, it turned out in 3 minutes. I was congratulated on the fact that so quickly there is a process, and I already did not rejoice because it was sick... But here in an hour I understood that it was still absolutely even not sick because in an hour such fights began that I did not know where to disappear. It was easier to go to me, than to lie, appear, that less painfully. The husband helped with everything, almost carried me on a rodilka.

B two I understood that I cannot any more, thought that I will not sustain. The doctor came, looked. Here I the first time shouted - look, of course, very painfully. The doctor told:“ It is halfway passable, to 4 you will give rise“. And me to be glad that so quickly everything goes, but is not present: I began to cry out that I cannot any more, asked to allow to go home me and to allow to rise in price tomorrow (already the husband told it to me). Asked to kesarit, prick anesthesia and anything, if only it came to an end.


I was allocated in a shower, previously something painful having stuck in a bottom (here I shouted the second time). In soul it was real easier though then so it did not seem to me. And time for some reason went quicker, I considered every minute, and between fights felt the real pleasure from their absence.

B 3:30 me the beginning is unreal to grieve, appear, that the kid already leaves, and to me forbade to make an effort, and the midwife sat down near me, and we began to prodykhivat fights - it was heavy very much, but already pain began to fade into the background - it was necessary to work. Breathed, breathed, the midwife speaks:“ I see a chernyavenky golovochka“. Here felt better me, I understood that my kid will be born soon - soon. Transferred to a chair, thought that I will not cope with transition - to go to time of fight moreover and when the head between legs... It something.

B 3:45 I climbed on a chair, and I was told how to make an effort. All explained, I it seems understood everything. But I made an effort absolutely incorrectly... All in a face. And forces already any were not... On the fourth or fifth fight the midwife shouted that I will strangle him now, at him also obvity... After that I was at once extinguished correctly (probably, I should be intimidated at once). Also it began to be torn. The midwife right there made a section (my third cry), and literally in several seconds my boy was born. Weight 4150 gr., height is 55 cm. I looked at it, told that it, of course, very beautiful, but more I will not give birth.

In a day, I understood that I want to give rise, likely, still. In two days I understood that I want to give rise precisely. And not one. On third day I understood that I want to give birth more and more. And though right now. Because the child is such happiness that you will bear any pain (especially as this pain is forgotten almost instantly)! And my midwife told that I did not anger God because I had the easiest childbirth! So I thank the Lord for this happiness that He sent me. The kid is the most wonderful being who the woman can have!!