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Crayfish - baddies of

the Necessary explanation: the fairy tale in verses on what happens if to behave badly. And why crayfish live under water! For children of 4 - 7 years

Part 1

Cancers - baddies
At the river
Fry - shish kebabs soar!

I is danced,
I whistle -
they want to Take a walk!

All brawl
Day after day:
- To the river to live we will not go!

to us to be snatched by

Yes to fight! we will find
of Fishermen now!

So it is better than

Run away from the river!

not that
we will give

A Licking! we Will bite
! Let`s pinch!

Part 2

Day passed

Comes night;
do not leave crayfish away!

All walk! All sing
do not allow to Sleep to a bear.

he Became angry!
On hemp sits, grumbles:

- were Bothered by mnegulyak,
Oh, was tired to speak to them!

Will drop down

to fight!
Yes to brawl! to catch
of All. And to weld all!

To the small river quickly
It run
With a spoon, a fork and a bucket.


of All!
of All caught!
of All in a bucket laid!


Part 3

Cancers - baddies
Were frightened -
Cried! Squall:

- it is close - closely to us
In a bucket,
Oh as stones crack!

Oh, as painfully! Release
! to
Oh, forgive us, forgive!

we will not deceive! we will not tell lies to
At once under water we will leave!

the Bear cheerfully of
- is fine, all right! Well!

Ya not angry!
I is not hungry;
Go to the river to live!

Cancers - baddies In a moment ran away -
Get away who where!

of the Heel red
Sparkle -
Somewhat quicker water!

Oh, were in time!
Directly to the river ran!

Part 4

As today
broke Into a dance at the river:

Cancers - baddies Escaped!
is Only visible bubbles!

of the Squabbler
Behind stones, under water;

do not fight!
do not brawl!
do not disturb our rest.

So you sit
I you are silent
Under water, aground;

Badly now,
Cancers - baddies,
Badly you behaved!

it is A lot of poles
On the rivulet -
There overgrew long ago a cane!

I There walk;
K to us do not stick more nose!

Kirill Avdeenko