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Travel to Paris with three children. Part 1

This trip took place thanks to the semi-annual Schengen multivisa which was “splashed“ to us in the Spanish consulate. We only were going to go to Spain in September and filed documents on one trip, and received “animated cartoon“ which after return “scratched“ every day and haunted. And here, it is solved: to Paris!

To Paris... Of course, smartly, who would argue. Only it is no secret, that France - one of the most expensive countries of Europe. Therefore before me there was a task to organize a trip so that to visit - to look as much as possible, and money at the same time to spend as little as possible. The task is difficult, considering that we have three children: to the senior, Stepan, at the time of a trip 13 years were executed, and he did not pass in many places as the child any more, and younger, to Arina, 2 years were executed, and it already had to fly by plane not as “infantas“, a with the children`s ticket.

As a rule, a third of costs of a trip - flight therefore pervo - napervo I monitor the websites of airlines. To watch direct flights to Paris by Aeroflot and Ayrfransom - it is useless, 200 euros for the one way ticket are cheaper not to find. I watch connection flights, and also options the plane plus the train. So, the cheapest option is found. There: flight Moscow - Cologne Germanwings airline, there is no children`s tariff, the 80th euro / ticket. Further the train Cologne - Paris Thalys: 39 euros the adult, 15 euros - children`s (5 - 12 years), if to buy in 3 months (the closer to date of a trip, the more expensively). Back: docking flight Paris - Berlin - Moscow Airberlin airline: adult 98 euros, children`s 67 euros. Reserved all tickets directly on the specified websites, money was written off from a card at once, airlines sent on e - a mail confirmation of armor with number, and train tickets sent on a surface mail in an envelope of week through two. As the cost of tickets depends on dates of a departure, it finally also defined dates of our trip: 14 - 25 March, 2010.

the Following step - drawing up the program of a trip, hotel booking, cars, entrance tickets in parks. It is pretty such problem on optimization: to visit a desirable maximum, having spent a minimum of time and having derived pleasure maximum. It is necessary to consider working hours of the museums - parks (in March still “not the season“ and many sights are available in limited time or in general only on days off), their attendance people to avoid crowds of the people, it is correct to choose time of day of visit of this or that object, for example, to receive qualitative photos etc. Generally, I stayed the whole month in the sheer immersion in this task, “having imposed“ with maps and schemes of Paris, re-reading hundreds of responses of tourists, and, at last, issued the plan of a trip. It with gloss was realized.

Put 1. Cologne. Flight by the Germanwings company and service at the airport Vnukovo - without complaints: quietly, politely, precisely according to the schedule. Onboard food paid, but it is known in advance. From the airport of Cologne to the city there is an electric train “S - bahn“ (on indexes the letter “S“ in a green circle), before descent to a platform cost ticket machines, but, I will honestly tell, we would not cope (we do not know German absolutely): for some reason it is necessary to choose in the list a concrete electric train according to the schedule. But we arrived not one! The Russian-speaking girl approached us and dexterous pressing of the necessary keys fast bought us 2 adults (2,4 euros) and 2 nurseries (till 14 years, for 1,2 euros) the ticket. The automatic machine “ate“ only cash euros.

is present

of No turnstiles before a platform, tickets check and controllers directly in the car punch. The central station of Cologne right after the bridge through Rhine, an electric train goes minutes 15. Left the building of the station, and - ah! The heads up, mouths are open - here it, the well-known Cologne cathedral - huge, majestic, vozdushno - beautiful. Perhaps, we made a mistake - did not go to a cathedral at once because in the evening after a dinner we lacked forces to reach it, and early in the morning we already had a train to Paris.

