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This story we decided to write a “father`s“ milk of

together as the milk for ours the baby is a merit both of us.


of the Problem with milk at once. The breast was full, hard, and milk ran hardly - hardly. In maternity hospital the Subject hung on a breast all the time and cried, in 5 days it threw off 300 grams. Doctors abused that I cannot bring up the child, and it was so bitter and offensive!

At first I cried with offense, then - with despair, then just for rage - I did not know what to do! The kid was born nearly 5 kg and sucked furiously, actively. As a result of a pacifier were torn apart in blood. At the short moments of rest I with tears smeared a breast with creams which were brought by the husband. In hospital to me only few times spread with brilliant green. Doctors and nurses looked sideways at me when I asked to give to the son of mix, he so cried with hunger. And I felt that I am awful mother. Decided that after an extract I will give mix at once.

But houses at me lifted temperature under 40. . The breast was red, hot and hurt so that even the clothes caused tears. I admit, at that moment I damned all delights of this chest feeding and sincerely did not understand how from it it is possible to derive pleasure! And here we were helped out by our father. The grandmother prompted to me that she had same problems, and in due time she was rescued by my grandfather... It rassasyvat a breast! But the matter is that the husband has a persistent allergy and vomiting from one smell of milk. And, nevertheless, when he learned about a problem and ways of its decision, told:“ I will try. If it becomes better, I will make“.

Perhaps it is not correct to write about it, but it rescued us. The husband spitted out breast milk as he could not swallow. After several procedures milk poured down the river! At last the Subject gorged on and quickly filled up, and I breathed sigh of relief and happiness.

Should tell

that at the end procedure of a rassasyvaniye of a breast was even pleasant to both of us. Pain left, the kid is joyful.

Now to the Subject year. It develops with an advancing, according to the pediatrician. And I think, not the last role in it was played by breast milk which he eats still! And I feel that I we coped with a role of mother and father very adequately!