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“Zero“ size

Ya - Svetlana. Weight before pregnancy - 47 kg with a height of 163 cm. The breast size - “unit“. I do not drink milk. Planned Caesarian. There are no chances of breastfeeding - all my so “flat-bosomed“ friends so spoke. Any did not manage to feed the child more than three months... But I did not think of it. More precisely, I did not even consider option of artificial feeding. Read magazines, in advance bought laying for a breast and stocked up with tea for the feeding mothers.

After Cesarean section of the child was put to a breast only in 6 hours in reanimation. But the son ate. My little man tried and ate. Ate at night, in the morning, waking or sleeping. But somehow it is not enough. And milk appeared a bit too much. When I for the 4th day was discharged from maternity hospital, mother, having seen my breast, gasped. It all inflated from milk and began to harden... The husband urgently went to shop behind a milk pump and... Poured down.

In six weeks there came classical laktatsionny crisis. The son did not gorge on. Really I valid will not be able to bring up?! I began to drink teas for pregnant women and more often to put the son to a breast. Everything was normalized soon. Then there was one more crisis, but I endured it without special emotions.

Should be told

, the refrigerator gradually turned into bank of breast milk. Since I was decanted for the short absence, and Danka quickly ceased to take a small bottle. And still I admired the breast! I had a tremendous decollete. Bras 3 sizes fitted me. And when the breast was poured by milk, I could insert a sheet of paper in the middle, and it did not fall! Women with a small breast will understand me. In process of feeding of the son I grew thin, and he very quickly grew fat. Having been born weighing 3700 gr., by 1 year it already weighed 14 kg. And I am the 45th kg., though for pregnancy gained 15 kg. Danila`s face became wider than mine. I decided that it is time to finish this process. Gradually disaccustomed to day feedings, putting to bed the child during walk. Gave a small bottle with a kefirchik at night.


When to Danila it was executed year and two months, I put on a big t-shirt and... Two nights I listened to all that the son thought about it. Now, three years later, I have a breast of the “zero“ size, even less, than before the first pregnancy! But I am absolutely sure that my second child learns happiness of maternal milk in not smaller volume!

P. S. Thin, harmonous, with a small breast, such breast that it seems that it is absent at all, - all of you can raise the kid!