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House childbirth of Egorka

Egor is our second child, we gave birth to the first son Zhenya in 2000 in the 17th maternity hospital of Moscow. Even, probably, Zhenya was given birth not by us, but I am one. Oleg brought me, and further an accident ward he was not let. In principle, it would be possible and to be present at childbirth, but for this purpose it was necessary to collect a lot of references in advance and we were not sure that we want it.

we Arrived already with fights, in 40 minutes I already gave rise, made an epiziotomiya, then long sewed up. In two hours brought in postnatal together with Zhenya. There we lay 4 days. We lay with Zhenya one in chamber, in the same block one more girl with the child lay. I remember that was very boringly and not sincerely, and about childbirth I remember what was sick. Of course, the birth of the first child are there is nothing an incomparable unforgettable event, but impression that childbirth - it is sick, at me remained.

Egorka we became pregnant only in 2007. At first considered, as it is enough one child, and then about a year at us it was impossible to become pregnant. But I precisely knew how I want to carry out the pregnancy and childbirth. And we were at that age when stereotypes do not concern any more. Pregnancy for me always very happy time. I like my feelings, the relations of other people, feeling of expectation. Every Saturday we went to classes in parental school. We were not adjusted at once that we will precisely give birth houses. Oleg so in general was sure that we resemble - we will listen, and it will be traditional to give birth in maternity hospital. But what there pleasant atmosphere. Absolutely precisely that the main thing in preparation for childbirth is a psychological component. You sit on soft pillows having embraced and you argue on a role of the father in pregnancy. Of course, except all this we were given a heap of practical knowledge: how to do massage how to watch disclosure, in detail told about each stage of childbirth. Also we had occupations in the pool, group trainings. Often at occupations there was Zhenya or played in the game room. Except us there were three couples more which it had not first labor. As a result of these occupations my relation to childbirth practically did not exchange. Probably, I read much before and knew what to expect. But Oleg`s opinion changed cardinally, he decided that we will give birth precisely at home. I went also to obstetric receptions at school, and to a maternity welfare unit. Even received the birth certificate just in case.

the Term of childbirth to me put 6 - go May. Ahead there were May holidays which we traditionally spent before in the Crimea in a cycle campaign. I did not work month and though I washed up already all windows and remade a heap of affairs which at me in operating time hands did not reach, energy at me was much, and we were not going to stay at home on such wonderful holidays. Of course, at first I got advice of both doctors that to 4 - go I will definitely not give rise. And 1 - go May, having taken Zhenya and a kayak, we went to Volga. What there the wonderful pine wood as it is beautiful. We fried shish kebabs, swam on a kayak, bathed. I am asked how I was not afraid to give rise there. Here was not afraid at all. In - the first, I was sure that I everything will feel in advance, in - the second, the main thing that with me there was Oleg. I had prompt therefore I was morally ready to give rise hour for two first labor. And in this situation there was a chance that neither Oleg, nor the midwife will manage to reach. Therefore existence by Oleg`s number - simply good luck.

in the Evening 2 - go May all of us - went home. And 3 - go I suddenly thought in the morning that we should collect a children`s bed (frankly speaking, we almost do not use a bed of that, but I wanted to bring together her). We went to the old apartment where the bed was stored, collected, and then went to visit my father to hospital. Went to bed, and at three o`clock in the morning I woke up with fights. Woke Oleg. Just in case it found “ambulance“ phone in the Internet.

the Midwife we decided not to call

so far, and to count intervals between fights. I already knew that prompt childbirth - it is not really good. Therefore I tried not to go any more, and to lie. Between fights Oleg did me massage. I do not know as far as it is professional at it it turned out, but very much helped me. At 6 o`clock measured disclosure and called the midwife Olya. Intervals between fights already were to pass on 15 - 20. At 7 o`clock woke Zhenya, it should be taken away in school. In principle, it could reach and itself, but it was better for me to remain for 20 minutes of one, than to worry also for Zhenya. Zhenya was so sure that the brother will be born 6 - go, but not 4 - go, that with astonishment asked, and that with mother. As a result for 20 minutes I remained one. Probably, it were the most difficult 20 minutes.

About 8 hours Oleg returned, and almost at once there arrived Olya. Everything became remarkable. To me already bothered to lie on a bed, and fights became more painful therefore we went to a bathroom. We initially did not plan to give birth in water, somehow itself so left. It was time to make an effort. With Zhenya I made an effort incorrectly, as a result, at me vessels on a face burst. It passed through couple of days, but, probably, it is not really good. This time it turned out again also, but Olya stopped me in time, I do not remember that she told, but everything went as it is necessary.

B 8. 28 our Egorka was born. It was small and krasnenky. And though on ultrasonography said to me that the child will be large, he was born less Zhenya, only 3 kg though on growth is 1 cm longer. Then I was transferred to a bed rather I itself passed. To me made tea with red wine and honey. And Oleg gave to drink to Olya in kitchen of coffee. Then Olya together with Oleg cut an umbilical cord, made to Egorka an oil running in. She stayed with us hour one and a half and left. Oleg followed Zhenya, and happy mother came running to me. She did not know that we give birth houses, and decided that it turned out incidentally. Therefore she threw everything and ran to us, but having learned that it we are fine, returned for work.

Then me all called

, congratulated. Oleg and Zhenya with flowers came. Next day Oleg stayed with us, descended in the REGISTRY OFFICE and registered the child. And still every other day went for work. And I in two days already washed the floors, and in five days skated on roller-skaters in the Botanical garden. In principle, and first labor at me passed quite normally, without anesthesia and other. But in comparison with the second these are the sky and the earth. The first is a hospital, the state relation, the second - incomparable happiness, feeling of a family unification and desire to give birth more and more.

Now to Egorka two years. During this time we were bought in the sea in the Crimea, went skiing in Bulgaria, swam for a while in the Red Sea and visited pyramids in Egypt, looked at locks of the Czech Republic. We went to our first travel to the Crimea when to Egorka there was only a month, we lived in a camp in wonderful Utrishe. Besides, we together with Egorka studied on autocourses, - x months worked with 4 from the house and went on meetings to office, skied also the bicycle, built giving, participated in winter “Azimuth“ and did much all the rest.

Now we are pregnant with the third child. At parental school we meet couples which were engaged together with us two years ago, they also wait for the following children. Process of pregnancy and childbirth tightens. But, in my opinion, against the general demographic situation it is absolutely quite good.