We decided to walk across Cologne before dark, along the embankment - took great pleasure, despite very cool weather. * I reserved Kunibert der Fiese 3 hotel through booking. com, it was the only hotel meeting all my requirements: within walking distance of the railway station, in “the old city“, inexpensive - 60 euros for a triple room (the truth I “caught“ this price on a special offer). The hotel very much was pleasant, it is directly on the embankment, we got a number “under a roof“ with a beautiful view of Rhine and Cologne. The hotel building if to trust figures on his facade, is built in 1234, it is literally impregnated with romantic spirit: narrow corridors and a twisted wooden ladder, one “ancient“ elevator of what costs, we never it saw - as in the museum, but in numbers equipment modern. On the first floor cozy restaurant in the same romantic style, on walls - reproductions of pictures of Van Gogh (in a trip subject), we in it have perfectly supper (76 euros for 4 main courses, salads, beer and drinks). After a dinner we took a walk about the beautiful St Martin`s Church located absolutely nearby. Cologne left very pleasant, warm, romantic feeling, with pleasure we will arrive once again.

Put 2. Cologne - Paris. Paris - Disneylend. Trains from Cologne go to Paris quite often, I chose the earliest, departure at 7:44, we had tickets on hands. Came to the station in 25 minutes prior to departure of the train - more than enough. Everything was very simple: on a board saw number of the train and the platform corresponding to it, contacted her further only waited, sent the train in 5 minutes prior to departure.

Tickets to show

to nobody and it is not necessary to punch, they are checked by controllers already on the run in the car. It turned out that I bought tickets in the middle of the car where 4 places “the person to each other“ and in the middle - a little table so our trip was very comfortable. The train goes very quickly and extremely softly, our navigator recorded a speed maximum - 300 km/h, incredibly! We were glad that did not depart to Paris directly: from a train window with a great interest considered spring gently - green landscapes, villages and the cities. The train made only three stops, and among them there was Brussels! If I foreknow it, we would remain there for day, but - not on the cards, next time. Three hours of the road flew by very quickly, and here it is the Northern station of Paris, Gare du Nord. Paris met us by the dazzling sun and heat in +15 as it is lovely. There was a wish to see everything and at once, but according to the plan we had at first Disneylend therefore we according to indexes went to RER station (a network of the suburban electric trains passing through the center of Paris). I carefully studied a transport Paris map in advance, it is on the website ratp. fr, on the same website it is possible to calculate an optimum route, having set initial and final “point“, and the route will contain not only the detailed description at what station - a stop to sit down on what to change, but also time ways with the exact indication of a departure time of electric trains. And at the Northern station, and at station in Disneylenda there are “human“ cash desks, it is possible without knowledge in general of any language to show the necessary station on the map (or to write on a leaflet) and on fingers to show the number of tickets, it is possible to pay off with the cash card. We bought 3 adult tickets (6,6 euros) and 1 children`s (4 - 11 years, 50% of an adult tariff on any transport of Paris), not at once, but nevertheless found the necessary platform of the blue RER B line, and sat down in an electric train.

- Mothers, mothers, and we the truth in Paris?

- Well of course, I spoke to you, and you thought where?

- In Africa.

Ya looked back on the parties and could not constrain laughter. The car was filled for 99% by black passengers. There now, and such it, Paris, too. However, at the following stop we changed to the red RER A line, and there “picture“ brightened. In 40 minutes we arrived to terminal station of Marne - la - Vallee - Chessy, left the building of station and appeared on the round square: on the right - an entrance to park Disneylend, directly - an entrance to Disney - the village, in the center - information booth, on the left - a stop of buses and a taxi - it - that was also necessary to us. We knew that to our Santa Fe 2 hotel * the free yellow bus, 3 minutes - and we in hotel plies. On the website Disneylenda I reserved an “entrance tickets in 2 parks for 4 days plus accommodation in hotel with a breakfast“ package on the stocks “Children to 12 Visit Park and Live in Hotel Free of Charge“ and “When Booking 3 Days of Parks / 2 Nights in Hotel + 1 Day / 1 Night Free of Charge“. Discounts on stocks were summarized, at us 540 euros for all turned out. The hotel surpassed expectations (all - 2 * guarded): excellent structure - in the big, well-groomed territory several small cases, rooms rather big, high-quality cleaning daily, very professional English-speaking personnel, a nourishing breakfast. Bar, gift shop, a playground, a luggage storage, the parking - it is safely possible to give 3*. In the evenings children were entertained by Pluto, the children`s corner worked. The only minus - turn for breakfast. In the first day it upset us a little, but next day we came at 7 o`clock (it was not difficult at all, Moscow time it is 9), and have quietly breakfast. The people were brought up closer to 8.

