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Means against extensions of

to Which of women not familiarly joyful feeling at a victory in fight against extra kilos? This feeling inspires, gives to confidence, but, estimating itself an enthusiastic look, it is inevitably possible to encounter what will instantly spoil mood and the feeling of a victory is replaced by feeling of irritation... Extensions.

of the Extension or a striya - in itself they are that other as defects of skin - in fact, the ruptures of connecting fabric appearing for various reasons. It can be both pregnancy, and hormonal splash, and sharp jumps of weight, and even heredity. They look as pinkish or bluish strips on skin, old extensions of usually whitish color.

Fight against them, as well as against scars, usually long and difficult. But it is possible to win a victory and here.

Certainly, the powerful weapon here. But if there is no such opportunity?

we Will ask for the help the known methods of fight against striya. As traditional medicine claims, effective remedies against extensions are essential oils. Let`s say rosemary oil. It is the irreplaceable assistant at elimination of striya, possesses ability to stimulate renewal of cells of skin, improves blood circulation, eliminates inflammatory processes and well heals hems.

Means № 1. On a tablespoon of almond oil to add 10 drops of oil of rosemary. To rub to those places where striya were formed.

Means № 2. Course of treatment of extensions: 100 ml. almond oil, 10 ml. oils of rosemary, 150 ml. cream or milk for a body. As basic means almond oil and a milk (body cream) act here.

It is regular - every morning within a month - to apply on extensions mix from 10 ml. oils on 1 teaspoon of basic means, alternating a milk and almond oil every other day. It is also possible to add to mix several drops of oil of germs of wheat, rich with vitamin E.

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Besides essential oils as well other make-shifts.

Means № 3. 2 - 3 of the Art. spoons of apple cider vinegar gets divorced in of 150 - 200 ml. waters. Moisten with the received solution strips of a gauze and do compresses on a striya, also rubbing in in extensions of this solution also helps. (Many women use also not divorced vinegar for compresses and massage of striya).

Means № 4. Well helps as well regular massage with the cream containing mummies. It is also easy to prepare it in house conditions - two tablets of a mummy crush in a single portion of children`s cream, well mix and rub.


for the purpose of destruction of extensions widely use also various pharmaceutical means (with such indications as burn and postoperative hems). Small nuance in all recommendations: before application of any means it is necessary to steam out for a start the place with extensions. For this purpose the hot compress is most often used.

I, certainly, the latest and most effective remedy in this fight - your own patience. Be patient also progress to you!