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Probably, everything is predetermined over

Ya - small. I am put to bed. No, not so. More likely, I am put to sleep. With fight, with cries, well and probably with offense, of course. “That it so early, not all games are played!“

of Game... Adults often play them... There are kind games, there are angry, games to continuation and without...

the Swing flies up up - down, up - down, such pleasant cool hits in the face, so ridiculously, appear, a swing creaks. The main thing - as was lucky that I one ride, and nobody encroaches more on them - even boys it is not visible. Day today some special solar... I, probably, will be 4, or perhaps even 5 years old soon. Nearby there are they... Same sad, lovely and small as well as I. There is a little girl is slightly younger than me, near her still such and still... And also boy such surprisingly beautiful. What it is necessary to them? I will not give them a swing - today my day, only mine, to me is so good, so cheerful, mother will come soon and will swing more and more. No, they do not ask a swing. They look with envy, not with some nursery, and absolutely adult envy...

- Mother, mummy, I woke up! Such remarkable dream dreamed me. Let`s go for a walk rather. Only in a dream to me children came... Mother, mother, you that? You did not like my dream? Mummy, do not cry why you cry? They are bad?! You know them?! Mummy, and they come to me not the first time... Though... No... Here, one girl appeared only last time - she is absolutely a little one... Mother, do not cry! I love you! I even there... There, in heaven, sat with God and waited when I meet you! And all it did not turn out in any way... Several times the meeting broke. But I chose you still there... Mother!

- Where - “there“?

- There, on a cloudlet... Mother, we will go to the street...

Ya grew. Surprisingly. Adult to be almost pleasant: waits ahead so much. I pull the girlfriend by a hand: “Let`s go, be not afraid! Let`s go, we will tell fortunes, if came!“

“You will have a happy marriage, the girl will be born... Well everything, will be enough you, will come then - I will tell further!“

Mother! Mummy! I marry!

Mother, at me is for you news! I expect a baby! How you think who will be? I would like twins, so fine at once time - and two little men! Interesting everything - the girl or the boy? Perhaps will dream? There are no dreams... There are no girls in Panamanians... There are no boys with machines... The stomach only growing and nausea, and still stirs as wings of butterflies. And, maybe, still hiccups. And, perhaps, infinite questions to girlfriends: “And it is sick?“, “And how it is sick?“, “And how I learn that I give birth?“

is not present

A of dreams. Much dream children, and me childbirth. And at once alarm clock call. No, nonsense, of course, all this! The main thing that you, my kid, will meet me soon, and I am with you!

Park! Swing! Whether dream... Oh, how many you here what pretty girls, where I saw you? My God, as ridiculously the boy wrinkles a forehead what big and one among this seedling... How? What? Whom do I want to take? Yes you that, I would take all of you, but I me will be the Lyalya soon! Why Lyalya? I do not know. Just now I feel it! The boy, do not cry. You want, you will go with me? No... It is impossible... Forgive... The baby, go to me!

of 18 hours 15 minutes. Birth Angela. Birth of my baby. Such happiness to be with you, such happiness to be your mother! You are my girl... You are my blood... And you... And I will surely take away you. I so want twins more. I so hope that the fortuneteller was mistaken though she, maybe, just did not finish speaking. Children, you remember: you forever in mother`s heart! Never doubt it and be able to forgive! There are kind games, there are angry, games to continuation and without...