this day we were in park before closing 4 hours, managed to examine and drive only in Discoveryland. In park was to many people (good special offers and excellent weather made the business), on attractions of turn of 30 - 40 min., to evening of “fastpasa“ (tickets on pass without turn) already came to an end. But we also did not hurry anywhere, at us ahead was even the whole two days.

Put 3. Disneylend . This day we decided to bypass all park as it is necessary - clockwise, since Frontierland. On an entrance took the card in English (in Russian is not present), studied, understood that the letters “FP“ designated attractions on which it is possible to take “fastpas“, the tick designates attractions which should be visited, the blue circle led round attractions for all family - etc. If time for visit of park is limited, then detailed studying of the card and all designations will be very useful. So, our impression - the three of leaders in this part of park.

  1. of “Big Thunder Mountain“ - the train rushing on rails on the island - the mountain, coming out to this island on the underwater tunnel, that you look you will fall down to the river. FP. Restriction on growth +120.
  2. of “Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing“ - travel on the small river by white steamship “Mark Twain“. Any extreme, but it is very amusing and romantic. Fine landscapes and nature.
  3. of “Phantom Manor“ - the house of horrors. Cool horror films with skeletons and dead persons. Though there is no restriction on growth, it is better for small children not to go. Lida with Arina “passed“ all way on the house blindly.
the Following part of Adventureland park - was

for us the most confused. The most “abrupt“ attraction of “Pirates of the Cariben“ was closed, and “Indiana Jones“ (FP, +140) did not make impression - a usual roller coaster. We, of course, climbed up in Robinzon`s dwelling, fooled about on a suspension bridge and in a cave - a labyrinth, but did not come back to this part of park more.

Further - Fantasyland - paradise for a malyshna, that`s it here it is possible to hang out infinitely with children of 2 - 7 years. But also our senior, and we with the husband with pleasure sank into dotage, having driven on many attractions on 2 - 4 times! it is undoubted, the leader is “It“ s a small world “here - travel by the boat on the globe: you pass the different countries, dolls in national suits, animal everywhere, all this moves, dances, sings, floats and flies, everything very festively, cheerfully, elegantly, hardly manage to twirl by the head and do not manage to close a mouth. Even at the third visit you see something new. We found it difficult to distribute other attractions in places, all of them left pleasant impression: and travel to the fairy tale about Buratino, similarly - about the Snow White, also weeds with Peter Pan, and bustle on a labyrinth, both traditional “cups“, and a “loshadkovy“ roundabout, - everything is very nice.

When left Fantasyland, saw that on the main street the people already gather for the main show - parade of Disney`s heroes (daily at 17:00). Interestingly, but somehow very grandiosely and officially. After parade swept around all park by train by rail.

Put 4. Disneylend. Disneyviladzh. this day we decided to use the right to come to park before others - at 8 in the morning (for living in Disneylend`s hotels). It really is worth it! Disneylend in morning beams of the sun, practically without the people makes indelible impression. As though all this fairy tale - only for you. Naturally, any turns on attractions, here we “came off“ in Discoveryland. Four of leaders:

  1. of “Space Mountain“ - flight in space at a mad speed, looney beautiful galactic landscapes if to manage to concentrate on them, but not on how to reach the finish live. FP, +140.
  2. of “Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast“ - very spectacular, dynamic laser shooter game. FP, for all family.
  3. of “Star Tours“ - movie theater with the moving chairs - the simulator of races. FP, +102.
  4. of “Autopia“ - the machines with pedals going on a rail. Anything special, but it is very cheerful if to get into the cars going the friend a druzhka. Besides it is possible to entrust a wheel to the child. For all family.

Besides, this day we drove on a horse and on the ancient car on the main street of park. Were photographed - fooled about with Disney`s heroes. Looked at performance of ensemble of the Irish dances, and Lida took part in this show: together with other kids left to learn - to dance by a hand with professionals. Examined the lock of the Sleeping Beauty and looked at the dramatized representation according to this fairy tale about the lock. Without hurrying studied the range of little shops, the shop of jewelry and glass - crystal in the lock of the Sleeping Beauty where the glass blower did at buyers different a miracle - figures especially was pleasant. Well and of course, children drove in the third - the fifth - the tenth time who on what.

This day turned out

festive - the St. Patrick`s Day. The park worked till 21:00, and there was a show with fireworks in the evening. Lucky we!

After park decided to walk across Disneyviladzh:“ the village“ boutiques and restaurants - bars - cafe. Several amusing “patches“ for photography. Derevenskaya Street rests against the embankment of the lake on which it is possible not only to sit on a shop and to have a rest, but also to rise in the sky in the balloon (the 12th euro / adult, 6 - children`s). In Mikkey cafe Disney`s heroes entertain malyshnyu, giving the chance to parents at last quietly to sit and eat.

Put 5. Disneystudio. This park, in my opinion, absolutely unfairly received a supporting role in the Internet stories about Disneylenda. Yes, he is less Disneylenda, but on the level of new feelings, surprises, it was pleasant to us singularity at all not less, even in some degree it is more. We spent the whole day in park, we had just enough it that to bypass everything, to look at everything and to drive on attractions much. The undisputed leader here - show of stuntmen. Shakes all - both children, and adults. Video of this show is on the Internet, and as it appeared, our father saw it, but, nevertheless, the impressions received from what was seen in reality were much stronger. The road to the area where there takes place show, goes by workshops with glass walls - it is possible to look at tools, details, various features which use the master for “swallows“. On the second place we delivered to “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror“ - adventures in the dark elevator falling quicker than the speed of a free fall. FP, +102. On the third - “Rock“ n Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith“ - the train, rushing on the tunnel with musical landscapes under fate - N - a beater. Analog Kosmicheskoh mountains in Disneylenda, but are softer, is available to children +120, there is FP. At 14:45 in park there is the main action - parade of Disney`s heroes on a retro - cars. And this parade was pleasant to us more, than in Disneylenda: in - the first, very beautiful cars, in - the second, heroes, having passed on park, “are unloaded“ on a scene and play representation after which they approach each child (it possibly because it is much less children, than in Disneylenda). Very kind, cheerful action which “touches“, unlike parade in Disneylenda turns out. Eh, if still to know French, it would be absolutely remarkable. What else wants to be noted: “Stich Live“ - an interactive animated cartoon which hero wonderfully hears from the screen what is told by children in the hall in the leader`s microphone (no, it is not preparation, children say the names, etc.) - improbable effect. For teenagers and adults:“ Armageddon“ - explosion in the spaceship, “CineMagique“ - magic travel of the modern hero according to the famous movies, interesting effects of penetration of the person from a scene in the screen and back. For children: “Playhouse Disney Live on Stage“, “Animagigue“ - performances with dolls. Well and of course, attractions in “Toon studio“: is not worse at all, than in Disneylenda, and the people have less.

Well, that`s all, time to say goodbye to Disneylend came. We perfectly spent time, we were lucky with weather, our stay left very warm memoirs here. Surely we will arrive here once again when Lida and Arina grow up, and new attractions will become available to them. And they, owing to the changed consciousness, will apprehend this park in a different way.

Be continued.